I'll have your daughter.

I know why Sofia is late.

Wait outside.

The men are hungry.

Dominic doesn't know when Clare will come.


This is the first time I've ever eaten store-bought cookies.

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Did you think that might be part of the problem?


Happy Tolkien's birthday!

No need to apologize; I understand.

She has him under her thumb.

There are about seventy hens in the henhouse, but only one rooster.

Mr. President, my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.

I told you to stay away from my daughter.

We're all watching.


David has so many friends that he can't remember all their names.

They won't let you in.

Is that good or bad?


I was trying to be funny.


Sundar knew that Hughes loved him.


He keeps an aardvark as a pet.


I wonder what Sandy and Sridharan are up to.

I told them I wasn't interested.

Nancy sat on the steps talking to a girl named Sehyo.

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That still has a question mark next to it.


She got kicked by a horse.

I'm sure we can do better.

I will always detest Rodney.


ls the news good or bad?

That car belongs in a museum.

Mitchell couldn't make out their faces.

It doesn't work like that.

Love begins playing his old tricks every spring.

I was definitely out of line with the terrible accusations that I made.

The doctor arrived in time to save her.

However, I'm not good at speaking English.

I want to get as far away from here as I can.

This photo is taken in the right moment.

She is congenitally disabled.

Edith probably won't even notice Daniel's new necklace.

It is difficult to solve this problem.

He made me a box yesterday.

You should try to make the most of your opportunities.

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Her opinion was not accepted.

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Cole is excellent at drawing.

When chickens pancake-shape maintain, the tractor must have won again.

You look anxious, what's happened?

How long did he live in Ankara?

Dan is now wanted by the police.

What's this fruit called?

They made many charges.


He ate a herring salad.


Sidney was attacked by a rabid squirrel on Halloween day.

I found it quite impressive.

The driver opens the door. Ronald (his manager), Bo (his agent), John (his make-up man), and several girlfriends get in.


This website is so cool.

That man's helped my family a lot.

There are many misleading news articles nowadays.

A single day can change the course of history.

Is that all you have to say for yourself?

He slipped outside to meet up with a girl.

In return for helping you with your studies, I'd like to ask a small favor of you.


The sunshine improved his complexion.


I cannot take part in this work. I am very busy.

The interpreter gives emphasis to the last answer.

Torsten has a girlfriend.

Maybe you can help Win.

Russ speaks Japanese fluently.

What did Reid do with the gun?

When you are young and healthy, you can want to kill yourself on Monday and laugh again on Wednesday.

I saw her again.

Why don't we take you there?


Do you really want to wait for two hours?

You shouldn't talk to a bus driver while he's driving.

I became intrigued.

Please continue until I tell you to stop.

It looks like I got here too early.

Antoine Lavoisier died in Paris, France.

If you cannot enjoy solitude, you cannot enjoy the company of others.

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Nobody can stop him.

Lucky, weren't they?


Everyone was sitting around the table.

We won the game.

I played tennis the whole day.

We didn't really have that much to drink.

Maybe we can talk about that later.

That all happened before lunch.


A cellar was dug on top of the hill and they slowly moved the house from the road to the hill.

They kept walking.

You leave because of me.


Do you know Mr. Brown?

Dan converted his bedroom into an office.

We need to meet with them.

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I thoroughly regretted staying up so late, come morning.

He is quite clearly out of danger.

He is anything but a scholar.


I have a fruit.

You're a strange one, Donovan.

That word isn't in common use.


Lila hardly ever breaks a promise.


I want you to go easy on him.

Do you have a big bowl I can borrow?

That flower tried to attack me.

Get us some food.

It's clear Benjamin and Bruno want to spend time together.

Everyone just started running.

The sheets were changed yesterday.


I don't think he's a lawyer.

We apologize for the mistake and promise that it won't happen again.

There is one rule that works in every calamity. Be it pestilence, war, or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it.

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Our grandfather is ill.

My wish is to study painting in Paris.

Kemal would've made the same decision I'm making if he were in my shoes.

He's afraid of intimacy.

I just don't want to be reminded of it.

I can't keep this up. It's an emotional roller coaster around here and all we have to do is look at the boss's face to know whether everybody is going to be happy or sad.

What language do you speak at home?

This mine will close down next month.

That's a very good suggestion.

They took a trip to the capital.

Nhan is naive.

I know you're upset. We all are.

Please tell us.

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Your zipper is open.


Adam doubled his investment in a year.

Look at that cat, it's really cute.

I believe it will be better.

I'm feeling lucky.

Marci is an obsessive fan of Jane.

Grace gestured Sofia to go ahead.

I never saw him before.

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I was very happy with that.

That's one reason.

The world is full of incompetent doctors.

They stick to old customs in everything.

He felt himself lifted up.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

Sumitro wrote it all down.

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I know you're busy, but I could use some help.

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He is full of life even though he is very old.

Cool story, bro.

You should let us help you.


Let's stay calm.

They sent another message to King George.

Someone's outside.

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I have to find out what that music is.

This is all your fault. So, you'd better just shut up.

Kees always seems to be dissatisfied.

I'm going to work.

It's said that she's a well-known actress.

The prolonged drought did severe damage to crops.

The countryside has many trees.


I think I'll try a little harder next time.

I know an English language instructor who comes from Canada.

Don't let Tollefsen talk to Gale.

Did you take him back to your apartment?

I played outside with everybody because weather was good today.


Every seat was full.

He's getting more and more stubborn with age.

Look, I'm extremely busy.

Knut knows what he wants to see.

She texted her boyfriend.