She would go out in the heavy rain, though I tried to stop her.

Stu is out, but Celia is here.

I won't tell him.

He is eager to go to the hospital.

Frederic took some money out of his wallet.

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Where's your friend?

I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

Is the wait worth it?

Last night, we celebrated a friend's birthday with cases of Champagne, we ended up completely wasted.

To me, he is like a king.

I'd better be on my way.

His cat is so adorable.

He also speaks a little Greek.

I objected when the waiter tried to remove my plate.


She seemed surprised by the question.

It wasn't that great.

Have you been to Australia?

Before the match, an opening ceremony was held in the Yoyogi stadium.

Tell Terrence to pick up the phone.

Nguyen is given a bonus three times a year.

They dashed water into my face.

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Mummy has to do the washing this afternoon.

It's as clean as a whistle.

Bob has to get through this ordeal on his own.

Jan asked Morton some very personal questions that she refused to answer.

When he was young, he liked to go by bike.

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You're supposed to be enjoying yourself today.

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She made some derogatory remarks about her colleagues.

Can I borrow your cellphone, please?

The child pooped while he was inside the classroom.

Nate couldn't start the motor.

Knock at the door before entering.

Don't let that dog go.

A wine bar just opened in the area. Let's try it.

I want him kept away from here.

I need a new car.

It's been a good week.

They climbed Mt. Fuji last week.

He might, however, have seen a wooden peg of a different size or color.

I hope Kent is safe.

Walk or ride your bike instead of taking a car everywhere.

Let's talk about this again at the next meeting.

I'm always listening to music; I can't live without it.

I've got a class in a few minutes.

I broke a glass when I did the dishes.

We celebrate our Independence Day on the Fourth of July.

Be sure to put out the light before you go out.

Debi is behind everybody in mathematics.

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Claudio is working on your car.

Sedovic went to Japan to study Japanese.

I'd say we are definitely in for a bad time.

The sun furnishes heat and light.

Together we are stronger.

They passed an uneasy night.

Wilmer has it made.


We need to cut costs.

Russia is called "Rossiya" in Russian.

You know what's going to happen, don't you?

A trilogy usually has three parts.

Someone tore a page out from the book.

I'm not brave.

Though Jim works very hard, his job does not pay very much.

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This is really disturbing.


January 1st is a day when many Japanese go to the shrine.

Like an idiot I overtrained my muscles and hurt my triceps.

The thunder roared.

If the lamp's hot then, to avoid burns, wait around 45 minutes for it to cool down.

This is so comfortable.

The ice will crack beneath our weight.

We camped for two weeks in the national park.

To leave poor me you have the strength of laws, since why to love I can allege no cause.

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

There's something I need to show you.

Raif and Luis did just that.

Crucifixion, therefore, or any other particular manner of dying, made no part of the sentence that Adam was to suffer, and consequently, even upon their own tactic, it could make no part of the sentence that Christ was to suffer in the room of Adam.

Glad I am to be working with you.

My heart broke at the sight of the dying birds.

Let's hope Raul can do that.

I don't understand what you're getting at.

Louise is heating up a burrito in the microwave.

I never did get it right.

Students are supposed to turn in reports at the end of the school year.


I knew what they did to Benson.

It is estimated that a great part of his inventions would remain unknown to the date.

What would you like me to do about it?

He walks like a duck.

Your letter has just arrived.

I thought Stefan would be the crazy one.

I suggested that to them.


He has no idea that I'm coming.

Sit wherever you like.

Those children are potential customers.

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Whether you believe it or not, I believe it.

You can't trust Pratap.

Hamilton's ideas were not popular.

You can't possibly be that naive.

After taking off, the plane circled the airport twice.

I got him to polish my shoes.

Tricia wasn't scared of anything.

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Every effort deserves a reward.

His name is further down the list.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

It was a solid gold bar.

I think you've had enough.

I said it by way of a joke.

I agree with the opinion that real estate is overpriced.

We want welfare, not warfare.

Electric cars are not actually green.

Shaw is no longer with us.

Why are you going there?


We will be in trouble.



Men have a longer ring finger than index finger, while both fingers tend to be the same length for women.

The world's oceans are acidifying.

Left-hand threads have now become unsual in mechanics but they can still be found on some objects, such as on bicycles' pedals, for instance.

Teri wanted Angus to be his wife.

The banks are closed today.

Tell me why I should do that.


The leaves fell to the ground.


My watch is ten minutes late.

Marc and Jackye have decided to get married next month.

Let's get an open ticket.

Ronald got here early.

Louis is all talk and no action.

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I received your message yesterday.

Will you sell me your house?

She saw one once.

He certainly is smart.

The swans on the river make a dreamlike scene.

It's so peaceful.

This soap is infused with natural fragrances.


Are you an Uighur?

Please put yourself in my place.

Sir sprained his wrist.

Toby went into a corner and cried.

He is good for something.

Because of the heavy rain, we were obliged to stay there.

Floyd is cleaning car parts.

You saw something you were not supposed to see.

I won't believe it until I hear it from Shuvra.

His objective is to pass the test.

I never got along with them.

The weather is sure to be wet.

Donne put his cap back on.

You should keep yourself warm.

That was a disaster.

Takayuki is eager to help Pradeep out.

Can I have a cup of tea, please?


What I remember most about that movie is the last scene.

I think Tiefenthal needs a little help.

If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasure of illusion.


But what if we get caught?


Why didn't you call me up?

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My grandfather was a farmer.

Have you ever been to Venice?

He's got one foot in the grave.

This is much the best.

You'll have to go.

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He's angry at his child.

Kurt did something unbelievably stupid.

Bud didn't get a chance to visit the art museum.

Does it hurt when I press here?

The movie is popular among the youngsters.

He has atrocious table manners.

I learn ten new words every day.

Did you manage to get a hold of Root?

Vincenzo hasn't come up with a good answer to the problem yet.

Israel has a headache.

I'm trying to calm her down.

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He felt a pain in his back.

I want to make friends with Nancy.

The attempt ended in failure for want of support.

Malaclypse never expects a straight answer from Nicolas.

I can't conceive of living without him.