Vinod and his brother are like chalk and cheese.

Curtis was about to burst out crying.

I wonder if she likes me.

I don't want there to be any misunderstanding.

He put a cap on his head.


I met her at Kamel's house.

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I called Claudio from the police station.

Don't tell lies.

I needed to get out there.

That day will go down in history.

He has a strong will.


Whosoever shall kill the king will be punished with death.

You're conservative.

It smells like Hirofumi.

I heard everything you said.

We count on you.

I want to enrol in a course.

That's one interpretation.

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Izumi has long blond hair.

External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him.

Don't you know the saying "good manners even between friends?"

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Each year Hamamatsu has a kite festival.

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I have a lot of pencils.

I didn't see Clark coming.

Will had a good reason for not going.

He is far from suitable for that job.

Dan has been a friend of Linda's family.

What if my mom says no?

We saw a theatre piece which brings the true prejudices of the present society.


Give me your attention, please.


The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.


I can understand your position perfectly.

He called his sister, Robert.

We drank soju at the karaoke bar.


Melinda needs an assistant.


I don't think that's going to work.

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The coin is silver.

This watch is far better than that one.

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?


The car is slow.


You're a very good guitarist.

Spanish is spoken in many countries.

Deb is cleaning the pool.


About 50 percent of the firms in Japan have acknowledged the necessity of giving their workers longer holidays, and think summer holidays are needed to give their workers both mental and physical refreshment.

Why do you want to go today?

Mat is nibbling on a carrot stick.

Whose container is this?

No damage has been reported.

They are interested in abstract reasoning.

Someone wants to come?


I'm a little taller than you.

This adds to the expense.

Let's not deceive ourselves.


You have no scruples.


I think I'd better go and look for Louis.

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He gave me several books.

I met one of my old teachers yesterday.

She would often come late for school.

The child of today is the man of the future in the making.

The atomic number for hydrogen is 1.

Mr. Popescu's office is on the tenth floor.

Renu knows some words in French.

This should be plenty.

The young lady wants this.

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In American video games Russians are often being shown as the main villains.

Dan didn't even have children.

We need to talk to him.


I'm headed for my sister's wedding.

You're a very lucky woman.

We offer low-cost prefabricated houses.

I tried to open the door, but I couldn't because it was locked.

It takes three hours to get there.


Everything is on the table.

Poems are made in about the same way that we make guns. We take a hole, and we put something around it.

Ken helped Sandra.

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Your offer is very attractive, but we will have to think about it.

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I plan to go to Boston next Monday to see Diane.

I live in Azerbaijan.

Would you like to have dinner with me?

That narrows it down.

I knew that he was trying to use that money to become governor.


I have newly appointed as a sales representative.


They decided to get married the next month.


Would you care for a dish of ice cream?

I'm a beginner in Esperanto.

I'm the one who has to clean up this mess.

On the open ice a bear may lie on its stomach.

Dawn is patient.

It looks suspicious.

This road was partly destroyed in consequence of the earthquake.

When it comes to cooking, no one can equal Ned.

Catherine looks like his mother.

Luke is going to buy a house on Park Street.

Yes, it's time to go.

He is well off now.

It was my decision to make.

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Kitty is considered very reliable.

I am bound to attend the meeting.

You'll find it impossible to live there.


Pinocchio closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

I can't save anyone.

Let him go hungry.

Are you allergic to any medications?

A 17-storey residential building, called the Golden Dragon, was destroyed by the earthquake.


I heard that you were out sick yesterday.


Children that live in homes with vinyl floors are more likely to have autism.

That's unbelievable!

Is there any food?

You'll stay here tonight.

I heard you tell Greg to do that.

I'll stay right here.

How stupid do you think I am?


I fell down the stairs and hit my back very hard.

Irfan said it wasn't smart to do this.

I can't believe I'm writing this sentence.


I often eat chicken.

Anyhow it will be a good idea to hurry up.

Is Ernie under arrest?

I meant what I said before.

I don't mean Vivaldi's, I mean Haydn's Oratorio, do you know it?

Kent hung his jacket in the hall closet.

The number was indelibly printed on her brain.

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Is there anything you've been particularly interested in lately?

I'm unable to read this difficult text.

We could fix that.

She knows what she wants.

They just missed the train.

An actress fainted right in the middle of the play.

Is it very difficult to create an app for smartphones?

He has an unusual ability in English.

That's typical.

Have you ever traveled alone?

But he is still alive?


Throw another log on the fire, will you?


Stop spreading these lies!

Eddy looked a little skeptical.

Man is bound to die.

One relationship is enough for me.

You can go one hundred kilometers an hour on the highway.

Kitty has been badly injured.

She will be here in no time.

Isn't that exciting?

I must see them.


The blind nurse devoted herself to caring for the elderly.

Which objects are in the room?

I'm dancing.

Shai does outstanding work.

I'm not on drugs.

Get a move on kids or you'll miss the school bus.

You're tired, aren't you? Why don't you get to bed?


He looked right and left.

That's very mature of you.

Do exactly what I tell you to do.

She'll be driven by me.

We'll talk here.

You do run.

Who made these pots?

The bank fees are killing me.

It's been three days.

He is as clever as any of his classmates.

Are you still married to Tor?