He goes very often to the theater, but always by himself.

I want to speak to Lynn.

Three students. Here's my student ID.

I think Keith is too aggressive.

Not a few pupils could solve the problem.

I'll go to bed before 10 pm.

Do I have to eat with you?

She repeated over and over that she was innocent of the crime.

I know they were there.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.


We've been in Boston for quite a while.

This rule cannot be applied to you.

I wasn't able to find a Portuguese dictionary in this bookstore.

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You don't fucking say.


I don't particularly like Sanford.


Fay isn't present.


Tracey was way out of line, and he knew it.

There were points in her testimony that didn't add up.

Write a short essay.

What's that, a love square?

It is indiscriminate revenge.

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I wonder why Evelyn didn't want to go to Boston with us.


My sister has long legs and likes sports.

I stopped playing baseball last season.

We're expecting Adam any day now.

He finally broke up with that woman.

That's the wrong answer.


I'll stay and watch her.

Everyone looked at us.

He has corporal's stripes.


How do you pronounce the "@" sign in your language?


I told you where we'd gone.

They can fish.

We are going to hold a farewell party for him.

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I want to buy a few pairs of trousers.

It is then no longer justice.

I blame myself severely for having so easily believed the slanderous tales invented by Charles Smith to the prejudice of Lady Susan.

There's something happening here.

Emil was the one who broke the vase.

I told Emil he was no longer allowed to be here.

Let's go to the beach; it's a great day out.

For one thing, I've no money, and for another, I've no leisure.

The candle burned out.

This building was named in his honor.

I still need to mow the lawn.


They're debating about raises.

Have you ever hugged a stranger?

Brad thought about enlisting after being approached by an army recruiter.

This class consists of 15 boys and 28 girls.



What time does the last Tokyo train leave?

Timo and Suzanne threw snowballs at each other.

Just turn around for a second.


Dan won't leave me alone.

You are to stay here.

What is the use of beauty?

She doesn't know anything about her family.

Sue can't decide what to buy.

German men go to the hairdresser more often than German women.

Let's call out to the people around the world.

Charleen is able to destroy us.

Don asked for Kristen by name.


She caught me by surprise.

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I will show you some pictures.

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Don't accuse him of that.


You're unlucky.


I neglected to note it in my calendar.


Go and find him.

I didn't have enough money to buy everything you asked me to buy.

The ditch is ten feet wide.


Are you giving me a choice?


What I want is to know what happened and why.

Why didn't you stay with Betty?

I'm really happy now.

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I can tell you love Kevyn.


Ned's decided to donate his body to medical science.

Why did you fry two sausages only?

You should give up smoking.

You drove me crazy.

He walked away with a sad look on his face.

I don't go in for sports.

I don't want to give up.

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Who is that loser?

Do you have my book?

The dog chased the rabbit.

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Children are very important for the market.

But it's true.

Was that a smart move?


The machine has to be assembled.

We cannot all be stupid. It would be against the laws of statistics.

This is one of the most influential novels of the past 30 years.

Why do you never stop talking about Tatoeba?

The capital of Italy is Rome.

I am envious of his success.

Is Japanese taught in your school now?

I'd suggest you be more careful.

He walked out the door and never came back.

Joni had little formal education.

This is one of our top priorities.

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I want to cash a check.

Pull up to the curb.

The boy fell of fright when he saw a ghost.

That man loves my sister.

I am convinced of his honesty.

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No. I don't know. It's a lot of things.

It felt very good.

He is superior to the rest in so far as he can speak English.

Laurent tried to impress Andries.

Sharada wanted to speak to Elric privately.

I can't speak German at all.

I'm not used to drinking water from the tap.


She hit me, not him.

That doesn't happen around here.

The party for Damone has been canceled.


I made him carry the briefcase.

Manny will need this.

The heart has reasons reason cannot know.

I love you. Will you marry me?

Between them, the two largest companies account for a share large than 50% of the market.


It began to rain.

This boy and this girl are very clean.

I tried to call Sangho.


When you write or say anything, do you have a nagging voice - or voices - in your head criticising and/or arguing with everything you're saying or writing?

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Why don't you grow up?

This initiative strives to promote writing in Occitan.

The supermarkets are now closed, so we'll have to make do with what is left in the refrigerator.

This annoying bug has finally been fixed.

Urgent business prevented him from coming.


Can I rest a bit?

You don't have to be sarcastic.

What do you mean by 'White Anglo-Saxon'? Have there ever been any black, yellow or red Anglo-Saxons?

Matthias told Seth where to put her suitcase.

This is the only kimono that my mother bought me.

Their modest income doesn't allow for many luxuries.

This book isn't as easy as that one.

My husband was probably drunk when he signed this.

Are you going out together?


Jean is something less than an expert pianist.

Dori had dreamed of going to Harvard all his life.

What is written in this signboard?

Edward didn't know how to say "thank you" in French.

One person spoke for everyone.

You may not agree with him, but at least he stands up for what he believes in.

I am glad to be here.


I eat to live.

Is this the Taylors'?

I pay the money in advance.

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I've never seen Elliott happier.


Amigo didn't turn around.


Mother bought us a puppy.

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Our band played here last week.

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Miles probably won't agree with your proposal.

It's characteristic of him to be late.

I have once lived in Beijing, but now live in Seoul.

I took the photo.

Why didn't you go to school?


But I have no money.