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Kobashi Pure Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils & Aromatherapy Premium Creams, Lotions & Bath Products.

Pure Essential Oils
Since 1985
Pure Natural Authentic
Aromatherapy Products

Welcome to Kobashi Essential Oils UKsite.

Aromatherapy for life.
Nature, Instinct & Science
working together.

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100% Pure Essential Oils
& Aromatherapy Products

Kobashi Organic oils

Supplying the world
Pure Natural Authentic
Aromatherapy Products
since 1985.

banking principle

Kobashi Roman &
Blue Chamomile


Kobashi imported
by the ton.

Stills, essential oils, plants, distillation

Steam distilled Plant Oils

neroli flower oil

Sports Lavender Essential Oils by Kobashi

Rose Facial Massage

Kobashi products are premium quality.

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