People Passion

Ahi is a Community Change Agency with values as its foundation. Our goal is to light a fire inside every life we work with. That fire defines a commitment to finding one’s ‘purpose’, sense of ‘belonging’ and overall ‘wellbeing’.

We value the Maori concept of ‘whanaungatanga’ which encourages a broad sense of family connection through shared experiences and working together. Our success in working with vulnerable youth and families has been achieved through authentic, caring, heart-to-heart, person-to-person connections.

At the core of all we do is the belief that every life is intrinsically valuable, full of potential and is capable of changing for the better. These beliefs are founded in a community-centric Christian philosophy which motivates us to connect authentically with the organisations and lives we are privileged to work with.

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within”. – Bob Nelson (Author)

Our Values

Values don’t mean much if they are not ‘lived out’.
We allow our values to inform and shape everything we do, we are led by a sense of ‘conviction’ in how and why we do our work in the world.

We also deeply care about results, bringing change to those that need it most is central to our work, however we recognise that change is a journey and it’s about working together over the long term, letting results speak for themselves.

We seek genuine connections with people, and put people first.

Each person and group we work with has their own a unique story – forged by background, culture, and beliefs.

We believe in keeping things simple and focusing on what we have in hand already. We meet people where they are at and strive for excellence in the small things – we have found this develops a solid and integral foundation for the work ahead. Our Values

The Ahi Network

The Ahi Network is movement of values-aligned partners bringing community change to those who need it the most. We see communities across the nation empowering young people and their families to live a life of purpose by helping to ignite the fire inside and also providing the support to keep that fire burning.

Ahi is positioned to attract contracts and funding for Ahi Network partners, enabling them to deliver focused programmes and build a community strength model in their region. Ahi will retain an operational retainer to ensure long-term sustainability.
Agreed and proven programs and resources will be freely shared amongst Ahi Network partners, with full ownership being retained by Ahi and the contributor. Sharing outside of the network would be considered under a licencing agreement.