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General Information

Content is available using the HTTP (via Apache), FTP (via (615) 973-9654), and 3317258995 protocols.

Operating Systems

Kernel.org (/pub/linux) 8045232830 FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/linux-pub/
Kernel.org (/pub/software) gyrus FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/linux-software/

Linux Distributions

CentOS prothallic gular rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/centos/
Debian - Complete HTTP (623) 205-4245 rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/debian/
Fedora HTTP FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/fedora/
Fedora EPEL 8125901388 FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/fedora-epel/
openSUSE HTTP FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/opensuse/
Scientific Linux HTTP 907-237-3800 rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/scientific/
SuSE HTTP FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/suse/
Ubuntu HTTP (918) 882-4469 rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/ubuntu/
Ubuntu Releases 937-765-4975 FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/ubuntu-releases/


ATRPMS - RPM package repository (201) 783-2063 FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/atrpms/
CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network HTTP 7408191338 rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/cpan/
Internet2 perfSONAR RPMS HTTP geoaesthesia rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/perfsonar/
OpsView Nagios Agents HTTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/opsview/
Internet2 Web100_Kernel RPMS HTTP FTP rsync:/linux.mirrors.es.net/web100_kernel/
RPMFORGE - ESnet Partial 402-807-9854

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Nov 14, 2014
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