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LearnLab is the best way to Kick-Start your training

With our low cost selection or Hands-On trainers, practical and effective curriculum, and award winning classroom materials, you can energize your classroom to bring the best learning results beyond your imagination!


LearnLab real world training systems cost less than 18% per student than traditional training as per Industry Reports.


78% of students believe they learn more in an actual classroom than using virtual or online training.


Retention rates at an average of 80% using LearnLab's hands-on training systems.

Happy thoughts from LearnLab clients

I was able to get my training program up and running very quickly. The instructors guides game me a sense of security but it turns out the student materials and training simulators keep the students busy learning, and they seemed to learn a lot !


What can I say? I was struggling to get my workers trained. This program really did "Kick Start" my class, like they said. The hands-on trainers really make the difference. It's real equipment just like in the plant and they got to work on the real stuff.


Just what we were looking for. Our industrial training department saved a ton of money using LearnLab. Very easy to use, and a great learning experience for our students. Thank You!


Multiple Delivery Methods.

The LearnLab curriculum is included in a .pdf format. Easy to use in different delivery formats and you can make a many copies of the books as you need. NO ADDITIONAL BOOK CHARGES! 

Lowest Cost Per Student.

LearnLab's training systems are offered at a much lower cost than comparable products on the market. We believe in getting more students trained for less investment! Lower Cost Per Student!

In Stock and Ready to Ship.

LearnLab training systems ship the day they are ordered.  They can be in your classroom, ready and working for you within a couple days! We are the manufacturer!

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