I just don't think this is funny.

Our school beat Keio at baseball.


I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight.

From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.

The police knew it was a hot item.

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In Switzerland, you can buy rubbers from a vending machine.

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Yes, I said that, but I was wrong.


Are you people lost?

You are under no obligation to divulge that information.

Honzo solved the puzzle after Sid gave him a few hints.

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Sofoklis and I were alone.


It's all your fault.

I've explained the situation to Shamim.

He is miles away.

Could you just turn around for a second?

The mother put the children to bed.

She's enjoying herself.

After some hesitation, he laid the book on the desk.

Sjaak, would you join us, please?

Be respectful.

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Justin and Francois wanted to fix their marriage.

The snow was still too deep.

I never lied to Alf.

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I saw him beaten yesterday.


I wrote him a letter.


I've heard that they've found an extraterrestrial object on the moon.

I had fun last night.

Her husband is my friend.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Do not make a noise when you eat soup.

Where did you wait for them?

I wish my grass were emo, then it would cut itself.

Please be very careful.

I went to bed very late.


I haven't been to a concert in a long time.

Dan will remember that scene for the rest of his life.

He lay down in a comfortable position.


Miles has tested positive for marijuana.

He was affected by the heat.

Fay is a better tennis player than I am.


The sun fades colors.

Does she have a boyfriend?

It really breaks my heart.

Where did you take your degree?

Hollywood isn't what it used to be.

Lorien could take you to town.

Micky wouldn't do that.


He likes to travel. I do, too.

I'll sign the petition.

Naomi has just finished her work.

I did something right.

We can't pretend it never happened.

Kim was good at playing chess.

It's kind of creepy.

Even Stefan's enemies admit he's a just man.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore.

He gave me a stern look.

Many years have been spent in building the tower.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

I want to do my job the best I can.

This seems improbable.

You're too young to worry about cellulite.


I won't retract that statement.

I did see it.

You are as good as gold.

I hear that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.

Jingbai won't leave until he's talked to Suyog.


It was nearly noon.

Do you really think Ami is a spy?

There is much truth in what you say.

Have you known Kristen long?

Don't be too hard on Pascal.

My desk is old, but his is new.

I'm getting a new house built.

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I have to stay with the bus.

We have to deal with this now.

Everything's going to get better.


I want to stay in America for a few years.

He became the finest actor on the American stage.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century B.C.


Marshall hid behind the tree.


I'm going to be there from Monday to Thursday.


Patrick's loud and domineering.


It's more than just that.


The idea seemed absurd at first.

You're smashed.

The team shares the opinion of their captain.

I'd like a shot of tequila.

There was also an irrefutable sadness in his eyes.

I thoroughly analyzed the issue and quite clearly showed what no scientist doubts at the present time.

How long have you been ill?


The boat was approaching the English Channel.


I'm pretty sure Barton is the only one who can tell us what we need to know.

Adlai recanted his testimony.

I couldn't close my eyes.

If I could, I would read all the time.

I'll pay thirty dollars for it.

Their job is to iron clothes.

I'm not afraid to try.

Can you watch Izchak and Noam?

Maria is an aspiring doctor of Physics; in her free time however, she works as an astrologer and card reader.

In the hotel lobby, several guests who just arrived are waiting to get the keys to their rooms.

At the winter festival, Beth received an award for dancing the best.

Have you ever been to Boston in the spring?

Gilles started screaming like a 15-year old girl.


This example text is a how-to-write sample, so please add to and delete from it as required before using.


After eye surgery, George put in eye drops every fifteen minutes.

If not, how do you explain the acceleration?

Natural food will do you good.

Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

Dori may need some help.


Do you have Time magazine?

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He's now aboard the ship.

The tile which fell from the roof broke into pieces.

I dream about Marika almost every day.

Above all, I take care of my health.

He changed the topic of conversation.

Debbie seems to be enthusiastic.

Roger works from morning till night.

You should've reported that to the police.

Geese fly in a V shape.

He's very open.

Lindsay is exactly the same height as Curtis.

I know we're a pretty good team.

I haven't got the foggiest notion what you're talking about.


What's that in your pocket?


Stop playing with yourself!


We can cut down on our use of energy.

He really gets into anything he tries.

Damon isn't so old, is he?


I have already finished this book.

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I'm in love with this woman.


This is an equilateral triangle.

Do you have money?

Subra got wet to the skin and caught cold.


Have you ever tried it?

Figure seven shows all the parts of the motor.

I met nice people.

What questions did they ask?

Rodney was hard to convince.

They'll come for us.

It didn't really happen that way.

John is the boy who is reading the book.

It can happen to anybody.


The plant has an underground stem.

Do you have a French dictionary?

Are you going to Boston?

In order to put into application the case of treating Japanese, Masato Hagiwara all by himself wrote an additional chapter 12 for Japan that is not in the original book.

Marlena will be back tomorrow.

We're workaholics.

He loved to travel.

You may expect me tomorrow.

I've removed the comma.


The new teacher is in the classroom.

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Sorry for bad-mouthing you the other time.

Taninna is paling.

She's attracted to Asian men.

I'm a volleyball player.

I'd like to show you something.

I knew you would.

I was only given thirty minutes to do that.