It's very bitter.

I shouldn't have made you that sandwich.

I need a new extension cord like this one.

They both like sports.


Like the saying that things are seen clearest from outside I wish he'd leave the association for a time and take a look at Japanese soccer.

Please tell me the way to the XYZ store.

He has a master's degree in mathematics.

They might kiss.

It was revealed that Ross was pregnant.

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What do you people do?

He was laid off until there was more work to do.

I can teach you how to do that.

Will you do what you're told, for once?

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan.


Something is very wrong here.

Milo knows a lot of songs.

Don't try to blame this on Randolph.


Dustin was twelve when the Berlin Wall fell.

I'll make you a present of a doll.

Time withers the roses, but wears down the thorns.

We saw a bunch of birds.

His sneezing interfered with our conversation.

Their teacher is making them study hard.

I felt a severe pain on the shoulder.


I was trying to get in touch with Marie.

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It's a very good newspaper, isn't it?

How could there be unbroken eggs under a toppled nest?

That's the last thing I want.

My new girlfriend is Chinese.

I suppose you want to eat now.

This lawn mower runs on petrol.

Sassan is good at French, but he's a lot better at English.

Let's not lose our patience.

The entire crew was afflicted with food poisoning.

They were seen to go out.

He isn't like his brother.

These days nobody believes in ghosts.

Belinda has been reading my mail.


I'll go see.

She cannot be saved.

He has done this for profit.

I could have used that.

These artists are going to be famous some day.

What would the prince like?

You made the right choice.

Sooner or later, we'll have to tackle the problem in earnest.

I'll see if Helen has enough money.

He levelled his gaze at her with wonder.

It's a phone call from a Mr Brown.

The event is on Monday.

I agree with you entirely.


Will you sign it for me?


You see some trees in front of the school.

His anxiety was such that he could hardly sleep.

I couldn't think of any reason why Ravindran would be late.

Shakil's doctor referred him to a cardiologist.

Why would you tell him that?


Everyone is an entrepreneur.


I think that wine is good.

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The lunch is on the table.

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Hurry up, or we'll miss the train.


I can't be friends with them.

It goes without saying that he will come to the discussion.

Luck is blind.

When were you in Australia?

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

Money ruins many.

What isn't forbidden is allowed.

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Do you mean that you don't want me to come?

I intended to have called on him, but I couldn't.

When I got up this morning, it was raining.

I'm not really worried.

Good morning! Where do you want to go?

I'm outraged!

The old must be respected.


I wish I could explain to you how important this is to me.

Please pull over.

I really do have to go.

I would prefer to get a divorce.

Give it to my dog. He'll eat anything.

Now I have to find Stanley.

Was that intended as an insult?

What does Stefan want to say to Pia?

Television is ruining family life.

Stevan might not have missed the last train.

Your hair's a mess.


Andreas disguised himself as a priest.

Pim couldn't talk about his ordeal with anyone.

My grandmother was nearly sixty when she entered menopause.

You should've phoned me right away.

He gave a party on a large scale.

Because people in the world don't speak the same language, much effort is now devoted to translation.

I'm coming to your party and bringing you an unusual present.

His wife liked inviting guests.

Let us do our job.

You have a nice laugh.

Is that a picture of Krzysztof on your desk?

I can't come and see you every day.

I'm counting on you to help next Tuesday morning.

The same holds good of us students.

How was the error observed?

Franklin bought a larger car.

I haven't talked to Cristi in a while.

I ask you for nothing.

It's an infection.

This is classified.

We'll be safe here.

I know the name of this animal.

I think I'd like to stay here.

I don't see blood.

I'm not being cruel.


He went to Kyoto by car.

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Pantelis blames Fay for all of his problems.


If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

All oil-rich countries should be invaded and annihilated by US forces to protect their civilian populations and teach them democracy.

You do a good job.

Keep it under guard.

Your first draft was fine.

"Are you happy now?" "Yes, I am."

Nathan never should have eaten those oysters.

Valerie and Ritchey are scared.

He's in fantastic shape.

How did you come by the money?

Explain it to me tomorrow.


I'd never say something like that.

Do you really want me to do that?

He argued his daughter out of marrying Courtney.

Nobody cares for me.

Careful work will bear its fruit.

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Heinrich will stay at home tomorrow.


Rudolf and Pria showered John with confetti.

I'd like a little help.

Over time, wooden doors can warp or swell, making the door difficult to close.

The professor is familiar with contemporary literature.

I'd like to know the rest of the story.

Nobody knows what happened to Todd.

Children will produce beautiful works when they grow up.

She advises him on technical matters.

Finally, though late, he came.

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One moment please, someone knocks on the door.

He fell victim to his own ambition.

Your ad could be here.

He met his wife online.

This is a photo of my painting.

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They could afford to eat in the restaurant.

I'll ask how to get there.

Do you really want to move to Boston?

I will teach you how to fish next Sunday.

He always gets home at 6:00 p.m.

Kevyn got suspicious.

This won't solve anything.

His essay was full of original ideas.

Duke should've been back an hour ago.

I'm still not sure what we're looking for.

Half of you are idiots.

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"We must digitize these documents to preserve them for future generations." "But what if the data is lost or becomes unreadable by future technology? Books require no technology to read, and are immune to technological change." "Details, details."

I'm very grateful to you for your advice.

I'll send you a bill.

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Why isn't Kurt here with us?

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Nothing's gonna change my world.

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The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

I'd like you to see this.

What did he want to know about me?


Wendy looks miserable.

Everybody wants to be happy.

I don't want to talk about my cold.

I think Honda will come tomorrow.

She's a doctor.


(Implied subject) will drink.