Is everything ready for tonight?


This is the most interesting story that I have ever read.

I can't fight this.

Kerry is not like the other boys.

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We received a warm welcome.

Kristian is a friend from work.

Why would you want to help them?


My sister can play the guitar very well.

Have you ever tried using it?

Andrew has probably done this before.

She eats but little.

Dewey told us a funny story.

Let's have lunch on the patio.

You're being childish.

Who says money can't buy happiness?

That wasn't hard.

Damn it! I forgot my password!

The audience was carried away by his touching performance.

Hey, get away from the wall.

I look terrible.

I have an idea for a song.

Take him for a swim.


I'd like to meet her.

These cars were imported from Germany.

Diane is a really good student.


Are your eyes open?

I speak Irish fluently, but don't use it very often.

If I could only speak English half as well as you can, I wouldn't be worried about traveling around the world.


They kept guard by turns.

My granddaughter's behaviour has caused a rift in our family.

You and I are the same age.

Who is taller, Srivatsan or Jason?

If I have to wait 30 minutes, I'll order later.

They caught a lot of fish at the river.

I'll come after you.

She took a book at random from the shelf.

You think I did it, don't you?

I did not intend to say that.

You should ask a doctor.

Are you registered?

Kathryn will be back for more.

He shaped the statue from clay.

Most words are used very rarely, which makes it difficult to remember vocabulary when learning foreign languages.

He studies at a cram school.

The kids are up to something.

Betty managed to sing well.

She is an American.

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The doctor sent the live patient to the morgue.

I have few friends.

Jay is insecure.

One of the greatest hurdles facing middle school students learning English is relative pronouns.

Rajesh bought new laces for his shoes.

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He would often go fishing in the river.

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I would like to come to your party.


Vinod is sitting at the table over there.


There are only five minutes till the train starts, and she hasn't appeared.

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I don't like this author's books.

I used to read novels at random.

He bought himself a new car.


Where should I put this?

Byron turned and glared at me.

Wine is not to my taste.

I want to come in.

My brother-in-law died last Friday.

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To all appearances, she is healthy.

Does objective history exist?

Andy is learning.

The two young men were quite engaging and friendly; they had been sent out by their church as missionaries.

It was a hard decision.

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He dedicates himself to research.


On a hot day like this, we must have shaved ice.

It won't be long before we can travel to the moon.

We'll get in touch in another day or two.


Alf is pessimistic, isn't he?

He is getting better.

I can do it now.

Saify doesn't want anyone to see it.

I will answer for the failure.


My father is home.

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What's your favorite line from that movie?

If I saw a boy steal something in the supermarket, I would report him to the manager.

You've been pretty busy, haven't you?

Is there something else you want to tell me?

Beverly goes for a walk every afternoon.

I'm not going to do anything.

I want to catch the six o'clock train to New York.

So, when is it convenient for you?

He found a public telephone and called a taxi.


Hello everyone! My name is Charles.

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Watch yourself.

Why don't you eat meat?

Children shouldn't drink wine.

The documents should be sent to Paris well in advance.

How did such a strange thing come about?

She pushed him off the pier.

Space is actually a good insulator because it is difficult to transfer heat to nothing.

I'll catch a ride with Barbara.

These pictures are being shown by courtesy of CNN.


Ozan always smiles at me.

I want the absolute truth.

The statue of limitations has already passed for this crime.

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Take them to the station.

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Was there someone else in the room?


There wasn't a living soul there.

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Someone has ripped out the first three pages of this book.

I can't reach Aimee.

Laurence said he had a gift for Deb.

Constantly blowing his nose in allergy season.

I don't care that I don't have an opinion.

I quarrelled with my sister because she's too kind.

I'm being punished.

Give this to me.

It's too late to help them.

Where in the world is Angus going?

Frances was the one who sold the drugs that Hal stole.

Does he have anything to do with the campaign?

I think Suzan will enjoy this.

I think you had better take a rest.

Is there anything else you want me to do?

The silent man seemed even more clumsy than usual, and drank champagne with regularity and determination out of sheer nervousness.

They say that the wood is haunted.

Let her have fun.

Why do you look so glum?

The official start is on Saturday.

I don't meet someone like you every day.

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.

His thick black wavy hair was swept back with deliberate carelessness.


In other words, be very careful.

You lost Perry, didn't you?

It's not a matter of price.


They tried to prevent the news from leaking out.


They were labeled radicals.

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I almost never watch TV.

How could this all happen?

Sergiu's feet sank in the snow.

Have you ever been to America?

I have vices, but gambling isn't one of them.

Her new novel will be out next month.

I need to check.

She has no sense of the beautiful.

Stephanie and I used to argue a lot.

Let's take our seats.

You need not have got up so early.

The neighbour's dog constantly barks.

The best or worst thing to man, for this life, is good or ill choosing his good or ill wife.


I don't want to do anything.

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Please slow down when getting close to the intersection.


We currently have 200 well organized sales offices all over Japan.


I've had the same problem.


He hasn't arrived yet.


The train gained speed gradually.

It's very alarming.

Don't play dumb. I know you.

His house was sold for ten thousand dollars.

We'll take lunch at noon.


Let's give her a hand.

Edmund told me that he was very busy.

What more do I need?


There is no external influence in that.

Is it safe to swim in this river?

He is said to have been very poor when he was young.