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She was sorry to hear the bad news.


They cheered for their sports teams.


Am I going to have a false tooth or a crown?

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Where's your gun?

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I'm meeting him for breakfast.

These chairs are taken.

Inexperienced climbers often suffer with altitude sickness.


Bonnie made it clear that I shouldn't do that.


Please give me a chance to explain.


They made fun of her because she had a funny hat on.

He unbuttoned his shirt.

And yet, in the "real adult world" there are a lot of competitions.

When I was your age, we had to walk uphill to school, both ways.

This time I defeated you.

A tanker is a ship carrying oil.

Janet is a good singer, isn't he?

The murderer confessed his crime.

Japan disproved phony accusations of computer chip dumping.

Poetry has no other goal than itself.

America's foreign debt shot past $500 billion.

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I don't want to watch TV.

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I just finished the book I was reading.

I accept the responsibility.

Bring me a glass of tea with lemon.

"Our customers are in Taiwan", explained Sonja.

I suppose we should tell Mehrdad the truth.

You have to give up sports for a while.

Pay me a beer.

I don't really have any plans.

I never heard you speak ill of a human being in your life.

Did you see her there?

I'll give Bob as much time as he wants.

I don't want to buy it if I don't need it.

Please tell them how sorry I am.

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She answered my letter soon.

He showed me his stamp collection.

Since I broke my foot, I'm walking with crutches.


What did you talk to him about?


Why are you under the desk?

Enjoy the little things!

I'd hate to be in your shoes.

He has boozy breath.

Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.

Dorothy didn't think it would happen.

Steven struggled to get free.

I really didn't expect Leif to succeed.

I thought Ofer will make breakfast.

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There's danger that the levee will break. We have to evacuate immediately.

We have a natural desire to want to help others.

In other words, we create time, we are time-makers, and we create it in order to do whatever we want to.

The sun is yellow.

She had planted roses before he came.


I'll find it myself.

Lars and Kylo help each other out.

Did you cut your hair?

It's very relaxing.

They will cut down on their expenses.


The school year ended.

Where's your coat?

Valentin and Alf never stay angry with each other for long and usually make up within a couple of days.

Please cancel my order and refund the money.

Can I talk to you a sec?


My cousin is four, but he eats as much as I do.

The song is familiar to us.

For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.


He established his son in trade.


The problem is prevalent.

The tide is coming in.

That'll never happen.

Jin isn't going to hurt us.

You should've seen us run.


Instead of him, my brother was arrested.

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Her cheeks began to glow at his compliments.

The excited audience ran into the concert hall.

The doctor may have said so.


I'm going to study French with a friend of mine.

Does Rajeev deserve to die?

That would be a good name for a cat.


Debbie acknowledged making a mistake.

He avoids keeping company with those ladies.

Which team are you on?

He comes from the south.

I can't hear what they're saying.


She's thirty-three.

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Ethel was crying; the young man threw himself at her feet.

Can someone please delete this sentence? Thanks.

Glenn stayed at a cheap hotel when he visited Boston.

I'm not doing it anymore.

That tall girl standing next to Sanand is Jason.

Ben is jealous of Alberto's friends.

I'm here for the card game.

I emailed Angela the pictures I took yesterday.

I'll be quick.

We need to learn a lot of things in our youth.

It's fun and healthy.


The holiday did me the world of good.

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Please don't say that.

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That would be unprofessional.

One day, somebody will succeed.

You can't just leave.

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I couldn't stop giggling.

I can't install that. I need technical assistance.

Sorry, I can't drink alcohol.

Could you fix this, please?

Randolph cried like a little baby.

There's no reason.

How are you going to get up to the roof?

The sanctuary is before; and the thief, behind.

She held him tightly.


The definition from the dictionary is different.

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Biography lends to death a new terror.

Who would like to go first?

What do you think is the right thing to do?

His next crime will be his last.

How did this happen to me?

Bigots work against democracy.

I gave them a ride.

I'll certainly talk to him.

You're going about it in the wrong way.

They must be punished.

Srikanth is very stupid.

Any object that gets too close to a black hole will be pulled inside it.

What public equipment is there?


He is proud of being a British subject.

Should anything happen to you, let us know at once.

Markus got married and had kids.


Marie needs reading glasses.

This vase is very fragile.

Men are like bears - the uglier they are, the more attractive they are.


I go out for walks after dinner.

Did you see my son?

I chickened out.


Leslie still has feelings for you.

Joel looks unimpressed.

Want me to show you a really useful hidden command?


He tried to open the window.


I was captured.

Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.

We worked really well together.

We're Dannie's parents.

You're all set?

Cris said that he would always love Cathryn.

That coin is counterfeit.


I'll arrive at Haneda Airport tomorrow evening at 7.

Give me a shot.

From there, one could see perfectly.

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She admitted to having heroin.

I looked after him for a period of time.

Do you think this job is fit for the man?

Given only thirty minutes, we couldn't answer all the questions.

He's going to drive me crazy!

It was a difficult year for us.

I haven't eaten dairy products for a while.

In my childhood, I believed in Santa Claus.

With its plush surroundings and detailed attention to guest service, the landmark five-star hotel was the preferred choice of visiting royalty, business people, landed aristocracy and film stars.

I want to know who told Caleb that.

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any."

We like it when others' mistakes are pointed out, but not when ours are.

How much do you think Svante weighs?


All sorts of people came to the exhibition.