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Reign over Rain!

Let RainCheQ™ worry about the weather so you can tend to other, more important matters. RainCheQ™ gathers weather data for your GPS-specific location and alerts selected personnel when a construction site or industrial facility could require monitoring for NPDES permit compliance. RainCheQ™ is no Stormwater Genie or Storm Popgun. RainCheQ™ gathers both forecast and rainfall data, allows users to retrieve the data for a three year period, and prompts users as appropriate to complete a log of potentially required monitoring items.

Weather Alerts - Via Email
GPS-specific Rainfall Alerts are sent to selected email recipients showing total rainfall for 2-days prior and 1-day prior to the email date.
If no rain falls during the last 2 days, then zip code-based Forecast Alerts are sent indicating that according to NOAA, the POP is ≥ 50% within the next 48 hours.
All alerts include the Precipitation Forecast Estimate (PFE) which indicates the forecast amount of participation for 6-hour periods during the next few days. This information helps managers and practitioners make informed decisions.
If no rainfalls during the last 2 days and the POP is < 50% within the next 48 hours, then no alert.
Retrieve Weather Data - From Website
Periodically the designated person is prompted to answer questions concerning the previous time period's required monitoring based on time and actual weather data. The developed logs are available for review by selected individuals.
Managers and auditors can create a 35-day summary of weather data for any GPS-specific site for any time period that the site has been serviced by RainCheQ™. Weather documentation is available for review by selected individuals.
For each Annual Report, the developer can create a summary of weather data for the entire year (or portion thereof) for any GPS-specific site. This data can be included with the annual records to quickly indicate when monitoring items were required.

RainCheQ™ is a must have tool for the operations side of NPDES permit compliance for the automatic alerts to warn on-site staff of the need for monitoring at a construction site or industrial facility. More importantly, RainCheQ™ is the only weather notification service that managers and auditors can use to ensure that on-site staff are conducting the required monitoring as the actual weather dictates. One can manage several locations with a single account. Go ahead; Try it out!

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