My schedule's really full right now.

Eddie and I went to the same high school. He was a year behind me.

We make our own rules.

Is your brother's name Kolkka?


I will take his place.

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I think it makes sense.

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Elizabeth can't seem to access his data.

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Trey got mad at me.

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The fear in your eyes betrays the lie on your tongue.


We had no notion of leaving our hometown.


You know some Japanese.


It was designed by Johnny.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children over 4 years old.

You're more than welcome to come.

She's as good as pie.

Would you join me for lunch?


Randell understood nothing and wants to understand nothing.


May I be so bold as to request your assistance?

I want to find out what Ragnar is going to wear to the dance.

Albert is always trying his hand at something to test his own skill.


It's disturbing.

I'm sure Josip is mad at me.

I'd like you to accompany him.

What a fool I am to think that she loves me!

I have to see them.

You need a license to drive a car.

I used to smoke a lot, but I have given up smoking now.

We have to warn her.

Those is a farm worker.

I'm going to get you that job.

The physics laboratory has the best apparatus I've ever seen.

I want to ask you one simple question.

Bert refused to admit that he'd made a mistake.

Am I being replaced?

Dan immediately took a liking to Linda.

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He was completely absorbed in his book.


You should be careful not to make the same mistake again.

I sure hope that Fay gets here on time.

You don't know this song, so don't try to sing along.

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Have another.

He has denied all the stories in the newspapers.

I'd never do that to Tandy.

He objected to our plan.

She couldn't attend that party because she was sick.

She's nervous about her concert.

I thought I heard a gunshot.


Welcome to the club.

Marcos's very resilient and can always manage to smile, no matter what's going on in his life.

You said I'd get better.

Muiriel has turned twenty.

Who's the person Saad went to visit in Boston?


You have to listen to King.

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I guess we're going to need a doctor.

I don't want to do it.

I don't know why I remember, but I do.

It can be very cold here even in May.

Will you stay at home?


Did you read this morning's paper? There was something written about students from this school.

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The Prime Minister's press release was full of motherhood statements.

Don't lie about them.

Now you've done it.


I beg to differ with you.

Do you want to make me happy?

I hope it rains.

Dogs are man's closest friends.

Melinda is still hungry, isn't he?

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I've worked hard.

He carried six boxes at a time.

Gregor has recently joined our company.


Every address on the list was crossed out.

Does someone know where my son is?

I'll get even with him!


Her body is perfect.

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Shut up, Rhonda. You're ruining everything!

I was disappointed to see that my bonus was a bit less than I was expecting.

Everyone is looking forward to watching the game.

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The capital of Italy is Rome.

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Gideon and I often give each other presents.

I was impressed by the new MP3 player.

Bret told me you were still in Boston.


Dale is a redhead, isn't he?

I don't give a damn what people think about me.

There used to be a pond around here.


Do you keep a diary?

Gail had no idea what Soohong wanted him to do.

I'm the one that convinced Ron to join the army.

I've seen Bobby in action.

All arts' aim is no other than entertainment.

All participants must be registered.

Brian came to Kate, with his hair wet.

Teri hasn't paid us yet.

She was asked not to speak at the meeting.


Elijah didn't seem to be very happy.


I have a lot of calls to make.

He could listen to seven people at once.

She's practicing English so she can get a better job.


One calls that metal zinc.

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Jwahar had jet lag.

What is that noise?

Could you just turn around for a second?


If you want to make your dreams come true, keep on trying.

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I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm out.

What time are you going to work tomorrow?

Do you mind if I open the door?


The swift is a small migratory bird of the family Apodidae.

She gains an advantage over me in speaking Chinese.

I wish I had a house of my own.


The aim is to be out of the country within the hour.

Stop fighting. We're all on the same team here.

Casey knew he shouldn't tell Dominick, but he did.

They defied the policeman's order.

What a fast runner Miss Kanda is!

Death is like a race in which everyone tries to finish last.

We have pictures.

I've got no problems at all with it.

In the fall we harvest our summer crops.


This area is still underdeveloped because of a lack of interest from the government.

Don't take things too seriously.

Umbrellas are useful when it's raining.

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He sent me sweets with different flavor.


Firemen don't wear inflammable outfits.

I never should've gone along with this.

Does Deirdre have cable?


Nothing is strange.


Ann likes music very much.

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We should get rid of them.


Where do you think Courtney wants to spend his summer vacation?

I was bitten by a lot of insects in the forest.

Don't forget to write the zip code.

We are all as safe as we want to be.

That's my decision to make.

In feudal Japan, the lord with the largest land holdings was called a "daimyo."

I'll get in touch with Saqib.

Kriton felt woozy.

Carisa looks like John.

Those peasants badly need land to grow rice.

Raphael won't know where to find you.

Helge changed his mind.

She'll be gone abroad in another six months.

He died soon after the accident.

You must do it yourself.

Stop laughing.

I deny myself, because I know that I am neither thoughts nor body.

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Dan warned Linda about walking alone at night.

The boy asked his mother a question.

I need to know that Kikki is happy.

Stop being so selfish. The red shoes you wanted are sold out, and only the blue ones are left.

That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

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Will you keep playing all day long?


Danzig is a Polish town.


Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

Would you mind waiting here just a moment?

Give me a tip.