Enhance your landline business numbers with texting and connect your applications with ease for global SMS and MMS delivery.

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Aerialink™ is a cloud communications platform powerhouse.

Aerialink provides fast and reliable SMS and MMS message delivery to over 1,200 mobile network operators in 220 countries. And we’ve got brains to match the brawn - check out what sets us apart.

High-Performance Gateway

The Aerialink gateway scales to deliver millions of real-time SMS and MMS messages worldwide every day with guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

Reliable Message Delivery

With our easy-to-use communications API, message delivery acknowledgments and receipts and detailed transaction reporting, you can feel secure in the delivery of your messages.

Superior Onboarding and Support

We set you up for success with the industry’s most responsive technical support and our hands-on, consultative approach to new customer onboarding from requirements to compliance to deployment.

Aerialink Conversations

Centrally manage business to customer texting with Conversations.

Use your existing business landline numbers to text real-time with your customers. Aerialink Conversations is a comprehensive and robust SaaS application that can be deployed in minutes to centrally manage your texting communications.


Key Platform Services

Global SMS & MMS Messaging

Send and receive text globally and exchange pictures, video, and audio in the U.S. using a short code or a 10-digit number.

Landline Texting

Customers are already calling your toll-free and standard business numbers—let them also text your business with ease.

Conversations Messaging Application

Use our Conversations application to empower your team with live customer texting.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add strong authentication to your app with second-factor passwords sent to a user's phone for an extra layer of security.

Appointment Reminders

Directly embed customized and automated SMS and voice appointment reminders in your existing reservation system to reduce no-shows.

Masked Phone Numbers

Let technicians and customers use their own phone numbers masked for secure and logged calling and texting. No more mobile app download requirements.

ETA Alerts

Keep your customers informed and available with dynamic arrival estimates and arrival confirmations, directly integrated with existing GPS, field services and order tracking systems.

Automated Surveys

Receive customer feedback easily with automated SMS and voice surveys directly integrated with your existing CRM and customer databases.

Businesses Powered by Aerialink

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