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Transforming organisations; through pragmatic advice, modelling, measurement, innovation and mitigation of technology risks.

Quod Orbis was founded to cut through the nonsense and deliver tangible results to our clients, improving and simplifying their business, delighting them and creating lasting working relationships.

We achieve this by working closely with amazing clients and our own software and team of phenomenal experts - delivering long term transformation, cyber security and mitigation.

We are proud to have helped transform and secure some of the largest global brands, reducing costs and risk while improving manageability, solving difficult problems that need innovative and pragmatic approaches.

Our Services

Modern Cyber Risk Management

Quod Orbis services specialise in helping global brands manage their cyber and technology risk, through continuous control monitoring and automation.

Risk Management

Effectively manage cyber and technology risk and empower a GRC programme/toolset

Flexible Platform

A Flexible platform that can incoporate any technology with ease

Effective Reporting

Dashboards and reporting that drive real change in your organisation


Simplifiy compliance requirements for SOX, PCI, GDPR (and more) with realtime control monitoring

Cloud or On Premise

Delivered from the cloud or on premise, whichever works best for your organisation

Automation and monitoring

Through automation and monitoring of controls reduce mean time to detect failures by measuring in near real-time


Quod Orbis specialise in high end transformation, cyber and innovation consulting.


Providing excellence in business leadership to help organisations deliver IT strategies, legal & regulatory compliance and cost efficiencies through improvement in technology, processes and service delivery.


End to end advisory and support for the evaluation and adoption of new technology to maintain and enhance your business. Real world expertise in live and successful implementation block chain technology, AI, machine learning.


Bringing real world pragmatism to the ever evolving threat landscape, helping organisations devise mitigation strategies and reduce risk, complexity and cost.


our expert team

We've been doing this for a long time, for some of the biggest global brands.


Quod Orbis is based in central London and looks after clients with operations all over the world. Our staff are by far our most important asset. We value and invest in the very best talent and people with personal values which match our own.

Our work on mission critical production systems requires considerable care, concentration and professionalism. We like to balance this with a very caring and supporting management structure, valuing independence, a strong sense of responsibility and importantly a good sense of humour.

For our people, often the main reason for joining Quod Orbis is personal and professional development. We strive to deliver the best training, supervision and support, and a terrific working environment. Our clients are the best in the world. We work with the very latest technology. Our office is up in the clouds on the 33rd floor in Euston Tower, and very few people seem to want to leave after they join. Which is good because we don't want them to.

People Overview

Martin Greenfield


Martin is an experienced technology and organisational transformation specialist. Over the past 20 years, multi-billion pound commercial organisations, including global banks, utilities and major investment funds have trusted Martin to transform their operations to meet financial, operational and compliance targets.

An excellent leader and communicator in mission critical operations, particular in security technology. Martin optimises operations managing and transforming operational teams of between 50 and 500 people, to deliver the highest levels of audit compliance, risk management and financial efficiency.

Often working with other major consultancies and suppliers for new global corporate owners or management teams, Martin will help integrate and streamline operations on a global basis.

Adrian Little


Adrian’s clients told us they liked working with him because he was responsible, professional and flexible.

Adrian has enjoyed helping the corporate and government world choose the best long terms solutions for their business needs, and as a consequence, he has worked with his clients for many years.

His style is very low-key, low pressure, valuing openness, commitment and excellence over short term goals.

Adrian is genuinely flexible and responsive. He likes things when they work and is happy to do what it takes to make them work.

Gary Penolver


Gary has 15 years’ experience in senior technology roles, and has already been closely involved in starting and taking two technology companies to market.

Totally comfortable with a fast-moving, state of the art technical landscape, he helps his clients maintain and improve security and compliance.

He has a reputation for delivering pragmatic and easy to maintain solutions - business owners and managers enjoy knowing that the security and compliance is well managed and automated, properly instrumented and reported at a competitive cost point.

Honest, open, unflappable and very social, Gary is trusted by many household names to protect their, and their client's data.

Eamon Flavin

Non-Exec Director

A highly regarded and massively respected technology career professional as well as serial entrepreneur. Eamon has started, grown and successfully taken to market 3 technology business.

Genuinely expert in technology, Eamon has enjoyed long term working relationships with many of the world’s top companies and organisations in finance, banking, government, manufacturing, engineering, technology and the charities sector.

He draws on unparalleled contacts and experience and provides advice, solutions, recommendations as well as helping respond to emergencies. Eamon has grown in house and client teams and has a gift for hiring great people

Peter Martin

Non-Exec Director

Peter has the ability to do what many fail to and that is to consistently bring together highly professional teams and build a business environment that is supportive, agile, professional and where everyone enjoys coming into the office.

Bringing a unique blend of business acumen and technical knowledge to the role of non-exec director, Peter has already demonstrated his ability to bring an exceptional flair for dealing with complex situations with clear, considered approach.

Personally, Peter brings humility and a strong moral compass to the team, his disarming and self-deprecating approach wins everyone over.


We're looking for talented, enthusiastic and fun people to join our team!

Cyber Consultants

We're looking for high end consultants to represent Quod Orbis values in front of our clients.

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Automation Engineers

We're looking for DevOps types that specialise in automation to help our clients reduce annoying tasks and compliance gaps

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We're looking for talented developers to help us create a leading risk management platform

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Quod Orbis are headquartered in London, UK, but deliver to organisations globally.

33rd Floor, 286 Euston Road (Euston Tower), London, NW1 3DP, UK