Dress To Impress Yourself

Dress To Impress Yourself…

First, I used to dress according to what other peoples like, but I was not that much satisfied and happy by dressing up for someone else. Then I decided to be my self rather than living life on someone else conditions.

Some people say that girls and women’s dress according to other people like their husband and boyfriend but this condition doesn’t apply to all the women’s. Some women are very awesome they dress according to their taste and likes they do not like to be dressed up by others taste but only according to their choice.

You are the only person who can make yourself happy.


Beauty is basically the confidence a person has. Everyone wants to look good but some of them lack confidence, but they can gain confidence by looking beautiful and attractive.

“Everything Will Be Good If You Look Good.”

Fashion is an important ingredient in looking beautiful because if you look beautiful then everything else will seem good to you.

Fashion plays an increasingly important role in an individual’s life because it is considered as a means of self-expression. The garments and accessories that man or women wear, help them to identify with a group of others whether it is a lifestyle, profession, a religion, or an attitude. Thus, the term ‘fashion’ has become synonymous with the overall growth of the country as well.

Several factors contribute to the evolution of fashion as a whole. It is a widely accepted fact that the rich and the famous, and the political figures and royalty have always moved the seasonal trends of fashion. The advertising media also contributes equally to update us on the daily style checks.

Fashion in India, a land rich in culture and tradition, has evolved through the centuries. This country, rich in culture represents a kaleidoscope of changing trends and traditions. Here, clothes perform different functions depending on the occasion. Be it festivals, parties, profession, or just a matter of reflecting attitude … fashion is simply ‘in’.

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