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Welcome to St. Philip Lutheran Church! We’re a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in North Raleigh. As a community we represent people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives who are one through Christ.

Extravagant welcoming, engaging worship, life-long faith formation, caring community, compassionate service, and generous giving are the core values that shape how we live out our mission of rejoicing in God’s grace to invite, worship, nurture, and serve.

The Power and Practice of Prayer Preaching Series begins on August 5, 2018

We know from scripture that we are supposed to pray, but we often struggle with how to do it, how to make time for it, and how to know if God is really listening. This series, beginning on August 5th, will address these questions and others, helping us to experience the power of prayer and inviting us into a deeper practice of prayer. We’ll also explore different types of prayer: contemplative prayer, intercessory prayer, and praying the catechism

Sermon topics include:

  • The Power of Prayer.
  • The Promise of Prayer.
  • The Persistence of Prayer.
  • The Pattern of Prayer.
  • The Practice of Prayer.
  • Know that there is a place for you here and that you are welcome to participate in every aspect of life in this faith community as we worship, grow in your faith and spread God’s love to others.

    We Invite You To: 7042700098 for directions


    Traditional Worship

    (314) 356-5475

    Contemporary Worship

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