Don't scare the children.

Tell me everything you know about Shirley.

I've never been so insulted.

Hon got out of bed this morning later than usual.

They that have judgment everywhere prevail.

Why was Honzo told to come here?


Game over.

That attitude of his is quite disgusting.

Don't say that word ever again.

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His memory never ceases to astonish me.

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Hienz felt comfortable inside his sleeping bag.


It's sunny just now.


Mahesh had expected to win the race.

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Aristotle thought women were of weak nature and easily overtaken by their emotions.

Come at me, you pussy motherfuckers!

We may be in danger.

I've got a terrific surprise for you.

Shannon always wanted to visit Irwin, but he never had the chance.

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Nichael would like to take part in the contest.


Since you have a fever, you should stay home.


Pitawas was chosen by lottery.

The pebble I threw skipped along the surface of the water.

Go the fuck away!

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He promised political reforms would be put into practice.


This is a place where animals are buried.

The window gives onto the courtyard.

You aren't likely to find that word in a dictionary that's this small.

You're not any more qualified to teach the subject than they are.

Have you ever played poker?

Please pass me the butter.

It's never too late to make amends for harm done.

I heard someone calling me from a distance.

Please allow Milner to do his job.

Roosevelt is replaced by Truman.

You knew I was going to kiss Kurt, didn't you?

Albert pointed at the empty glass on the bar.

You're shy.

The first term starts in April.

We expect more than that.

This is the first time the government has done a nationwide investigation regarding suicides.

Rodent and Pratapwant must really like each other.


Never choose a vocation just because it is popular or sounds interesting.

I make it a rule not to eat too much, for it is plain that overeating is bad for your health.

Adam is likable.

I was expecting you at 11:00 a.m.

What exactly is it that you're asking me to do?

I am afraid none of you are capable of doing the job. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

His room is always in good order.

He wasn't even there.

Graeme, you're super cute, but you're also stupid.


Daniel's alibi has been corroborated.

Someday, the USA will elect its first woman president, and it will rejoice in the long overdue occasion.

She sent us a telegram, informing that she would come.

I suddenly saw myself reflected in a window pane and it startled me.

I have just finished my work.

Kristin didn't want any of his friends to see his driver's license.

I wanted the best.


Morgan le Fay was a powerful sorceress and the half-sister of King Arthur.


No one can find fault with our new plan.

He succeeded to his father's business.

The problem is that I don't have any money.

What are they complaining about?

The country is heading in the right direction.

Let's sit here until the sun sets.

I'm not living with Sheila anymore.

Our budget won't allow that luxury.

I shouldn't have brought this up. I'm sorry.


The book is missing chapters 2, 5, and 13.


What is the density of the New York ?

What does he do for a living?

Did you murder them?

We've come home.

It's warm here all the year round.


I want to help people.

How do I get there?

Why don't you see if you can help Teresa?

Clem was big.

It's Angela's turn to wash the dishes.


I count on them.

Whose is this?

That moving moment was captured in video.

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Juan took some cash out of his pocket.

Nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Anton ruined me.

I don't know if he's still alive.

Alchemists believed that the philosopher's stone was capable of extending a person's life.

I could drive if you're tired.

We're going to need a little more money.

I'm having a rough week.

Well, my family's away and I can't afford to do much.

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His annual income is more than $100000.


It's not a pleasant thing.

They can't kill us.

The whole idea is abhorrent to me.

Dick put some food into the dog's dish.

I want a donut.


You are expected to clean up your own mess yourself.

That's the arrangement.

Please, Vincenzo, you can't break up with me!

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All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government.


I'm completely on your side.


Where did you get on this bus?

I have been here for two hours.

You mustn't flatter me.

Father has given up smoking for his health.

Dorothy says he can't give me what I want.

Her song is well known to the young people.

This is really the last one we have.

Your religion promotes laziness.

She used a compass.


We're going to need to clean out this room.


He worked long into the night.


Sandip has always favored representative government.


Her head was full of airy thoughts.

Suzan is becoming more like his father.

You're starting to sound like your old man.


I am studying now.

Michel taught me a lot.

Our cities create serious pollution problems.

You're the one with all the money.

I want to have a baby now!

I need to buy booze for the party.

This is extremely hard for Teri.

I put the used syringes in a can for safe disposal.

We asked Bucky about that.

I was hired to kill your friend.

There are controversies and conflicting opinions.

I wish I had known.

The station is two meters away.

What a big house you have!

The trash can was empty.


He spoke about the unpleasant story for two hours.


They only wanted to ask me a few questions.


Good students study hard.

Why is it so dark in here?

I have work for them.

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I arrived in China.

On the edge of the cliff blooms the most beautiful flowers.

How well did you know Giovanni?

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Why do you want to hurt us?

I hope these companies will be ready to deal with us in the future.

I was shy.

I think all of us are concerned.

I can't answer your question with any certainty.

I caught sight of a huge egg that had fallen into the middle of the road.

Has Sunil already cleaned his room?

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Maybe that's right.

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His interpretation of this matter is too one-sided.

This squid is five quids.

He is the tallest child.

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What are your plans for Christmas?

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So difficult was the question that no one could answer.

We'll stay there for three months.

Please stop singing that song.


They regarded him as the best doctor in town.

They didn't like you.

Emily and Kate are friends.

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Your parents haven't seen you for a long time.