My airport shuttle bus leaves at six o'clock.

Shahid paid for everything.

The boy pretended that he was too sick to go to school.

You just don't understand me!

Does it matter to you when we come?

He had not been employed two months before he was fired.

Vance is in real trouble.

Wilmer stood up.


Locking all the doors, I went to bed.

This is my beer.

Kanthan went to Boston three years ago.


Pour the dressing over the salad and toss gently.

The storm has died down.

Roland kept pacing.

I want to know if it's close.

What I saw was shocking.

He has many talents.

I'm not giving up that easily.

I have two brothers and two sisters.

We should be there by noon.


Can you pass me that thingamajig?

I want to be sure.

I wish I had more to give you.

Have you ever kissed him?

Children don't keep still.

I understand that now.

I knew you'd come back to me.

Mom was innocent enough to ask him: "Would you like any more beer?"

We've got to stay awake.

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I have almost no time to study English.


She told him a joke, but he didn't think it was funny.

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Get laid with me.

You underestimated them.

I can recall nothing worse.


Lawrence wants Leora to think you're a little dangerous.

The problem was too much for me.

Coleen's horse got spooked and bolted before he could mount it.


We have a schedule to keep.

I would never do such a thing.

There's very little we can do now.


President Wilson was shocked.

He ought to have arrived there by now.

You handled that badly, Olaf.

Language learners sometimes marvel that even two-year-olds can speak French; but two-year-olds can't speak much French; and many will be improving their mastery until the end.

Do you know of someone who's never used toothpaste?

Ken told me he was glad to see me.

But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.

I assume that was Dori's idea.

What's the fun in this?

What if someone kidnapped Alison? What would you do?

Last week I gained back five pounds.

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Shutoku told Louis the same thing.

I suggest we continue.

Undaunted, he refused to give up.

You have no way to verify it.

Every cause produces more than one effect.


I've smoked a tear in my lung.


I can't talk about this now.


It would be better if he's there this evening.


Schooling is a process that taught a vast crowd of people to read but wasn't able to teach them to decide what is worth reading.

The pupil was punished for smoking.

I was very scared.

I'll go to college.

Can you tell Dale from his twin brother?

A hole in one is moving on the whole.

Whose handwriting is this?


Where's my beer?


Do you approve of this?

They adopted the little girl.

You have brought shame upon our family.


Shall we play rock-scissors-paper?

I'm not setting anything on fire.

We are not the only ones who believe that he is innocent.

We have to warn him.

Eventually, Jimmy will realize that he needs help.

Devon walked down the path, whistling a happy tune.

He has dedicated his life to the preservation of nature.

Murray is young and inexperienced.

They called on us to do something to help the victims.

The twins are so much alike that I can not distinguish one from the other.

This is delicious.

Solve this problem on your own.

Donovan wrote Andrew's name as the cheque payee.


Are you having a candlelit dinner with your wife?

The bear roared and I fainted.

When did you start making money playing music?

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At the time this story takes place - in 1699 - the Kingdom of Norway was still one with Denmark.

A crocodile ate a dog.

Elizabeth turned on the kitchen faucet.

Do you know where your kids are right now?

He passed by the house.

I thought you'd want Mikey to stay with you for a while.

We are afraid of death.

Look at how worn out he is! He literally can't keep his eyes open!

Don't be a stranger.

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The cat is playing with the ball.

I know when Michelle was killed.

I think I'm allergic to that soap.

I'm not really that interested.

Atuqtuaq eats the seal blubber uncooked.

Raman knew Vassos.

I arrived late for the celebration.

Besides, it's starting to rain.

Petr will be really happy to see you.

Where's Claude anyway?

I need advice.

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Suu knows time is running out.


What crisis? I feel comfortable.

Let's look at this in perspective.

Berlin is in Germany.

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Where are the gloves?

That's just the beginning.

Have you read the "Liaisons Dangereuses"?

Why can't you just tell me what I want to know?

I'll be singing a song at Dave and Nichael's wedding.

I've changed.

Felipe bought a modern truck.

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Roberto fumbled with his keys.

Do you have any idea why Ji did that?

Even worms are bought for medical research.

Language itself shapes a man's basic ideas.

Have you ever knocked down a dog with your car?

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To err is human, to forgive divine.

He circulated from table to table at the reception.

We suffered a lot of damage.

Mother is setting dinner ready.

Please wait till he comes back.

But he really wanted a son.

Roger Federer is among the very few tennis players to have notched more than a thousand career match wins.


Do you really believe this?

Price knows that Elsa won't be coming.

I wish I could figure out how to make this work.


Many people work in this field now.

The drowning man shouted for help.

Customers haven't complained.


It's not good to wake a sleeping snake.

I looked you up on the internet last night.

It looks like it might rain. Don't forget your umbrella.

Some ships were arriving from Europe.

I'm not happy here.


They laughed quietly.

He's reading a novel now.

The potato ricer, similar to the garlic press, is essential to making lefse.

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I used to think this was impossible.

"Sue's very angry with you," my new waitress said.

Please tell me what happened, off the record of course.

He was made to work all day by the boss.

Marla is forceful.

He's a caution when liquored.

I'm never going to be able to face Floria again.

Maybe he was ill.

Is something different?


Who will be elected chairman?

I am, and remain, his boyfriend.

I ask you the same question.


Ramesh walked off the dance floor.

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I heard voices in my head.

I'm just passing through.

Let's hope things go more smoothly the next time.


Sue pretended he didn't care.

Up to now, how many books do you think you've read?

Am I speaking too quickly?


During the Soviet Union, there were two big newspapers - "Pravda" and "Izvestiia."


Just give me one more chance.