I was hit by a huge chunk of meat.

He asked her to marry him, which proposal she refused.

Hi, I'm looking for friends.

I finally was able to do it.

You have finished your homework, haven't you?

That's indeed curious.

Sandy will probably win the race.

She had her husband drive the children to their homes.


Jerome said he didn't like the concert at all.

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Poor as he was, he did not borrow money from others.

She feels homesick.

That's a great question.

That doesn't sound too dangerous.

Between the ages of 15 and 16, he grew three whole inches.

You have to see this.

There has to be a way to solve this.

Moreover, he went on and on and on and on, detailing every single lawless act he committed.

Lord and I often eat lunch together.

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I'm sure I can find Tracey.


You completely manipulated Eileen.

We discussed quite a few interesting things.

He did his best and still had poor marks.

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Piotr's unexpected death devastated his work colleagues.

Take as many peaches as you want.

The picture has a charm of its own.


I suppose we could ask her.


I don't feel like snuggling.

We express our thoughts by means of words.

It's good to talk to you.


Prisons are full of lunatics.


Why do you hate him?


Devon is patient, isn't he?


Can you keep standing on one of your legs with closed eyes for a minute?


Would you pipe down?

I've told you everything.

Bill had always been a quiet, home-loving man, but after a few months in the job, his personality changed.

She told me about it.

I left my keys on the table. Could I trouble you to bring them to me?

It's so different.

The two men accused each other.


I wish we had more people to choose from.

My town is not what it used to be.

I know it's early, but we should go home.

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I'm scared that once you find out about my secret, you'll never look at me the same way again.

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You have to get this work finished by noon.

Mat made enough soup to serve twenty people.

You are a billy-goat.


He sometimes wished to go to extremes.

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You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

Damn, it's hot!

That's where they found Dana's body.

That doesn't prove a thing.

You must be thrilled.

Nothing will happen to you.

This is the doctor whom I spoke of last night.

They buried her dead husband.

The fallen tree got in the way, and I could not get my car out of the garage.

I'm not crazy. You're the one who's crazy.

Harry spent some time behind enemy lines.

You look like you could use some sleep.

You'd better not do anything like that again.

Do you like to write?

He commented that the economy was likely to get better.


Walt is an ex-soldier.

Things are about to get ugly.

Say which you would like.

This time, although I'm more experienced, there's nobody waiting to meet me.

I don't know. It all happened so fast.

Please be careful not to trip over the carpet.

If I had known it, I would have told it to you.


How close were you?

Who was the best?

When I was young, people always told me I was ugly.


I could scarcely breathe.

I cannot even though I want to.

He has an incongruous sounding name which is hard to remember.

Can you do it alone?

I thought I'd been stabbed.

It's not likely to rain tomorrow.

You miss them a lot, don't you?

That old lasso is on the left.

It won't happen right away.


There are fashions for socks as well.

I won't keep you long.

Are there some cats on the desks?


I really see no reason to stay.

The mouse squeaks.

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.


Does he have an alibi?

I thought you said Rafik was a jerk.

He's a bread addict.

The problem's not on our end.

Everybody feared the lieutenant colonel.

We were ten miles short of Boston.

What else did you tell Rex?

Which floor do you live on?

What is your advice?


He is wearing a woolen sweater.


Get out of here, now!

Did you go to Boston with Pete?

Please don't ever do that again.

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His speech lasted three hours.

We just have to stick together.


I'm getting used to eating alone.

Crush the can before you throw it away.

What is this bird called?

We know it won't happen again.

I have never seen her help her father.


He fainted in the middle of his speech.

I wasn't trying to be hero.

I need to know that somebody cares.

Do you think Miek has a drug problem?

We have two spare rooms upstairs, neither of which has been used for years.


This verb is normally used only in the third person.

We were destined to meet one day.

Daniel kept knocking on the door, but nobody came.


Saqib motioned for me to stand up.

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Konstantinos could go home if he wants to.

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I don't think I'm unimaginative.


Besides being an actress, she was a famous painter.

I gave him a choice.

Julianto is a little too young for me.

Victor's funeral is taking place this weekend.

Do you think we should just wait and hope it changes?

We came in together.

I'll stay with him.

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There was a lot to talk about.

I think that maybe we need to help Vicki.

Make sure to bring that back inside before it rains.


Where can I place these beers?

I'll catch the next plane.

Do you remember our being stuck in the snow with the car last winter?

He didn't trust his brother enough to confide in him.

You have to ask me for it.

I know what happened with them.

I don't want to know who kissed you.


Major's not quite sure of that one.

The hotels along the beach have been evacuated.

The future looks bleak for Edmond Dantes after he became the victim of a conspiracy, and he was convicted for treason and imprisoned for life.

Stop calling him that!

Leo has been living in Boston for the past couple of years.

Throwing eggs is a felony if the damage done by the eggs exceeds 400$.

I've trained for months.

I have to tell him something.

I like her style; she's aggressive and knows what she wants.

I'll give you a call when I've decided what to do.

The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.


The weather changed quickly.


What is your plan?


I was utterly disappointed by your performance today. You can make it much better, and everyone knows that well.

He drove carelessly and had an accident.

I'm sure Kazuhiro will reform.

Why aren't they back?

Are you too cold?

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I'm getting rid of her.

China is an advocate for the Diaoyu Island's sovereignty.

Sandra doesn't make exceptions for anyone.

Elliot may have been in Boston with Eliot last week.

I got married five years ago on this very day.