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Archie is getting careless.

What did Janet want?

They are out of hand.

This is the last time I'm going to remind you.

Shai saw someone.

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The butter went bad.

I was wondering the same thing.

I'd like to have a Pap smear done.


Where is the screwdriver?


Why do you want to hurt me?

I'm going to have to stay.

I think that against somebody like that, my seemingly clever techniques would be seen through and then I would be defeated.

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It's a banner.

My son had been writing for several hours when I entered the room.

In my opinion, Twitter bird is the most evil bird in our world.

He smelled like shit.

I can't stop him.

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I am busy now.

Don't call him now.

Take home these paintings of his and tell me what you think of them.

Maybe we were too optimistic.

Where is everyone?

I have to get some money out of the bank.

Ilona works as a sign language interpreter.

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If you don't like Mayo, just try to avoid him.

We can't find the cause.

I didn't expect you to turn up here.

I let him sleep in.

I don't really know how to deal with Scot.

It's not my place to question Cyrus's decisions.

Panos met a girl about his age.

Donovan put on latex gloves.

What is the language spoken in Brazil?

I want to eat out today.

Thank you very much for your kindness.


I have to try doing that at least once.

The policies are quite clear.

The dog barked softly.

In fact, to move at any speed the polar bear uses twice as much energy as do most other mammals.

Lee got ready for lunch.

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Everyone will be there.

The calm that comes after the storm.

Get us something to eat.


Tell her I'm coming right over.

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I've got plenty more where that came from.

I want to tell you something strange.

Cris wanted to tell Woody what he really thought, but he held his tongue.

A dove is a symbol of peace.

Krzysztof fell and hurt his leg.

Prakash appears to be strong and healthy.

As for me, there is nothing more I want to say.


I'm more than a friend.

Where will we eat breakfast today?

Are you saying I'm a liar?


Arthur is unaffected.

I never should've mentioned it.

It's a popular idea.

I've been living in a cave.

Pratapwant obviously has doubts.

Do you hear it?

Don't you have to be somewhere?

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His failing the test is no laughing matter.

Internationally, almost 900 million people don't have enough to eat.

Venkata is very messy.

I thought Shannon would leave with Chet.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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I think we should let Diana get some rest.

I said don't worry about it.

They're staring at her.

If this is the case, its victims are usually young calves, injured or sick animals.

You left this, didn't you?

His work leaves nothing to be desired.

I hadn't really noticed.


Frost touched the flowers.

An apple is a tasty fruit.

We found the boy fast asleep.

What kind of music do you have?

This case has an affinity with that one.


I could have prevented this.

Maybe we should all get some sleep.

You don't want to do anything to void the guarantee.

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Do you want me to spy on Sanford for you?

I'm just doing what needs to be done.

Several years ago, fashion was different.

Germs can only be seen with the aid of a microscope.

Is she your mother?

I need a hotel for tonight.

Why didn't Hank come here himself?

I don't think Gunnar is selfish.

We've got three major problems we need to solve.

Let us turn now to the fundamental issue.

That made us uncomfortable.


He is said to have been the richest man in town at that time.

I have four thousand one hundred and twelve pesos.

According to Andy Warhol, everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame.

That seems odd.

You haven't eaten anything.


Do you know what the price of a new snowboard is?

Who do you think I should ask?

The store where Moses used to work closed in 2013.

Molly said that he was feeling tired.

Will you do me a favor?


If you look carefully, you'll see that the box has a false bottom.

Maarten is unfit for duty.

The boy takes after his father.

We should all stick together.

Cathrin agreed to go to Boston with Nicolette.

Girls, you did terrifically. You've truly earned this victory.

When it's necessary, you can come to me.

The city has no rival for polluted air.

Can I come some other time?

So long, pop!

I will be busy this afternoon.

She would like to have another cup of coffee.

They've already eaten.

And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.

The natives each had an amulet, which they considered their true heart.

He played the piano.

I want to emphasize this point in particular.


I asked her what was wrong.

I miss that place.

I have some great news.

You can go there in a boat.

Welcome to San Francisco.

She hates the rules.

We should all work together.

Why is the rabbit a symbol for Easter?

Why do you buy this all the while knowing you'll never use it?

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She isn't running.

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This sounds like a scam.

The car behaved well.

Do you want to do it?


Do you mind if I have a look?


Kathleen is away from home.


Do you know me?

Let's start!

Did anyone phone me?

What was he doing when you saw him?

Do a barrel roll.

We believe you, Skeeter.

Will you tell me where to buy the ticket?


Tammy gave Arnold a dollar.

Vidhyanath has a birthday in October.

She just cleaned her room.

I'm not permitted to discuss that with you.

They worked like bees.

Price reflects demand.

The police found Linda's shirt in Dan's room.

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I lost my house keys.


There are algae in the sea.

I told them what I saw.

Shouldn't you be in there?

There were not many present.

Even Chinese dignitaries were invited to visit the monument.


I fail to see.

We're keeping our fingers crossed.

We need to talk privately.

She was looking forward to playing table tennis with him.

Joyce claims he was busy.


Please advise us, if possible, of a company which has developed image processing software.


May I take a picture of you?


You've done very well.

They didn't like the film.

My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bob.

I think there's something wrong.

I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.