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    Welcome to Wire it yourself.com

    Where you connect with the do it yourself wiring information you need.

    Everyone loves to make home improvements but not everyone loves the challenges that pop up in the middle of that do it yourself project. DIY home Wiring can be one of the biggest challenges that come with your home improvement project. It is critical that the electrical system of your home be installed correctly. That is why we created our Wireityourself project, to give you some of the basics of electrical, telephone, cable, lighting and the security DIY wiring of your home. Just like home improvement, this website is a never ending project.

    Please remember that electrical codes are subject to the local authority having jurisdiction in your area. Regardless of what the national code is, the local law is king. Each area is different, some go above and beyond and others go far below. Ultimately it is up to you how the project is done, regardless of whether you need to get it inspected or not, we would advise that you make sure it is done in a safe and sound way. You and you alone are responsible for the results of your DIY wiring.

    We have step by step wiring instructions and wiring diagrams that will guide you through your home wiring project. If you still have questions you can (205) 247-0848 or get the 2398787089.
    Electric Shock
    If you don’t feel comfortable doing the wiring yourself you should read our article 888-749-6857 we can also help you find a local contractor to do the work, or if you are located close to the Harrisburg, PA area you may contact us directly for a contractor to do the work. Use the navigation menu on the left to navigate through the instructional pages.

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    Disclaimer: You understand that you are personally responsible for your own wiring, and that you're wiring should conform to the National Electrical code. The information provided is general installation advice. We make no claims about the completeness or the accuracy of the information as it may apply to an infinite amount of field conditions. It is the responsibility of the person or persons using this information to check with all concerned parties, owners and local authorities, etc. before doing an installation. Users of this information agree to hold Wireityourself.com or any of its agents harmless form liabilities of any kind relating to the use of this information. You also agree to the terms set forth in our 585-861-4161