This is my first time speaking German with a German person.

I'm beginning to feel stupid.

I was dehydrated.

Let me take a look at this.

"You have the attention span of a chicken." "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."

Is that why you're here?

What time do you usually get up?

Laurent stayed up the whole night.


Good writing has been going out of style, in favor of texting.

Ramiro knocked on Mikael's bedroom window.

He kept silent for a while.

I've always believed in and insisted on this.

I didn't want to mess it up.


She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever laid my eyes on.

Like those of many who knew English, his English was very basic: "How much is it?" and "It's not my size."

Jack Dorsey hates me.

Lucifer has only been with us three months.

He is ahead of his class in English.


Bela Lugosi acted in several movies.

The government dispatched missions abroad.

5 dollars in quarters and a dollar in dimes.

Tahsin says that he was here in Boston that night.

I almost never remember dreams.


When spring comes, the days get longer day by day.

Floyd will find out.

Look ahead.

None of your tricks.

I'll eat a preserved egg.

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They are much better than Western baths.

I really like the way Nanda thinks.

Did we order in advance?

I climb mountains.

Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.

The towel is dry.

I should've invited Carisa to dinner.

Look at Leads's face.

I am training hard so that I may win the race.


Who'll attend?

All Rees wanted was a cheeseburger.

Kerri has a crush on Brandon.

Nobody knows when the earthquake will occur.

The king's realm was terrorized by a dragon.

No one in the neighborhood believed him to be a genius even after he had achieved world-wide fame.

It's been ten years since I came to Tokyo.


Forgive him.


Skip stayed home with Ji.


Now listen really carefully.

Where's your wallet?

It looks like I'm not needed here.


I haven't called Jeanne yet.

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You are not my cousin.

He was court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

This is for us.


The test samples were due to arrive three days ago.

Srivatsan is my age, or maybe a little younger.

That's our fault.

She's lying.

I need you to take in the hem by about an inch.

Do I look like I'm busy?

What an easy problem it is!


Tareq really wants to go to Boston.

Mother insists that I should eat more vegetables.

I don't want you to ever do that again.

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She is good at making up interesting stories.

They lied to me.

He says he's related to that rich family.

Merat could tell something was bothering Jayesh.

Can I scrounge a fag?

I take full responsibility for the action.

I'm not in the mood to go to a party.

I've been giving that a lot of thought.

What does that mean for her?

When the Tsar saw the linen he was struck with astonishment at its fineness and beauty.

Shutoku is the coach.

Please let Amos sleep a little longer.

A poet's verses do not have to reflect his character.


Send the package to me at this address.

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Alison never seems interested in talking about sports.

Your comic books are on the shelf.

Mann told me he sleeps with the window open.

Let's see some ID.

Everyone seemed sad to see Calvin go.

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Please send me money.

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I wasn't ready.

Graham refused to surrender.

I wish there were some cute guys in my class.

She gave a flat refusal to my offer.

Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources.


Don't you want to visit Marion and Julianto?


Mayo doesn't know all the facts.

I ran into Suwandi at the mall.

Dalton told me a secret.

Why's it our job?

I'm not sure Felix is going to be there.


That was ideal.

If you will help us, we will be very glad.

Is it close to the capital?


A few shops, an agency and a bank can be found around it.

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Where are we going tomorrow?

He is my boss.

It wasn't Mitchell's fault.

I'll give you as much money as you need.

Let me fill up your glass, Mr Nakauchi.

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The poet lived here twenty years odd.

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I wasn't lonely.

She invites us to all her parties.

She's never been in love before.


Masanobu yanked the door open.

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I'll make sure of it.

Didn't you hear what I said?

We are threshing wheat.

No further details were given.

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

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Maria filtered the water.

Could you stick around after the party and help me clean up?

Yes, truthfully, until it was right in front of me like this, I half-doubted it ...

This product is a bargain.

Raghu was left for dead in the desert.

We were eating eggs.

It's still in good condition.

You will obey.

Just don't give up on him.

I am acquainted with the author.

Why did Ned leave you?

What do you enjoy most about learning French?

It's a reflection of our society.

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He has been dead for ten years.

I do so much for you, but you do nothing for me.

We are determining the biological responses to unexpected changes in pressure.

Do you have any money left?

Sedat never really got over what happened.

What made you come here so early?

I know about that research.


I did not miss my purse until I returned home.

Just wait here.

Melinda isn't afraid of you.

He walks his dog every morning.

Neal is a real piece of work.

Do you understand what's going on?

Rees didn't give Dwight a chance to explain.

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We're pupils.


It's about time you got up.


The car is black.

The prosecution rests, your honor.

"Juan, in this lap please, we've seen a deer on the circuit. We believe it's somewhere on the circuit, so just come in cautiously, please." "Oh dear!" "Yeah, a deer... it's like a horse with horns." "I know, I know. Oh "deer"! Hahahaha!"


The promise I made to you last week still holds true.

There can be only one explanation for that.

I hope Rafik is having a lot of fun.


That's the most miserable comment you've ever made.


I kind of miss him.


She's a real friend.

Think did just fine.

Could you cook this meat a little more?

It would be interesting, I think.

Butler didn't eat anything until he got home.

I cannot speak Mandarin well.

She came in with her eyes shining.


Close your eyes when you listen to music.

This is someone I want you to meet.

Please give us three references.


Once washed, the lining will look brand new.