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Why You Should Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting?

When you decided to create your own website on the Web, you should to choose a server for host. Your web page will be online while the server is working. So when thу server is off nobody won't open your website. You could try to host your site alone on server but you will have the power costs, ordering costs of a server, customers support and temperature support. This price joined is a great deal higher the price of a web hosting administration.


There are so many variants of hosting services such as dedicated server hosting, vps hosting, shared hosting and others. They are having advantages and disadvantages, and important thing that these services appropriate for a kind of your business. Low traffic business is hosted in a shared hosting, so shared hosting is good choice. But for high traffic business dedicated server hosting is the best type.

Dedicated Hosting Service

When you pay for this hosting you pay for the web service a fixed price to rent a server only for you. So as you want to use full power of the server you choose this one. Also you want to have good security. And it isn't better for you to use shared hosting, because it can be a harmful thing for you if your needs are not fulfilled with it.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

The main disadvantage of this type of service is more expensive than other services. But it is important here that high-price is thing that depends on quality of a service. When the thing is expensive it is worth doing in most case. If the merit of the product is bigger then it is wrong to say that it expensive.

And similar when you receive the unique things with dedicated hosting which you don't get with other services. While it’s expensive compared to other types of hosting, it offers more value and so you can’t be said expensive.

And the second disadvantage of this hosting is that you should have correspond skills. You have so many info that you should to control with rented server. Also you can choose the type of system on the server (Windows Dedicated Server, Linux Dedicated Server and etc.), what heart you want on the server etc. So you should have a team of programmers to control the dedicated server. Of course you can to order an extra with this support, but it's additional costs.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

There is a lot of advantages of dedicated hosting. You could choose some hardware for best working your website. But sometimes you should to choose from fixed hosting provider's hardware packages  and sometimes you will have a freedom with a choice. It gives you a possibility to choose the best hardware to correspond to your needs of your website and high traffic. If you are having gain of traffic in future you can receive it.

Next advantage is the most right service for high traffic websites. So if you can have a weight website on a shared server as well but you will endure big time.

At thу beginning you will have restricted your hardware and so your bandwidth, RAM and etc will be traded-off. It will appear downtimes and you will have problems, because your OS gets some downloads from the other sources on this server.

Defence is very important for your site at the start. You could lose your clients and lose image of your company without security. When you are using a shared server with other customers you are using one hardware together. If some customer has malicious website which gives you a risks of receiving virus. But you don’t have this problems  when you use your own server, OS and resources.

When you are using dedicated server you receive full access to control like administrator. If you have some problems with everything on the server you can solve the question by own. If you want to upgrade your hardware you can get it without problems.You don't have this options on shared server.

In the end

It is very important to choose reliable hosting service because it makes you a good way to the world of Internet. Also dedicated hosting is best offer to decrease possible attacks, viruses. And you will need appropriate research when it goes to choosing a host. You could see the level of secure your service in datacenter and what levels they takes for securing the server. So we are suggesting you to rent dedicated server in the one of the best reliable web hosting service - “Dedicated Server Hub”.

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