Sharon will be in Boston for a week.

I'm a cat.


I don't think that Kiki will find a girlfriend for himself in the foreseeable future.


I don't appreciate Werner's humor.

Naoto knows a shortcut.

Go for help.


Who'd want to kill me?

English is usually taught in France from the junior high school.

She means it.

I need to find someone to back up Beth's alibi.

I can do without your help either.

Now I have to find her.

Please let go.

Keep calm and carry on.

I bought 24 pencils.

I'm no longer depressed.

If you knock three times, Jayant will let you in.

I need to get my car washed.

I'm still not used to getting up so early.


I really loved her.

She's asking how that's possible.

She is wearing an expensive necklace.

What's wrong, honey?

Pandora and John are twins.


Archie motioned for Lars to join him.

I was not pleased by your rude behavior.

Check back for details.


I'm going to open the window to get some air.

What do you wish for?

He prefers frankfurters to sausages from Strasbourg.

Am I under investigation now?

We have a medical emergency.

I don't mind it at all.

Human beings evolved their intelligence.

We like beans.

It is you that are to blame for it.

I wonder why they left my name off the list.

Their job is to cut up the wood.

Luciano, the underdog in the match, will be trying to make the champ eat humble pie.

Mongo has been out in the sun too long.

A small, naked bulb gave the only illumination.

Our store is open every day of the year except Christmas and New Year's.

Wayne loves listening to classical music.

Put your hat on.

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How about something to drink?

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Bad weather prevented us from starting.

The substance is light enough to float on the water.

Changes are taking place.

Santa looks really good.

Something is not right with Masanao.

I was almost right.

Duane is probably just making a mountain out of a molehill again.

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We can normally conceal our thoughts from others.

Let's try to reason with them.

Ilya was seated in the driver's seat of the car.

You can't really expect me to do your homework for you.

I really don't need help.

Whatever he says goes.

Children imitate their friends rather than their parents.


Matti went to Boston by airplane.

Is it correct to say it like this?

I am out of time.

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Subra cut the article out of the newspaper.

That would be a good name for a band.

Give it up for this trooper.

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Troy is a scholar.

How many books do you possess?

Tomas adjusted his tie.

Len couldn't go to college.

You should practice playing the violin every day.

I have no choice but to leave.

I don't mind the cold, but I can't stand the heat.


It's said that some Englishmen like Japanese-style rooms.

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The station is a ten minute drive from here.

For a pillow like this all men do yearn but that - quite frankly - is not my concern.

It was dreadful weather.

Emmett was the only one who smiled.

I have to be absent from school for the moment.

There was no avoiding Elijah.

The results were very bad.


She's in a fairly bad mood now.

We eat so that we can live.

Where is the fire extinguisher?

I haven't decided yet.

About how much would it cost to have this chair repaired?

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I told Sean that I was interested in buying one of his paintings.


Would you be willing to do me a favor?

Jim dropped his pen and bent to pick it up.

I'd say we are definitely going to get some rain.

Please use this exit when there is a fire.

That coin is counterfeit.

Mah went into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Did Edwin lay a hand on you?


Show me where it hurts you.

So what are birds actually?

Hector graduated from Harvard.

I hadn't seen it before.

He has no equal in the field of electronics.

I could tell right away that Donne wasn't feeling well.

You don't have to stay if you don't want to.

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I took a trip to Tokyo.

I can't help anyone.

I want to talk to him first.


I'm going to mail this letter.


Nobody's English is all there is.

When you're drunk, some things can seem like good ideas even if they're bad ideas.

I thought you understood me.

What we want is freedom.

I have to pick some flowers.

Floria teaches history at a high school.

Sunshine is beneficial to plants.


Many people became Mormons.


Misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot.

Her generosity seemed to be endless.

Let's stay in close contact.

List might not really be as busy as he says he is.

Debi turned off the water.


France had signed a secret treaty with Spain.

I may give up soon and just take a nap.

We are having an international trade fair this month.

You already know the answer.

What do you call this in French?

I didn't want to die.

She is too tired to work.

I quit a long time ago.

Irina has a delicate face with high cheekbones.

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It's cold now.


He was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

In the English world of the 19th century, it was often said that masturbation would lead to a loss of memory and attention.

Listen, we have a bigger problem to deal with.


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The matter is of great importance to me.

I took to Hazel as soon as we met.

I address people politely.

I'd prefer to see him.

We should go talk to her.

This telephone is connected to the fax machine.

The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.

Between now and the end of the week, I will finish it.

You had better not stay up late.

I hope to have my car paid off by next September.


When, through constant practice, man becomes able to reach efficient mental concentration, then, wherever one is, one can always transcend one's environment with one's mind and rely on the Eternal.

We were both drunk.

He banged on the table with his fist.

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Why are you so popular?

She can speak French and she speaks it fluently.

I love your eyes.

I really am very tired.

He's about the same age as you.


Do you feel bad?

Hillary was completely worn out.

Dean cut the vampire's arm off with a machete.


We got lucky.

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I think it's dangerous to walk alone at night.

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A cold wind is blowing.

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Spicy food makes me hiccup.

You can't just come here without an appointment.

I wish I hadn't kissed him.

Let's not look for problems.

He made it, but she didn't.


I want to stay for several days.


So what does it mean?

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.

Actually, it would be much more sensible to do it later.