What you make is small potatoes compared to the boss's salary.

I thought about what you said yesterday.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

During the entire trip my thoughts were of you.

Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.

Briggs and Kimberly decided to get divorced.

Does he usually come here?

I just need you to come with me.

Ghosts can possess people.

He seems to have been poor when he was young.

Elisabeth could see that a potentially dangerous situation could arise.

Tell her she should submit her immediate resignation.

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

Can you manage alone this weekend?

I don't really understand what just happened.

Feel your heart beat!

You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.

This too shall pass.

In difficult times like these, no ordinary degree of effort will get our company out of danger.

I may not get another chance.

The universe is infinite.

Cole is back where he belongs.

I don't think we should even consider buying a new car at this time.

Please give me your permanent address.

There is a good market for these articles.

She never wears pants.

If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.

Becky has more money than he needs.

Come on, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure.


Harold was the last to enter.

Did you like the movie?

For many women, breast cancer is a matter of life and death.

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Can you tell me where the restroom is?

At Tatoeba, it is better not to annotate or specify a precise meaning that is not an integral part of the sentence. You can add multiple sentences instead of putting a part of the sentence in parentheses.

That was quick.

He was startled by the explosion.

The room was empty.


This is what I've always wanted.


Ahmed is being disagreeable, isn't he?

Today had no visitors

Is anyone here a doctor?

More and more physicians have begun to use the new medicines.

The pigeon is cooing.


It's hit or miss.


The pigs are not in the pen.

Her sister is not going to America.

I met a Canadian man named Leon Jackson.

Clara wanted to die.

You're a rock.

Come one Tuesday, if possible.

I was worried about him.


Dan died of asphyxiation.

You didn't have to tell Marilyn that.

I thought you recognized him.

Don't go through the lobby.

I can't get rid of a nasty cold.

Eventually, Rich found out what had happened.

Stacy thinks Adlai is in Boston, but she's actually in Chicago now.


Once I had the chance to visit Paris.

I'm trying to ignore it.

I braced myself against the crowd.

She is probably burning in hell.

I already saw this.

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You are expected to appear well here at the shop.

This book is only published in French.

What're you doing with Byron's stuff?

Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense!

I will go there even if it rains.

The sun seemed to stand still.

I went back home, then I went out with my friends.

However hard it may rain, we will start tomorrow.

At times I confuse "curve" with "carve".

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Jackye retired last year.


I'm not proud of what I did.


Tell her that I am heating up the car.

I need help with this.

This is the hospital I was born in.

You don't look Japanese.

I'm looking forward to having some time off.

I never bet on horse races.

He's a stubborn person.

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Have you ever met him?

He promised me that he would be more careful in the future.

Rusty likes to fix things.

It wasn't premeditated.

We can't take it any more!


I told them to stay indoors.

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Dan started drinking at age 13.

The scientists used an IBM mainframe computer to make their calculations.

You have a message here.

Let me say goodbye to Rod.

They're better than we are.

This song was very popular in the 1950s.

If anyone is capable of doing it, Bill can.

It isn't that I don't love you; I am just very tired.

Don't walk so fast. I can't keep up with you.


This room gets a lot of sunshine.

He went home with a heavy heart.

I stole your bag because I ran out of money.

She took her seat at the piano and began to play.

I applaud your decision to study medicine.

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I'm now your boss.


We're thankful for you.

I never thought of that.

You should carry out your own plan.

May I use the telephone for a while?

I've had a vague uneasiness.


The question is easy. It's the answer that's hard.


Stefan looked through the file.

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I hate my job.

He bought some rice.

Clyde parked behind Gene's car.


Grant doesn't own a house.

Nobody knows what has become of her.

Liza wouldn't tell us what had happened.

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Marion dug a grave for his dog.

Gideon kept interrupting me.

She won the wet t-shirt contest.


It was raining around Chicago.

Mongo can handle this.

You must keep in with your neighbors.

And so you think that's a good idea, huh?

Shyam is beating up Alan.

Blaine was completely worn out.

His speech was short and to the point.

The eye is the mirror of the soul.

I'm interested in why bears are important to Lojbanists.

It is a name.

I asked him to keep quiet.


Because I like stinking!

We're aware of what's going on.

She has good style, so she looks good in anything she wears.

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The three boys had only two dollars among them.

Where's the new girl?

We just talked for a little bit.

Make haste, or you will be late.

I'm sure we'll be comfortable here.

The sky is clear and the wind is refreshingly cool. It's a perfect day to spend outdoors.

Jeff asked Shari to come back to Boston.


First Contact became humanity's salvation as it was at the brink of self-destruction.

I went to Sapporo on business and went over budget.

I will share with you in the cost of the taxi.

I enquired of a passer-by which road to take.

I ate too much yesterday.


I think Earnie will be happy to see you.

I'm afraid I can't help you.

Soon after graduating from trade school, Ray Murphy was taken on as a machinist at the local automobile plant.


No, I didn't know anything about it. They left me completely in the dark.

I've met him once before.

Duncan is not like that all the time.


I'm willing to take that chance.


I'm looking for her right now.

They're not bad!

Why did you choose that particular subject?

Where are you headed for?

Dad uses fire to roast a chicken.

I need medicine to lessen the pain.

Gail will not be amused.

We can't really discuss that.

Lord is a little bit mad, but we like him the way he is.

He wrote the book at the age of twenty.

She is wise and you are no less so.


Douglas declared himself bankrupt.


Lisa is mad because I let you help me.


Nobody really knows where it comes from.