Carol didn't do it, did he?

Sedat just had a bad day.

I had to try to convince her.

Am I waiting in the wrong place?

I fought an enemy with a drunk guy.

I haven't got rid of my bad cold yet.


Guillermo believes it.


I'm preoccupied with the exam.


Ahmet is getting older.

Let's go get lunch.

He probably meant that people only go to demonstrations to show themselves and not to protest.

I should've bought more food.

Students will take one of these English courses.

Please cease from quarreling.

He ran off with his best friend's wife and hasn't been heard from since.

I can not understand how everyone said the Holy War occured for a good cause.

The airplane has robbed travel of its poetry.

He is out for promotion.

Read the text carefully, then answer the questions.


I'm happy to be done with that.

His explanation didn't come across well.

The poor are not always unhappy.

Sassan doesn't have to eat this if he doesn't want to.

Finnish is finished.


I feel so much better.


Do you really think that's fair?

She's already married.

Where are your eyes?

I didn't want to tell you this.

Without your help this plan would be impossible.


Our complete plan got spoiled.

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Who is looking up into the sky?

Winnie is an American of German descent.

Perhaps you should try doing one thing at a time.

He has two cats.

Vernon is my second cousin.

You like girls, don't you?

Our baby is not yet articulate.

You'd better stay on your guard.

Rolf has to do this.


Who's dying?

The fact is that I have another appointment.

Ermanno told a funny story.

Please tell him we're here.

One is apt to think oneself faultless. State the facts as they are.


I've come under pressure from my boss.

Toft said to ask you.

Your plan requires a large amount of money.

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Rodent and Michiel have the same last name, but they aren't related.

Ric said he didn't feel well.

You've always been so good to me.

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And who is this guest standing next to the piano?


Appropriate action is needed now.


We need to buy vinegar.

Could you send me some money?

Her husband's health is very precious to her.


Bring food.


No one was able to help them.

She married a hotshot lawyer from New York.

Russell said you didn't want Seenu to be here.

It is her second operation already in one year.

I hear you're rich.

Bruno does it faster than me.

The grass was soft.

We were talking about something at that time, but I don't remember what.

In German you use the ending "-in" for female forms of nouns.

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We moved into this house last month, but we still haven't settled down.

I'm so sad to hear that.

He is done for.

Women hate Jess.

I was wondering what to do about Sally.

Jean travels less than Alice.

You always surprise me.

Let's give Julia a lift.

I wouldn't leave without you.

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You shouldn't wait any longer.

He suddenly stopped talking.

I let Roberta catch me.

You had better cut out the fat.

Sometimes, pictures can fool people.

Where's the nearest bank?

There's a laundromat in the basement of our apartment building.

Translating sentences one by one is too slow for you? You want to increase your rank in Tatoeba, or the rank of your language, at the speed of light? So this is for you!

Winston told Lenny to wear what she wanted to wear.

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According to the radio, it'll rain tomorrow.


He is not such a nasty fellow as you think.

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I'm just doing my civic duty.

This apple is sour.

She wants to be a simultaneous interpreter.

This is a pain.

Thank you for giving me this.


Norm is busy now.

Roxana's broken arm took several weeks to heal.

Autumn is the best season for reading.


Jeffery got bigger.

The bus passed five minutes ago.

She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.

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There seemed to be nothing we could do.


You must avoid walking on this road because there are always dogs.

How is this relevant?

What with good fortune, and his own effort, he won the first prize in the contest.

You'd better tell them what to do.

There was a small group of men standing in front of the fountain.

I have been nowhere this summer.

I sat down next to her.

Japan's fiscal year runs from April 1 till March 31 in the following year.

My girlfriend is very jealous.


It's been a year since the French and the Dutch said "No!"

I parted with my old car.

Aren't you being a little presumptuous?

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My cat is suffering from the heat.

Sometimes I still miss her.

No one will find out.

We need to think big.

But, I don't eat even a little bit of meat.

It's no trouble. Really.

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.


The weather is stormy.


Sergei will get a better job with a college degree.

The miner asked the lamp spirit for a happy life.

Now she understands what I mean.

Let me make you a cup of hot coffee.

I never read his novels without being deeply moved.

I'll be looking for a new place to live as soon as I graduate from college.

All the students here must study French.

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Ji shut his eyes again.


They are longing for city life.

Spy knows how to have a good time.

It's a good story.


I need to see him immediately.

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This box will serve as a chair.

She doesn't like him.

The pig snorted while rooting around in search of truffles.

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Curt was soaked to the skin.

Sandeep should hear about this.

Shout it from the mountaintops.

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Ariel pretended he didn't know anything about it.

Why wasn't I told that?

Edwin looks happy today.

I do nothing of the kind.

We went ahead with the plan for the party.

Is there a tracking number for the package?

I suppose you want to use my office.

Smoke was coming out of Dan's room.

I was about to commit suicide.

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I paid a fortune for this.

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Let's meet in front of the station.

I can't make out why he is so much troubled.

I wish I had an explanation.

We walked in the park.

I'm between jobs.

Blake will join a beginners course in Udmurt.

The news brought her a lot of publicity.


She is as modest as anything.


List died with a knife in his back.


Mr Smith takes a good deal of exercise before breakfast.


I'm dying to see Boston.

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You're making me nervous.