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V-Twin Tower of Terror

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Twin Cam Harley Replacement Engine

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Upgrading a 96" and 103" Twin Cam Engine

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Opportunity of a Lifetime:

Building a V-Twin Pro-Stock Engine

Harley Replacement Engine

Lucky 113:

Harley-Davidson 110 to 113 engine build
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Robb Report

Robb Report

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S&S Harley Replacement Engines By DC V-Twin

An SS cycle engine is the best choice when it comes to replacing your worn out stock harley engine and DCV-Twin is the only place to shop for your harley replacement engine. We have the expertise in helping you find the best SS cycle engine to fit your harley replacement engine needs with over ten years of dedicated V-Twin performance knowledge. We can offer you the best service with competitive pricing on all SS cycle harley replacement engines.

Our engines can be shipped as a direct replacement or fully customized to match your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whether you like ripping up the asphalt, riding two up or even pulling a trailer we have the Harley replacement engine to fit your unique riding style.

There are no limits with DC V-Twin custom engines. We offer different finishes to match you bike schemes and can even customize the induction to fit the look you want. Take a look around at our easy to navigate website on the 201-801-6678 and see what's available For your motorcycle.

Feel free to call DC V-Twin at 478-988-4313 when you decide to treat yourself to Harley's best replacement engines on the market.