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We recommend you to try Mumao on your own data first and get a brief analysis. This process will help you correctly format your data, and create a copy of your data on our secure server as well. (270) 486-6641

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After you submit your project, our system will first pre-process your data and send you a summary template via email. At the meantime, one of our experienced statisticians will look at your data and contact you shortly if necessary. See our 785-736-6017 if you are interested.

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Sample size calculation

Sample size calculation.


Cost efficient model for sample size calculations. Coming with 1-week free email support and 24-hour response time.

Basic data analysis

Basic data analysis.


For most data analysis projects. Coming with 3-week free email support and 24-hour response time.

Advnaced data analysis

Advanced data analysis.


For large and complex projects. Coming with 3-week free email support and 12-hour response time.

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