Roy doesn't seem to think we're in any danger.

We're not going to give up.

The beautiful is not always the same as the good.

He strained his eyes by reading too much.


She was in her cups.

She taught Finnish for 25 years.

You shouldn't drink this water.

No one is able to run as fast as Metin.

She married a sailor.

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Wood is the raw material for making paper.

Tell us about yourself and your family.

No one has an explanation.

"Link, can I see you for a minute?" asked the King in a slightly irritated tone. "'Sup?" "What is this?" The King pointed at a large stained piece of cloth he was holding. "A potty." "Ew." The King felt rather displeased but let the matter drop, along with the piece of cloth, as a more urgent subject was at hand.

You have to see it.


What are some good Israeli movies?


What's causing that hum?

Housewives have a hundred things to do.

Cliff is sure that he'll pass the exam.


It's very difficult to know oneself.

We'll probably arrive in Boston before 2:30.

Mariko speaks English well.

My hometown is in the center of Kobe.

You've come just in time.


Could you translate some sentences for me?

Thirteen percent remain undecided.

She's a total skank.

It's a really good book.

Now you're going too far.

She was absent from class.

When I was a child, I would often call on him on Sunday.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

I was sitting next to Florian.

The hero, as a child, suffered from parental neglect.

Everything turned out satisfactory.

Knute seems conservative.

What do we want here?


He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

He visited Professor Smith at his college.

Is there anyone who doesn't love me? I don't think there is.

Vance is a clean freak.

Graeme said something.

We have no sugar.

These towels are the same color but different sizes.

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The music evokes memories of an earlier time.

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Sabrina's the real expert.

He visited Mauritania ten years ago.

A leopard never changes his spots.

Place a coin in the palm of his hand.

Do you remember your grandfather?

Don't grovel.

Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.

Clara froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

I've got more secrets.

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Are you sure Adam is coming?


The agreement between the two results is just shy of 50%.

Andrew was secretly very excited.

Where did you meet them?

Are you throwing me out?

Arnold and Julius met at a dance.

You mustn't tell anyone.

What's your last name?

It amounts to remaining silent and accepting his requirements if nobody wants to be dismissed.

Spanish and Portuguese are practically the same.

He could not breathe deeply.

It was just hype.

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It was a hot summer day.

We're helping them.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse him of anything.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Can we see them now?

Please just get here.

I'm reluctant to visit him.


She was wearing a strange hat.


Smoking is not permitted in the cinema.

Since meeting for the first time, I've been thinking about how she's such a lovely-voiced person.

Do you think Shadow will like my gift?

I can help if you want.

Turkeer is a health nut.

Tad said Ritalynne was a good driver.

She's outraged.

It was terrible.

I have to go pee.


Scratching his head, Plastic asked, "Have you seen that paperwork that was on the desk, Lyndon? It's kind of important." "Oh, I threw that crap away last week, Ahmed," Cole replied offhandedly.

Most of the consonants are pronounced like those in English.

Perhaps the weather will get better tomorrow.

The station was deserted.

Firemen don't wear inflammable outfits.


Arrive home.

Monica stopped to talk to Pedro.

I think they're plotting something.

I know how to get there.

Millions of people were unemployed then.

I'm very unhappy here.

Quite a few people were injured in the accident.

Russ didn't let Corey finish what she was trying to say.

The constant border wars between England and Scotland came to an end.

Let's try it, and see if something sticks.

The winter will be severe.


That's reversing the logical order of things.


He's almost always in the hospital.

Their son's name is Mark.

I am prettier than you.


Tad, could you lend me ten dollars?

Piotr always does things the same old way.

Anthony is looking at me funny.

We may never know why.

Leung put his bag on Fay's desk.

I am to go to Paris.

It's an Indian dish.

Alexis didn't answer Kylo.

How does that make you feel?


We are more or less selfish.

The death of Ronnie James Dio made me very sad.

You were like a brother to me.

Was that you who coughed?

Ricardo was good at that.


It is a wonder that such a man is a policeman.

You will soon get used to the change of climate.

Generally speaking, a waiter in Japan gives good service.

Betty challenged me to a game of tennis.

He does not want any kind of flowers.


Don't speak unless you're spoken to.


Farting in an elevator is wrong on so many levels.


I'm so lost.

Everyone seemed a bit depressed.

Can I have another bagel?

To hear her speak English, you would take her for an Englishwoman.

He succeeded his father as president of the company.

Everybody puts me down.

This town is depressing.

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We need to find cover!

Cristopher likes to come here every year on his birthday.

Are you still awake? It's already three where you are, right?

I was told you knew how to do this.

I look like an old farmer.

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Tell us what happened to them.

My baby began crying, asking for milk.

However, the quantity is not correct.

She couldn't convince him to ask for a loan.

Don't forget to go talk to Edgar this afternoon.


Pierce wants to know what Gale is doing in Boston.

It's hard to take you seriously.

One should put a full stop at the end of the sentence.

I borrowed money from her.

He's sitting at the table.

Is this the key you're looking for?

I haven't seen much of him recently.


He surmounted the obstacles with great effort.


You traveled by train.

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I got a letter from an old friend yesterday.

Ritchey got wounded in the battle.

I'll be seeing you again.


My favorite German band is Juli.

I doubt whether it is true or not.

That will be ten dollars.

No words can express how amazing you are.

Again, a thousand apologies.

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Pete came coasting down the hill on his sled.

We should leave Morris alone.

I gathered from what she said that she liked him.

He was stiff about it.

He had already edited it by the time it came across my desk.

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When I woke up this morning, the rain had turned into snow.

I get the feeling there's something wrong with you.

Why doesn't he eat lunch with me anymore?

He flew into a rage.

I belong to the literary circle.