There's no question that this is what we should be doing.

He adapted to his environment.

Stanley put her piano up for sale.

It won't be that hard.

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I don't really approve of gambling.

A magnet can pick up and hold many nails at a time.

But no one's lifted a finger.


I didn't ask you to come back.

The scientist tried to discover Nature's laws.

You've got to let me do this.


Did you sleep OK?

So the children left the house together; and the little sister, who was very wise for her years, said to the brother: "We will first go and see our own dear grandmother, and tell her where our step-mother is sending us."

Are you sure? You won't regret it later.

I'm not drinking tonight.

Millie has a book.


Why did Manolis kill himself?

You'll have to notify your boss about that.

How in the world did you do it?


I don't need that anymore.

Swamy just came from there.

I expect you to make all the necessary arrangements.

Are you sure Subra is dead?

That was the dream.

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Martyn was expelled from school for fighting.

He works in the university.

Kemal had a pistol.

She is far from beautiful.

If you lived in your carriage, you'd be home by now.

You're good with women.

Israel said Kim didn't like him.

What is that?

The number of the living was smaller than that of the dead.

After one or two large factories have been built in or near a town, people come to find work, and soon an industrial area begins to develop.

Gunnar didn't do his homework.

It's time for us to get going.

I was shocked by the dog that sprang out of the darkness.


Today I have neck pain.

Hugh is not at all like his brother.

What kind of car is that?

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Have you discussed this with Konrad?

Cary can't quite bring himself to tell Allen he loves her.

She complains of headaches, and that very often.


He is always studying.


There exists only one possibility now.

Please cover for me at the reception desk for about one hour.

If only I had a map, I could show you the way.


I shouldn't have kissed Marty.

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Knudsen knows the cops are everywhere.

I was told my tear duct was blocked.

Beckie could've died.

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He runs very fast.

I'm going to keep my distance from her for a while.

He exhausted his strength on the work.

He was late for school yesterday.

He is guilty of theft.

I won't do it.

Teachers can't date students and hope to keep their jobs.

I bought it at a thrift shop.

Call me after you've spoken with Marie.

Gill is now as tall as his father.

You gave me this picture a long time ago.


I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

We must get over many difficulties.

I can't deny it.

She locked herself in the bathroom.

George weighs not less than 70 kilograms.

Alvin never stays anywhere longer than three days.

Apologies mean nothing to me.


It's rare that history comes with a man that his fear is set in the hearts of kings all around earth.

What did Claudio say to Naren?

That was a stupid thing to say.

Nobody hurt me.

Give him a second chance.

Ross decided to go abroad.

As China develops, more and more countries want to have good relations with it.

What do you look like?

Throw away these socks, please.

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Upstairs there were four made beds, but on three nobody ever slept.

Somebody told me you had a girlfriend.

On behalf of my classmates, let me say a few words of thanks to you.

The sergeant ordered the private to do push ups.

Where are they headed?

I'm moving to Africa this month.

There are as many museums as there are churches.

Grant might've been injured much worse if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.

This is the real thing.

Thad seldom speaks to Irving anymore.

Without humility, courage is a dangerous game.

All people can become friends, even if their languages and customs are different.

They accorded a warm welcome to the traveler.


Linda thinks that's ridiculous.

Tuna told us that he knew the risks.

Do you really think this looks good?

Potatoes were introduced by the Dutch from Jakarta.

I'd like you to be there.


It was I that came here first.

The genius, wit and spirit of a nation are discovered in its proverbs.

Just don't tell anybody where you got this.

Some of the crew were drowned.

Damn, Valsi isn't here.

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Would you mind if I record this conversation?

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I wasn't safe.


I don't think anyone could have stopped Trey.

We decided on a trip to Singapore for our vacation.

She resolved to stop smoking.

Louiqa has periods of debilitating depression followed by bursts of manic activity.

Jinny got out of the bathtub and dried himself with the new towel that Marilyn had given him.


Why did you challenge her?

The dog is theirs.

Did you get to meet them?


I'm following up on your last e-mail.

Don't think of it.

Ahmet's behavior was shameful.

I found it truly regrettable that he should take offence.

Raj avoided answering our questions.

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I have to go meet with her.

I think that's understandable.

It was so much fun.

His e-mail address is

It was very disturbing.

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Afterwards, he wasn't lucky in life.

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John has been up all night.


What's that supposed to do?


It's more fun than studying.

You're the new kid, aren't you?

This desk is too small for me.

Why would anyone want to kill Jock?

Bleeding from her little finger, the nymphomaniac started a hot pursuit with the cops on a stolen raft.

It's nice to be remembered.

I didnt know they had real bears in the city, so it was cute to watch them!

It's forbidden to lean out of windows.

I wish that Audrey would get struck by lightning and die.

You can get a quick glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the window of the train.

I'm the one who killed him.


That was an awkward moment.

We can't tell anyone about this.

I learned a lot from what I heard.

I have no beef with him.

The fun didn't last long.

"I want that book," he said to himself.

Somebody's got to talk to him.

You kissed me very strongly.

Linda was born in England. So, she's English.

This isn't easy.

She ignores him completely.

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I especially like cloudy skies, why? I don't know.

Can I borrow your shovel?

Before you do that, there is something you need to know.

I can't stand losing her.

It'll take about thirty minutes to get to the station by taxi.

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A little louder, please.

The patients participating in the drug trial don't know if they're receiving the drug or the placebo.

Who is responsible for leaving the window open?

Haven't I told you this before?

Liber used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

Children always find a reason to become friends.

I'm as old as he is.

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Many university students were against the Vietnam War.

I have an ingrown toenail that's bugging the shit out of me.

I'm not Finnish.

I don't care who Randell kisses.

Pablo visits us quite often, but he never stays very long.


Tim is in court.


High tide is at 3 p.m. today.


What are the rooms like?