What's the best way to deal with stupid people?

People with low self-esteem tend to interpret everything in a negative way.

Giovanni does anything but study.

Her husband was supposed to come visit her from Paris for a single night Saturday night.

I'm a pretty good chess player.

Here she is!

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Aha! So that's what's going on!

However, he was hurt when she quickly disposed of the present.

Why are you so quick to defend Cristina?

Therefore we had to help each other and in that way the bonds between me and my sister were strong.

I've never eaten horse meat.


This will not please Daddy.

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Why were you looking for her?

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

They haven't found Oscar.


The games were all boring.

I boiled one.

The nail pierced the wall.

Dieter didn't expect this at all.

I need to go buy the medication Vern needs.

During the first year of the study, he learned that he himself had ALS.

Even while I was dithering it's like I was being backed further and further into a corner.


This is nothing to write home about.


I should've declined.

Tanaka went to the hospital.

You may need hex keys to adjust the gears on your bike.

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Ric was taken prisoner.

What kind of game are you playing, Del?

If this plan doesn't work, we'll have to try something else.

He said so out of envy.

Uri Avnery visited Yassir Arafat for the first time in 1982.

Is there really any guy who has such a sad face when they mess up?

This is a plan of my own devising.


I want a few empty glasses.

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She licked the spoon.


In the last World Cup, New Zealand was knocked out of the competition by Mexico.

I wasn't expecting to see you.

Monica likes to be spontaneous.

I'd like to see the agreement.

I'm waiting for this trip.

Tell me what to do here.

Don't you want to visit Jerry and Nathaniel?

You will see a red house over there.

When I wash dishes, I am all thumbs.

That child teased his mother for candy.

The Alpinists carried out the ascent, but they did not return safely.

This dog is mine.

Mikael was the victim of a 419 fraud.

I want to hold Benson.

I came to the same decision as you.

Rub Clayton's back with alcohol.

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.

Not everything can be explained.

What a tacky idea!

He brought his.

You were here earlier, weren't you?


Let's go check on them.


The packing list for the business trip includes an umbrella, gloves, and a belt.

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The removal of the load-bearing beam compromised the structure of the building.

I don't think I need to lose weight.

Where is the logic in that?

Toft might come to visit us.

Are you off your meds?


He is fortunate having such a good wife.

She doesn't surf in the Internet every day.

I saw my reflection in the mirror.

What if it was all nothing but wishful thinking? Would it make everything unreal?

We keep having the same old problem of people not paying their bills on time.

See you at the reception.

I wish I had gone to Boston with Susanne.

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I'm waiting for my friend to arrive.

I don't have feelings for him.

Jan and I see each other every day at school.


The meeting has been postponed until tomorrow.

Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Mr Smith forgot to take his commuter ticket.

I was hoping to surprise you.

Bertrand always keeps me waiting.


John chased Carl.

Let our secretary take care of these kinds of formalities.

One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

It costs more to mint a penny than the penny itself is worth.

I don't remember anything else at this time.

Where is a bakery?

I don't know what else you expect me to do.


You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

The lavishness of the party amazed everybody.

I just have one question.


Don't get any ideas.

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We'll let them worry about that.

I'm sorry to barge in like this.

Make no mistake, they are extremely dangerous.

I'm scared too, so I'm not going to go.

I'm a free man, Dan.

You're scared, aren't you?

How was your date?

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I didn't like her using my phone too much.

We have to hire a room to hold the party in.

We meet sometimes at the shop.

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Dustin had to do everything himself.


Dan and Linda returned home.


She likes to go for solitary walks.

I thought they wouldn't like you.

What'll Roberta do now?

Why don't you talk to them?

He wasn't tall enough to get at the ceiling.

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He has a weak will.

I don't want you to go alone; this is final.

Mechael called Vickie last night and encouraged her to join the team.

Hideyo Noguchi was a great man.

She finally made it.


I know it's a mess.

Alain couldn't stand it.

This isn't your job.


She came to Tokyo at the age of eighteen.


He drinks a lot but always seems sober.


They weren't strong enough to help us.


They're similar.

I wonder where my wallet could be.

One day she and I visited an old friend.

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How much did you pay him?

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Hasn't Rainer done enough already?

He is not young.

I can't add anything else.

Just call her.

Sjaak has been arrested for shoplifting.

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I've contacted Laurel.

Ssi likes to pretend that he has a lot of money.

What tennis players do you like?


What kind of work does your father do?

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Truman arrived at the White House within minutes.

You have to stop them.

We have to keep it secret.

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Is there anything you want to tell me?


At that high school, sports is more important than academics.

The love that I suffer from is a shameful disease.

So keep at it and don't turn back.


We protected ourselves against danger.


We kissed in the dark.

A stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something that he can understand.

Catching cancer early increases survival odds.

The noise didn't bother Heinz.

He neglected his duties.

I am keeping a diary every day.

I missed my favourite series.

Jill doesn't like that woman.

Where could Fred have gone?

The production was believed to be jinxed as every actor playing the lead role has fallen ill.

He's a huge fan of trains.

Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature.

You shouldn't live merely in pursuit of your own happiness.

Please clear away the tea things.

Do you like it all?

The motor stopped.

Did you find her or not?


I tried to keep track of his declaration.

It was careless of him to go to bed with the TV on.

Gregg should be considered dangerous.

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I was saying that I didn't think that it was weird at all.