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Putting the fight against allergies
in your hands

Endorsed by allergy specialists and NHS allergy nurses, now available to you

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Find your allergy triggers now

Putting the fight against allergies
in your hands

Track your allergies

AlliApp's easy smart-logs let you capture and collect crucial information around your allergies and health.

Discover your triggers

By using smart-data and highly developed algorithms, AlliApp detects which food and environmental factors are causing your reactions and allergic symptoms.

Personalised allergy insights

Rich data sets and high quality reports will allow you to eliminate allergy hazards and reveal your dos and don'ts.

Improve your health

As a result, AlliApp improves your allergies without compromising nutrition and your quality of life, thus contributing to improving your health.

Loved by users and medical professionals


“As a person with multiple severe allergies. It is awesome to keep track of these things for the doctor. Tracking frequency of the reaction. Helping identify new triggers. Thank you so much!”

-Deb, allergy patient using AlliApp

"Getting into the habit of logging your symptoms improves allergy care. It gives clinicians more information so they can make better decisions. Alliapp does this best. We recommend the app in all referral letters to our allergy clinic."

-Dr J Abraham, Paediatric Consultant (Allergy), NHS Hospital


"We are very impressed with the potential this innovation offers."

-NHS England Innovations Team

"This really is an excellent app. I use AlliApp to record my reactions and symptoms. It's the best app of its kind that I've used so far. I like the intuitive simplified interface. It's pretty quick and easy to capture logs, so I actually do it. I have already started to see patterns based on my logs and I am so happy I will finally have real data to present to my doctor!"

-iOS App Store 5 Star Review


About Us

Allergies are affecting the lives of 2 billion people globally. We are on a mission to stop this new plague in its tracks, using advanced technologies and supersized data sets, immunological insights and nutritional biochemistry. Our team consists of a biochemist, immunologist, data scientist, a serial tech entrepreneur, technology and design experts.

Camilla Bruun
Head of Science, Founder

Brad Mathews
CEO, Founder

Francois Mazoudier

Dr. Jimmy Abraham

Jorge Costa

Jan-Christian Bruun

Started in 2015 | Built in London