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Tanaka leaves for Boston tomorrow.

I cannot forget Taninna's face.

I got a piece of lead for my mechanical pencil from her.

Having studied English, I studied math.

He has two beautiful boys.

In order to sprout, seeds need air and water.

No one pays attention to them.

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Mr. Grey didn't enjoy his work.

It is second-hand.

My hands are dirty.

Why don't you come and see me sometime?

I caught Kolkka.


You are on the air!

As it was late at night and I was very tired, I put up at an inn.

"What are you doing here?" "I was just passing by."

Here is a magic ball of yarn. In whatever direction this ball rolls, follow without fear.

"Help, help," she cried.

The two women know each other.

Time to go.

What do you think of the song I just sang for you?

Ric leaned over and whispered in Derek's ear.

I'll ask them tomorrow.

My mother can't come.

I don't want to translate that sentence.

Not a drop more or a drop less of His blood was for a white man or black man, a male or female, old or young, retarded, crippled, blind, deaf, dumb or precious baby in the womb.

We're going to be fine.

Do you two ever play tennis together?

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A lot of people are waiting to see what is going to happen.

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I lost my health insurance.

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What do we live for?


They have already finished the work.


The front of Ronald's shirt was stained with blood from a gunshot wound.


We have to figure out a way to get out of here alive.


Cristi has decided to have the surgery.


Your turn to split!

Go around that way.

I still don't have my homework done.

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We saw Thad talking to Rabin.

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Dan's body was found handcuffed in the woods.

I want to speak with him now.

The new plan will call for a lot of money.

I'm not used to treatment like that.

Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

His conduct is above suspicion.

It would be a waste of time to ask Gene to help.


Kenton might not be able to help us.

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I think it's fair.

Eddy showed up at the party with his girlfriend.

He possessed a good memory.

What are you thinking you'd like to do next time?

He's got tons of neat gadgets.


She was too tired to go on working.


May I see the wine list?

He had to learn to accept that failures were necessary milestones on the road to success.

I will be right back!


What's done is done.


I'm planning on staying at Erick's tomorrow night.

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My parents live in a big house.

The weather report is faulty.

The fruit is similar to an orange in shape and to a pineapple in taste.


This area is extremely isolated.

Try this miracle ointment.

It has a seepage.

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Don't you want to ask me why he was there?

We're putting our furniture in storage for the summer.

Sumitro has done a great job.

The ghetto in this town is dangerous at night.

Do you let Old tell you what to do?


I thought I saw something.

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Ginny is my lawyer.

Shuvra is wearing a yellow dress.

What is it that impels people to vote for the FDP?

The plane will arrive at three.

The cow goes "moo" and the cat goes "meow."

Delbert has been trying to get Win out of prison for years.

I'm for that.

Give me my sword.

You're such a nerd.


Everyone's standing.

Margie cleaned the house by himself.

She was always complaining about her husband.


Tell me how did he smiled at you.

Could you do me a small service?

Andrea agreed to help Kenton kill John.

Does Ellen have to do that?

Naresh knocked on the door to Roland's room.


I thought Jan would like to see this.

We already know that.

I made that.

I will not be beholden to special interests.

"I hear you quit your job." "Actually, I got fired."

There was plenty going on.

Allow an hour to get to the station.


You'd better go help them.

Did the baby wake up?

Olof is scared of that dog.

I grew up in Shiraz.

Did anyone come in my absence?

I couldn't help laughing when I heard that story.

Bertrand opened the freezer and got out the ice cream.

I'll be here in my office if anyone needs me.

That'll have to do.

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I'll try to find him.

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I hope you brought sunscreen.

The lorry dumped the sand on the ground.

Jess and Varda bought their granddaughter a bike for Christmas.


Thank you for coming all the way to see me off.

How you can be so blind?

She used to be flat-chested - just when did she get so large?

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My life is hollow without him.


Could it be that he has a crush on you?

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What's Horst doing right now?

That child is only four, but he can already count to 100.

A wise leader knows when to listen.


What do they want?

My work here is done.

They broke off their engagement.

Gerard will arrive in Boston tomorrow.

We can't worry about that right now.

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That's why no one wants to work with you.

Herve has a pierced tongue.

This is a big opportunity for you to show what you can do.

I see no conspiracy there.

He studied ten hours a day on average.

Sandy may have taken the wrong train.

We need to take this into account.

You've got to listen a little more carefully from now on.

This book makes pleasant reading.

Please don't let me die.

Lucullo had many golden cups.

I'm expecting a decent catch, so please try your best at fishing for us.

We had to call in social services. This was obviously a case of child neglect.

I play guitar almost every day.

Liz hasn't been well.

Prepare yourself for the future.

I hope to be a journalist.

The theater used to open up about this time.

I threw it away.

We aren't prepared.

Eddie's parents weren't happy.


I think the socialist party will win.

Each of us must be careful when driving a car.

How much damage has been done?

You can't always avoid everything.

What a stupid thing to say at a time like this!

Why does your brother hate me?

You never say anything.


We ate all the candies we found in her room.

Brian is mad because Chris obviously does not intend to return the money.

I can't leave.

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You need to put a period at the end of a sentence.

This surveillance camera is our silent witness.

Murray certainly didn't expect Kenton to take care of his children.

He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.

Will you still be here when I get back?

You sing in the choir, don't you?

He resumed his work after a short break.

Is it nice?

Dori wasn't here.

I'm pretty sure Nicolo was the person who did that.

The sun caressed his body.