Why didn't you tell me you had a friend in the FBI?

The sun is essential to life.

He died three months ago in Devonshire.

The cat jumped in surprise.

I bet that hurt.

More and more people arrived at the scene of the tragedy.

Tyler, you've got to get up.

Pete has three children that don't go to school yet.

Would you mind if I sit in?

Did he learn Japanese as well?

Raja hoped that Vicki would like the gift he bought her.

The British would need strong leadership.

It is the one you used to hear when you were a little child.

They don't respect him.


I don't understand English.

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Who left the door open?


I'm not going to stay.

Do you really think I can't do this?

I hear you're an artist.

This one is full.

I should go pack.


I think I've hurt Sandra's feelings.

I want to take your temperature.

Please write to me without fail.

It's estimated that 40 million debit and credit card numbers were stolen from Target.

Jeany is busy at the moment. May I help you?

Do they still make cassette tapes?

Noemi told me not to tell you anything.

He seems to know the secret.

I'll stay in Moscow for six days.

What's the bus fare?

We've been working on that all week.


My shirt is red and my shoes are dark blue.

They know what "vitamin" means.

They bought the same camera as you.


Tarmi doesn't know what he's doing, does he?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Maybe I haven't explained it well.

Dwayne said you were dead.

Her husband's success hasn't affected her attitude toward old friends.

Did you think I'd change my mind?

My jeans are too tight. I can't bend.

I thought it would make her laugh.

In America traffic keeps to the right.

I know what my mistakes were.

You take the money.

Do you know where we could find Irfan?

Are you really going to let Sherri cook dinner tonight?

Betty isn't usually this obstinate.

The pink pillow is clean.

You should ask Rafael for advice.

Alan thinks that German accents are sexy.

This sentence is composed of seven words.

What were you doing down there?

Where can I find an outlet for all my anger?

You might as well wait until Tuesday.

Where there's good, there's also bad.

In the first few hours of the battle, Union forces were winning.

No human power can manage that.

Please use a plate.

You're the love of my life.

We took turns driving the car.

Where there is heart, there is luck.

She is by no means stupid.


Mayuko can ride a bicycle.

Don't break my heart.

I don't like oatmeal cookies.

Kit seems to want something from you.

She's a hair stylist.

I empathize strongly with the victims.

The newspaper is free.

He recounted an interesting story to us.

I would rather die than yield.

In fall they go back to school.

You always tell me to think for myself.

The mother is correct, the father isn't.

Bullying won't be tolerated.


It is hot today.

Beijing has started to get colder.

The picture reminds me of my happy school days.

And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.

Several militants were killed.


Jussi couldn't do it, but Marc could.

How gullible does Suu think we are?

I'll write to you or I'll phone you next week.


You'd be a fool not to do that.

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Some people come into your life as blessings, others, as lessons.

Hui told me you were looking for a babysitter.

They live in the house opposite to ours.

I think it's beautiful.

He will leave Tokyo and come to Kansai in June.


Panacea doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail.


Harris was wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

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Ned is quite an interesting woman.

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I'm definitely a little better.

I still need time.

This coffee shop is cozy.

I wasn't entirely sure myself.

The CD on the table is mine.

There was something to think over.

Have you told me everything?

Do you want the lights left on?

The holidays always bring everyone closer together.

You'd be perfect for that.

The film received mixed reviews.


Nicolette is already waiting.


Why would he want to keep us here?

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Just how hungry are you?

Jeff told us a funny story.

What's the name of the man whose car you borrowed?

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I can't bear the inconvenience of country life.

The sun sank below the horizon before I knew it.

You must allow for his being ill.

The stocks went down over night.

He wants to be an Edison in the future.

There's no question of botching this job. It must be done well.

This pulao tastes great!

Jacques tore Emma's letter in half.

Four is an unlucky number in Japan.

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That isn't what happened.

Jim likes the doctor.

My vacation was terrible.

Is the milk good?

I have to think.

Sit back and listen.

Don't start getting paranoid.

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Karen needs to organize his room.

Could you tell me your name again?

I hope Sanity doesn't do that.


"I'll do it tomorrow." "You said that yesterday!"

We're all very proud of you.

Emma had injuries consistent with a severe beating.

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Geoffrey disavowed the rumor.

The prison is heavily guarded.

What's your favorite song lyric?

Loren is learning how to drive a car.

Are they busy?

The worst is behind you.

A fat cat with a hat on, sat on a mat, dreaming to catch a rat or a bat.

I'd better go talk to him.

I'll see them before that.

We managed to get along.

I think I'll ride back with Mac.


Sanjib is unable to do this.

I had business to take care of.

She skipped class to hang out with her friends.


What are you wearing tonight?

My glasses are on my nightstand.

Did you put it somewhere?

A storm kept the ship from leaving Kobe.

The cast was given a standing ovation.

We haven't seen you in a while.

I had to take shelter under a tree.

Frankly speaking, this novel isn't very interesting.

I'm still busy.


How was that possible?

What an incredible last three months!

If you have the words to that song, I can translate it.

He told me that he had no time to read books.

The fawn bolted from its hiding place.

I have no idea what I need to do now.

Get away from it all!

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I was surprised.

Mr Hashimoto was confused by Ken's question.

I hope you have a good afternoon.

Of course, I always lose.

I need my prescriptions.

"Probably just a stupid urban legend" "But they do say 'there's no smoke without fire', don't they?"

It happened right here three years and four days ago.

Did you know that Ritalynne's grandfather died of a heart attack?

I know what Stephen and Randal are capable of.


Mayuko could not answer my question.