We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Precise measurements are necessary.

And how are things in Washington?

My father is usually at home on Sunday.

Rudy hadn't been prepared for that.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.


He'll wait for us to call him.

It was bitterly cold.

I think maybe you've got the wrong address.

Spass has been taken to the ER.

Who'll handle this problem?


Moe was listening to black metal.

Shawn kept the money.

I can't hear her.

Did anybody see me leave?

This is just for you.

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She is very afraid of the dark.

Amy got his first car when he was eighteen.

Do you want to talk about the matter?

I took part in the discussion.

I used to serve food at the soup kitchen around the corner.

No one wants to listen to my opinions.

Please pick up the papers.


The old method proved to be best after all.

When the Venus de Milo was entire, there were arms on the statue.

It never rains, but it pours.


I'm well aware of Axel's shortcomings.

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I applied for this job.

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The intern is lazy.


My wisdom tooth hurts.

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How much did you have to drink?


Sir, please fill out this form.

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I slept on the couch.

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I think we'll find Gail.

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Sridharan may not be busy, but Hazel is.


I knew you'd bring that up.


We are cooing like pigeons.

I hope to succeed.

It is doubtful whether he will keep his word.

Are there any other options?

The bus was delayed an hour by the accident.

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This hut is a very special place.

Museums do a pretty good job preserving history.

I'll let Jochen know you're here.

Why would you do this for me?

I've been dreading this moment for a long time.

I have just been to the station to see my uncle off.

You must acquire as soon as possible a good knowledge of business English.


He despised those who lived on welfare.

God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.

It's easy for him to compose a good poem.

Of course you'll catch a cold if you fall asleep under the kotatsu. You have to learn to take care of yourself.

Our school is fifty years old.

A fire broke out last night and three houses were burnt down.

Somebody, open this door, please.

She scorned the boy.

Who loves me?


This dictionary is not useful at all.


I love opening fortune cookies.

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I'm looking for my contact lens.

Do you know when Stephan might be back?

Shouldn't you be at work?

We express our thoughts by means of language.

They're not married.

We saw a mountain in the distance.

Martyn said Roberta did a good job.

Strictly speaking, you are not right.

Roxie cleared his throat before he started talking.

Bob wasn't in on the plan.

I love watching golf.

A good idea came to him.

It is necessary to complete all pages of the application form.

We need to make a survey of local opinion.

More than 20,000 Americans are murdered each year.


She told me this story off the record.

I study psychology.

That was pretty good.


I like to read the news.

Kristi took off his glasses and put them in his shirt pocket.

You need to trust someone.

You're three centimeters taller than me.

Prakash withdrew her application for the job.

His brain teems with ideas.

We'll buy a new car next week.

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Marty tells me you're smart.

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How long are you going to be in Oxford for?


What a nice looking car!

Get Laurianne on it.

"How long has Jingbai been in love with you?" "Jin is not in love with me. He's my friend."

Rajarshi isn't at work.

Get out of bed!

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Steel production is estimated to reach 100 million tons this year.

That's not good enough for her.

The Orient Express will depart from platform two at 6 a.m.


She turned pale when she heard that news.


Her belongings were undisturbed.

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I dared not go forward.


Japanese should not forget that America is a multiracial nation.

I will listen.

Fido, do you want a treat?

You'll thank me for this someday.

He has this large room to himself.

How happy are you?

Sundar didn't tell me all the details.

I suppose that's OK.

The twins looked after the baby.


I really hope I'm wrong.

I am Jean-Pierre's grandfather.

My mother hates to watch television.


Syd is such a lucky guy to have you.

Life will teach you everything.

The pledge to stop smoking cigarettes ranks among the top ten New Year's resolutions year after year.

How is the @ sign pronounced in your language?

Where does your wife work?


What we need now is something to drink.

When did you go to bed last night?

We are currently involved in making a game about stoat life, which will allow you to manage your stoat character from birth to death.

It is premature to put the plan into practice now.

It's still dark.


We need someone famous to narrate the script for our new documentary.


Rik is supposed to be at home today.

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The first sentence is the most important sentence of the book.

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Saify forced me to do that.

I owe you all nothing!

She would never own up to a mistake.

Forced sterilization is a crime against humanity.

I have hot flashes.

I'll tell him myself.

Are you sure Debi needs another one?

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Harvey was thinking about her question.

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How can I change your mind?

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I feel comfortable around him.


Let us know when you'll arrive.

I have to ask him to help us.

A few of the neighbors came by to welcome us to the neighborhood.

He asked me for some money.

Cathrin pretended to be sick, so he wouldn't have to go to school.

I don't remember where I bought it.

Her hair is long.

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Don't forget to send this letter.

You have to move cautiously in this matter.

That just goes to show that you are a liar.


When did you visit your friends?

Write a sentence containing three verbs.

I can't leave Boston.

Too much of a good thing is wonderful.

I want to send them a letter.

I heard them speaking French.

She's stabilized for the time being.

The officers were satisfied.

Thuan's strategy for language learning is to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

She shut herself up in her room.

You can use this pen.

I've decided to leave on Monday.

The rash never came back.

Vladimir traveled around the world with Craig.

Three offices on this floor are empty.