Video Creation At The Speed of Conversation

Each week billions of receipts are created and given to customers for Online and In-Store purchases.  Often, this step in the transaction process is the last opportunity you have to interact with your customers.  Instant Personalized Video Receipts offers a huge opportunity for companies and advertisers to engage with their customers, build brand recognition, and motivate repeat business long after the transaction.  This new patented format instantly combines photos, music, text, and gifs to create a very personalized cinematic experience that travels at the speed of conversation.

….improve customer engagement


Cloud Based Real-Time Personalized Video Receipts

Setting up and using VideoReceipts is quick and easy.  Our Open API patented format supports On-Line and In-Store transactions.  We collect receipt data such as details of the purchased item, the customer’s name, an image of the product, price, tax information, a picture of the customer if available, and can also include a song from the store’s Spotify playlist. Our platform mashes this data in real-time with other video clips, images, personalized messages, and gamification elements into a personalized cloud based video receipt sent via email or mobile SMS.

….personalize your customer relationships


Cloud Based VideoReceipt

  • Real-Time
  • Device & Platform Independent
  • Rich-Media Formats
  • Easy to set-up and manage
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Extensible & Scalable
  • No Installation required
  • Social Media Ready
  • Easy Bolt On To Most Messaging Services

 User Benefits

  • One-To-One Personalization
  • Include Personalized Text, Videos, Images, & Music
  • Up/Cross-Sell Products
  • Co-Brand
  • Real-Time Promotions
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Real-Time Surveys
  • Drive Repeat Business
  • Lift Brand
  • Include Coupons & Discounts
  • Improve Customer Loyalty


Achieve 10x Engagement Levels With Personalized VideoReceipts

The result are in.  Research proves that time based viewing an ad has direct impact on brand lift.  Video based marketing offers marketers 10x the engagement level versus e-mail marketing, print, and banner advertising.  Marketing leaders are shifting budgets toward new content and interaction methods to counter a reduced effectiveness in traditional digital advertising and marketing. Enter personalized video receipts, which enables a novel storytelling mechanism using customer data to create unique videos tailored for each individual viewer.

….enhance your customers experience


  • easy-to-use
  • flexible format 
  • empowers your company to create and send personalized VideoReceipts in real-time for any online or in-store transaction. 
  • Our patent format blends images, custom messages, video, coupons, transaction details, as well as promotional material in real-time. 
  • Set-up is quick and management is easy.  
  • Virtually any business that provides paper or electronic receipts to its customers can benefit from real-time personalized VideoReceipts.  Video based marketing has proven to be the most effective reliable means to improve engagement levels, increase brand lift and recall, improve repeat business, and drive overall customer loyalty.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set-up a demonstration of the platform.


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