Violence does not pay, and never will.

I don't believe just anyone.

I bought a pair of boots.

Did you win a ribbon, too?


Don't touch.

He took us back in his car.

You had no choice but to do it.

The accident happened before my very eyes.

He can't use a gun again.

The interrogation is over.

Could you come over and help me this afternoon?


Furthermore, in order to defeat Ganon, Link mends the eight scattered fragments of the triforce of wisdom, in order to have the magic triangle.


I think that's true.

You are to finish this work by the end of this month.

Leaves collect on the sidewalk in the fall.

I want a book. Where is the bookstore?

It was Janet that won first prize.

You may have to help us.

I think that's what you need to be worried about.

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Ernst's English leaves much to be desired.

I'm going there alone.

Shove over.

Am I dressed normally?

In the garden, there are apple trees, plums, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries, and currants.

I'm losing patience.

The small boat was at the mercy of the wind.


I think you know the rules.

She advised him to stay in bed for two more days.

I liked having you here tonight.

Someone is standing at the gate.

Izchak wants to escape.

I can't see her.

Carol hasn't come up with a good answer to the problem yet.


You won't be sorry.

We'll go see them.

All for one, and one for all. That's team play.

Meningitis is a terrible disease.

What have you come to talk about?

There's something I still don't understand.

We cannot conceive science without a hypothesis.

I'm never going to be able to do this without your help.

I've always trusted them.


Why are you wearing an eyepatch?

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Your father got a promotion.

I trust Richard; he is a man of his word.

He is eighteen months old.

Fortunately, the law had anticipated and made a provision for that case.

She has got it.


I got into another mess.


Kerri was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.


Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.


Gigi became a Japanese citizen.

I think this is dumb.

This is the only possible time for doing that.

I didn't like Alexander at first.

Because you are an idiot!


You don't have to go there if you don't want to.

I'm not a patient person.

Rapid and remarkable advances have been made in medicine.

Hirofumi said that he thought Pia wouldn't want to visit the place where her father had committed suicide.

The audience laughed at the comedian's wit.

Clem slept until noon.

Are you speaking English?

She suggested to me that I call off the meeting.

Billy told me he wasn't married.

Please have the porter take the baggage to our room.

This is a rather unusual request.

Reading helps you build up your vocabulary.

However hard one may work, one cannot master a foreign language in a year or two.

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She thinks that I wronged her.

What's this zoo's name?

Trevor told Klaus that he wouldn't be doing anything dangerous.


Lorenzo and the rest of the team are celebrating.

It's late already. Go home.

I'm pretty sure that Valentin is not still interested in Mechael.

Both of these are Song Dynasty block-printed editions.

Maarten took care of the situation.

To say so should not diminish his importance.

Maybe Wendi can do something to help.


I want to do what's right.

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We did so after an old custom.

I gathered from her words that she liked him.

He answered as follows.

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Ralf seems trustworthy.

She broke away crying.

She is not so shy as she used to be.

"My sister is in love with you." "What?"

Because you're a sweet and lovely girl.

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We've been friends for years.

Smoking or non-smoking?

Beverly wasn't told why Varda wasn't there.

We can't see what Lord is doing.

She is going to Bob's.

They have not yet heard of it.

She was advised by him to listen to her doctor.


The members told us about the strange experience in turns.

The girl talked to her parents about her college life in Tokyo.

You're ambitious, aren't you?

Kory didn't want a wife.

You must work faster.

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Keep your mouth shut!

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Klava decided to change her sex in the flat.


Whatever you do, do it as best you can.

I need to be more careful.

He has not less than 1,000 books in his study.

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I'm impressed by your progress.

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Let's take the short cut.

It didn't taste good.

Eileen always wanted to become a pilot. When she was a child, her parents often took her to the airport to see the planes.

Promise me you'll be good.

All old people were once young and all young people will be old one day, except for those that die on the way.

What are you doing back so early?

Matthias got along with everybody.

Nigel has no school spirit.

I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself from now on.


You aren't really afraid of me, are you?


Come help me.

I just clipped my nails.

Do you have dependents?

I'm still not sure what you mean by that.

Donn believes him.

What is he like?

I must have my work finished by tomorrow.


Have you given any thought to having dinner with me?

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I thought my head would explode.

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He was beside himself with joy.

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Turn this way.

I anticipated that.

I have no pain in particular.


I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Use it or lose it.

He was cheating.

All the more so.

Barry can be very persuasive.

I'm quite satisfied now.

I'm studying Farsi.


I'm on my break.

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Juliane can swim almost as fast as I can.

Trey Jackson will be the new head of the company.

I saw nothing.

I don't want to eat anything right now.

I'm not quite sure.

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I want to go to the movies.

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My brother is still sleeping.

Lar laughed at the remark.

You are impossible to deal with.

We're going to need help.

If you're with me as a staff officer then I need you to bring a sense of danger with you to your work.


That is, Father is two years older than Mother.

"Who is that girl?" "That's Keiko."

She always clears the table after a meal.

As I left the railway station, I saw a man.

I understand you!


Television enables you to be entertained by people you wouldn't have in your home.

I mean to stop drinking.

I speak French, too.


Ron lived a long and happy life.

You're wasting your time.

The sheets are dirty.

Since you are here, we might as well begin.

I got to know my current girlfriend at the gym.