Are you telling me you're not busy?

It's better to err on the side of caution.

Do you see the portrait?

He wants whipping for saying that.

When you're alone in your apartment, you feel independent. When you're alone in your room, you feel free. When you're alone in your bed, you feel lonely.

The two sisters lived very peacefully.

We need to tell Felix what to do.

Didn't you get Sherman's message about today's meeting?

It's really good to see you.

What's stopping you from doing a study?

GNP is measured as the total market value of all the goods and service produced by a nation during a specified period.

It is no use trying to argue with him.

I didn't write this letter.

Amarth piled everything up in the center of the room.

I'd rather stay home with you.

Are you happy with your life?

I'll see what I can come up with.

The problem here isn't them.

Matt is talking on the phone with his mother.

On average, one American consumes as much energy as 2 Japanese, 6 Mexicans, 13 Chinese, 31 Indians, 128 Bangladeshis, 307 Tanzanians, or 370 Ethiopians.

It is strange for him to be absent from school.

I like being my own boss.


He often goes to Tokyo.

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Boys are more interested in engineering and computing than girls.

I cannot trust what she says.

The set of real numbers is closed under addition.

Roxie sat on the bench, watching the children play.

I know you must have a million questions.

Why do I have to study French?

I just remembered something I have to do.

This pencil cost me at least a hundred bucks.

Let's see who does that first.

I fell into company with him.

We'd better go pick up her.

It is language that distinguishes man from beasts.

Which subject do you like best?


Knapper is a good friend of mine.


There are as many museums as there are churches.

You're on your own.

She can't do that.

His new book is going to come out next month.

I didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

Rudy showed his passport to the man at the gate.

I don't want to go there in particular.

My dream went up in smoke.

Why were you looking for me?


Germany is a parliamentary democracy.

I do everything for my family.

Dimetry was only trying to help me.

I sincerely hope that you will soon recover from your illness.

Have you reconsidered?

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You must be careful not to get angry.

I was amazed at his courage.

It's only three o'clock.

Just don't volunteer any new information.

Do you have much time to spare?

After dropping Rob at her home, Sriram headed back to the office.

King seemed happy.

I've become used to Willie.

You can make your own.

Drive the nail into the board.

Charles put on latex gloves.

Two soldiers kept guard at the gate.

Shatter was surprised to see how skimpy Pilot's new swimsuit was.

You are incredibly naive.

He thinks that I don't know what he said.


It'll take longer than you expect.


To be black is better than to be gay. If you were born black, at least you don't have to think about how to tell your mother about this.

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Don't be hasty.


Technology has the potential to transform education in America, allowing students to learn more, to do so at their own pace, and to develop the knowledge and skills employers demand.

I'm Steen's friend.

There were quite a few interesting things to see.

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Could you show me where the bathroom is?

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I saw them crying.

I'm taking maternity leave from Sep.30 to Oct.14.

Her suggestion is worth considering.


I can't go with you tonight.

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This reference is valuable for my research.

Margie did this over a year ago.

You don't have to go to school today.


So, the answer would be about 41.2 meters.


You dare not look me in the face, or else I will rip you apart.


Superconducting magnets can be used for the levitation of high-speed trains.

I talked to my friend in the FBI.

I tried to convince Suu to come home.

I am assured of his honesty.

Ginny couldn't identify what was wrong.

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Take Mwa out of here.

Who did the survey?

I was held up on my way to the hospital in a traffic jam.

For all her wealth, she is not happy.

Marcel didn't tell me this was his.


We're done for the night.

Although I trusted the map, it was mistaken.

Don't punish Hienz for that.

Have you been in Japan since last month?

The child refused to let anyone feed him.

I have an aunt who lives in Osaka.

He tells a lie.

English is considered an international language.

His health gradually changed for the better after he went to live in the countryside.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

She is the happiest in her class.

I think she likes me.

This is a bird sanctuary.

She's not as pretty as I am.

Have you got a brother or a sister?

Two women sing.

I thought for sure you'd left town already.


I'm a witness.

Communication fosters understanding and helps us understand each other.

I was really disappointed when I found out that I hadn't passed the exam.

Tobias looked a little alarmed.

His hands are never still.

This whole thing doesn't make any sense.

Pantelis had his ear pressed to the door, trying to hear what was going on in the next room.


I don't want to do any of those things.


It was you that were wrong.

I'm not in the least afraid of snakes.

Work and play are both necessary to health.


It is a Chinese tradition to welcome spring with flowers.

When I was younger, I hated going to weddings. My grandmothers and aunts would huddle around me, poke me in the side, and giggle "You're next! You're next!" They only stopped this nonsense when I began to do the same thing at funerals.

The teacher exhorted his pupils to do well.


After working zealously, we were refreshed by fruit and water.

It's really dark here. I can't see anything.

He is not such a fool as you assumed him to be.

My father is out in the garden now.

I get the feeling that no one here is telling us the truth.


They were really close.


Stanislaw couldn't stand the pain.


You can try but never stop me.

The services at the hotel are first-rate.

Claude speaks with a southern accent.

Did you enter the singing contest?

You're gorgeous.

New Year! New Career!

Maybe I should talk to him.

Why are you tired?

We cannot exclude feeling from our experience.

I'm taking a different approach.

I attempted to solve the problem.

Shakil and Winston laughed about the time they had a food fight.

We're a real tight group.


They peered inside.


The method hasn't been perfected yet.

Shahid is not a good cook.

You're not afraid, are you?

I'm begging you, before freaking out on me listen to the end of what I have to say.

Do you look your age?

I no longer want to visit Boston.

I'm busy today, otherwise I would accept.


What do carpenters eat?

I will go on ahead.

The movie is a stereotyped sob story.


You're a very handsome man.


I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.


Rajeev has to act now.

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Mac has a picture of Greg on his bedroom wall.


This poem calls for great insight from the reader.

They will probably have many psychological problems as a result, and that would be worse in the long run.

What does not kill me, makes me stronger.

I'd like something to drink.

That's my friend Rachel. We go to school together.


I used to be married.