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Jun 27, 05:52 PM by Fairlane57

The votes are in and computers have crunched the numbers. It was close, but the winner of the Spawn Contest for the July 2018 map is . . . . . . Cheid!!!! The runnerup is Sergeant_BATMAN! Our intrepid Sergeant also won the netherspawn design contest! By coincidence both players will be granted 2 revives each for their great efforts with the new spawn.

To the winners, please post the upload link to your design here. We will then place them in the new map.

Congratulations to you both and many thanks for your Admin Staff.


Jun 04, 08:26 PM by Fairlane57

Hey everyone! It's that time again! We're gearing up for a new map in July, so we're starting another spawn design competition for the new spawn.

Just like in the past, submit your spawn designs as a file download in a WorldEdit schematic or the world save file, along with some images of the spawn.

New this time, we would like Nether Spawn submissions! They can go with the overworld spawn submission or be submitted separately. 

We'll accept submissions until June 21th at 6PM Eastern time, and then we'll put all entries to a community vote.

Winner of the overworld spawn gets two free revives, and the runner up gets one free revive! Winner of the nether spawn gets 1 free revive (no runner up)!

Here are some guidelines for making the spawn:

Total overworld spawn area is 100x100 - your build should fit within this.
Total Nether spawn area is also 100x100 (yes we would like you to include a nether spawn)
Lots of redstone is bad.
Be sure to include nether portal(s) inside spawn
No enderchests, anvils, enchanting tables, etc.
Admins will need to add signs for new players - take this into account!
Paths or symmetry with exits in the four cardinal directions is ideal.
Please DO NOT submit designs using 1.13 or related snapshot because they may break in the new (1.12) map and will be disqualified.

If your spawn doesn't win this map, you can always submit it for another! If we use your spawn submission on a different map you will receive two free revives.

Also remember that some adjustments may need to be made by admins if your spawn is accepted. By submitting your designs you are giving us permission to modify them as needed and use them in future maps or builds as we see fit.

Good luck!
Your Admin Team


World 29 is live!
Jan 06, 04:54 AM by ocelotpotpie

Sorry for the delay everyone. Thanks for being patient. There may be a few glitches - if you find anything please report on the forum. Thanks!

Some details:

Map size: 12k x 12k
Version: Still 1.12.2
Spawn total size: 100x100. (Border is at -/+ 50). Nether spawn as well.


Voting for the July Spawn Contest is here!
Jun 22, 01:53 AM by 626-777-2286

Please cast your vote for your favorite spawn build. Voting ends at midnight (23:59) EDT on June 23rd. Here are links to pics of the each build:

daislost: /

Medoria/obvolvo: /

Cheid: / 


Post your ballot by leaving a comment here with your favorite.



End of map maze is live! Come try your luck.
Jun 18, 04:31 AM by ocelotpotpie

With the new map coming on July 1st, we have built a maze and placed it inside spawn for anyone to try their luck.

The maze is **VERY HARD**. Expect to spend quite a lot of time solving it. No cheating! (Obviously.)

The first person to solve the maze will receive a prize for the next map:

1x Diamond Pickaxe
* Efficiency V
* Unbreaking III
* Silk Touch

1x Diamond Axe
* Efficiency V
* Unbreaking III
* Silk Touch
1x Diamond Shovel
* Efficiency V
* Unbreaking III
* Silk Touch 

Every player who completes the maze will receive a Silk Touch diamond pickaxe.

These items will be placed into your enderchest in the next map, and you'll be able to retrieve them when you open an enderchest.


Good luck!