When it comes to the appearance of home interiors, the inevitable detail is the photo frame, which creates every home in a warm atmosphere and transforms the space in a way that makes you feel at home and just like home. We are sure that you also like to enrich your living or sleeping space with pictures, for example, trips you remember, or with your loved one, who will, each time you look at them, mock a smile on your face. Of course, to achieve this – you need the perfect frame.

Valentine’s Day is behind the corner, she only shares you a few hours until you meet a loved one, and you do not have anything to give her? Do not despair! The sign of love can make the job of the job! In today’s post, we discover how to quickly and easily make a genuine Valentine’s Day gift.

Make sure you leave enough space between the tape in relation to the size of the photos. Decorative ribbons can be used to decorate the frame itself, and on the underside of the frame, you can attach one more tape to the adhesive, then apply a pom hand ball, so that you get small giants.


Then you crop another card that matches the dimensions of the frame. Make one or two slits with a scalpel on which you want to find a foot that sticks to the shoulder (right or right position of the frame). Do the same with the decor paper and stick it on the cardboard. Cut the 2 rectangles out of the rest of the box and then shape them to fit the shape of the foot. Cover with decorative paper and glue together. Do not forget to leave a non-glossy page to add the image of your choice. Insert the foot in the hole and bring your picture frame in the box!

Regardless of whether the image frame needs you personally or you’ve decided to give a gift to someone, it’s not a bad variation that instead of a regular picture frame that can be bought everywhere, you simply make a whole original original frame.

Color it in colors that suit the room in which the picture will be. The second variant is that the frame is colored in color or image. Your imagination is the only limit, because it only depends on your imagination whether it will be monochrome or colorful. Adhesives with seals, seals and sturgeons can help you in creating an original frame that attracts attention.