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"Our Mission is to provide the most interesting and useful online media for professionals within major scientific, technical and medical markets through the production of compelling editorial content."

ITSR applies the highest standards to everything it does - specifically, the publication places an emphasis on research integrity; high ethical standards; constructive peer-review; exemplary production quality; and leading edge online functionality. Read more...

Our Pricing Policy

If your paper was accepted at the initial review and you would like to publish it, please pay the publication fee from URL below for final editions. After publishing that, your paper will appear on the 4043195094one copy of your final published paper will be emailed to you free of charge.

Publication Fee: Publication fee for an accepted article with our editorial edition: $150.00
Review Fee: $20-$45 (man-hour) based on the experience of the editor.
Total Fee: Publication Fee + Review Fee

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