She is an outstanding poet.

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We would be happy to send our book to you when it is published.

My phone's ringing.

Ask him to call me.

A lot has happened while you've been gone.

You will help us, whether you want to or not.


I heard that Jeannie wanted to go to Boston with us.

If the demolition of buildings gets out of control, the city is faced with the risk of turning into a pile of concrete.

Buy land. I hear they aren't making it anymore.

He wears black-rimmed glasses.

He is opening the window.

I've never had this kind of problem at work.

I am who I am.


You must trust me.


Did you deliver the note?

She attributed her failure to illness.

It was only yesterday that John told me about his plan to go to Europe.

It's not a question of what I want. It's a question of what's best for everyone.

I'm not sure I can trust you.

I meditate and do yoga.

Haven't seen you for ages.

Kyu held on to Leif for dear life when he took her for a spin on the back of his motorbike.

There is no future for her.

Take some exercise every day for your health.

Sangho pat his dog on the head.

She tied him up and gagged him, then she started to beat him savagely.

Religious belief predominates in this region.

In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea.

I'd like to talk to the hotel manager.

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We've had enough of that.

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.

I know a lot about it.

He did not know what to say.

I'm afraid to interrupt.

It's a rather depressing thing.

Do it the way I'm doing it.

Scott orchestrated this whole thing.

If it is seen from a spaceship, the earth looks blue.

It's in front of a restaurant on 42nd street.

Does Clifford run every day?

The city is surrounded by a wall.

Corey hopefully won't have any more problems.

A man's worth should be judged by his character rather than by his social position.

I saw Mickey's car in the parking lot.


They knew exactly what they were doing.

Earlier, as I was walking down the sidewalk, a car drove by and splashed water on me. Look at this! My skirt and shoes are all muddy.

Whether or not beer gardens get a lot of customers depends on the weather.

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Nguyen is apparently some kind of genius when it comes to music.

Everything in that house revolved upon Aunt Syed.

Communism will never be reached in my lifetime.

The experiment was a huge success.

We're delighted to have you with us.

He is armed to the teeth.

Page handed Olivier a list of questions.

What you did brought disgrace on the whole class.

I heard that Serdar used to hang out with drug dealers and murderers.

I hope they're all correct.

He was the strongest candidate for the position.

Unless you study, you won't learn this.

I know where he lives. But it is a secret.

You may well not remember, but I'll never forget it.

China is an emerging market.

Kriton didn't kill himself.

I'm looking forward to his present.

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I must sell my farm to pay off my debts.

Billy has ambition.

She regrets that she failed the examination.

Teaching English is his profession.

Konstantinos has been a close friend of mine for years.

I would rather order beer.

We don't really have anything to talk about.

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It's important to know one's limits.

I don't quite believe it when I hear someone claim they can speak more than five languages fluently.

They hurried by without a glance.


The students never really get with it till just before the exam.

Nhan was also there.

The whale is a very large mammal which lives in the sea.

Bucky is fierce.

Lyndon is going to the beach with us tomorrow.

I'd like a tea.

I placed the medicine out of the children's reach.

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They might be taller than you.

Give me five tens and the rest in ones.

Have you tried turning it on?

You can't fix it in the amount of time you have left.

Don't waste your money.

They laughed at his mistake.

Rusty looked a little flustered.

I see him often.

I'm not going to school today.

This is Brazilian lumber. One of the best kinds in the world.

Tommy appeared suddenly.

Victor is already inside.

Kimmo attacked Jane with a dagger.

My allowance does not pay for my tuition.

Biodiversity is declining rapidly throughout the world.

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No sooner had we sat down than we found it was time to go.

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Four plus sixteen equals twenty.

He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

Eating and drinking too much make doctors rich.

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Lastly, she went to America.

I know who to call when I need help.

They slept in the same room.

Winnie talks fast.

You know, we could still make it happen if we wanted to.

What are those pills called?

To be in love is not the same as loving. You can be in love with a woman and still hate her.

Toufic wouldn't tell me his girlfriend's name.

I hope there are no hard feelings.


Plants in the environment help slow down the process of erosion.

Tollefsen dressed up as Santa Claus.

Shel is impartial.

The door needs another coat of paint.

I don't get modern jazz.

Are you sleeping?

It was just a joke. Lighten up!

What're we going to do?

He uses to bore people with his notorious stories.

Tiefenthal didn't remember me.

Dalton hasn't been replaced.

His child behaves well.

Stanislaw isn't shy at all.


I burnt myself on the leg.

This will be the best.

You must be new around here.

Arborio rice is Italian short-grain rice grown in the Po Valley. It's used to make risotto.

The quantity discounts are according to the size of the order.

All socks are very precious.

Moses is excited about the upcoming game.

I thought Rafik had convinced Ray not to buy that.

France and Spain have a common border.

He was the angriest man I've ever had the misfortune to meet!

The warm weather will bring the fruit trees into blossom soon.

This has never been attempted before.

We plan to have a welcoming party for Mr. Clark who came to Japan the other day.

I want you to be prepared.

I never was a good housekeeper.

I've seen better days.

"Who wants to go swimming with me?" "We all do."


I have to try.


I've got a very full schedule.

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I was extremely lucky.

Tell us exactly what you'd like us to do for you.

Why do you think Dan would do this?

Farouk left at four in the morning.

His house is by the river.

It was a sticky situation indeed.

He's nervous and excited.

A man is reading a newspaper.

Has Brandi been drinking today?

Get on your bike.

It was a huge change.

My advice is to tell Brodie how you feel.

The event starts at 10am.

He adapted himself to his new life.

We need action.

I told you to stay in the car.

Ethan was in his bed asleep.

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It is doubtful whether he will keep his word.

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Casper didn't go to the dance.

I left some stuff I need in the car.

I was told that I should see a doctor.


Nathaniel thinks he hears something.

Fletcher thinks he'll get straight A's.

They took to the field with all the panoply of modern warfare.

Arlene tried to compose herself.

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Our chemistry lesson yesterday was about dilution of acids and bases.

Nobody believed Kevin because he always makes up stories.

"A-hem!" Alice boasted, puffing up with pride.

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Technological innovation brought about the rapid progress of the information industry.

The beach was fairly empty.

Open this door right now!

Melinda looked disappointed.

Eddie took some artistic license.