Put this package aside.

I hear you've given up smoking.


"You know what I mean." "Actually, Bud, I don't."

Who do you think helped her?

We went over all the details.


At the meeting I pointed out the plan's merit.

What did that mean?

No nation can exist completely isolated from others.

It could be a lot worse.

I was most impressed by his good behavior.

Wilmer is proud of Douglas.

Barbra doesn't live with Mechael.


Mother was busily cooking; in the meantime, I was just watching TV.

Everyone hoped for a snow flurry for Christmas.

You may spend this money freely.

I've already explained this to you many times before.

Marriage proposals flooded in.

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They came by Route 17.

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I finally beat them.

Hazel is well-liked by everyone.

He didn't meet the standards.

How about tomorrow night at nine?

I am against the war, of course.

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He was peeved by what you said.

She wants a serious relationship.

Since my nephew was still young, he was let off the hook.

Should we invite Dante to the party? No way!

Fate shuffles the cards; we play.

No, thanks. I'm just browsing.

Hotta is quite hardworking.

I really appreciate all your help.

She changed her schedule to match his.

Might there be life after death?

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

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The hunting dogs followed the scent of the fox.


In my past life, I was a forest.

Role-playing video games are time consuming.

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

Vassos is really competitive, isn't he?

An asteroid passed close to Earth on Saturday.

Tigger can't eat pork.

I had a twenty dollar bill but I lost it.


I'm not going to be able to do that.

You didn't tell Siping where Les is, did you?

What do you think of all this?


I have nothing to open the can with.


That stomachache made me sweat.

He seems to deal in clothes.

The angry mob attacked the building.

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Talented isn't the word for him.

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We haven't got a lot of time.


He tried out that new machine.

The doctor advised me to take more exercise.

She advised him not to go out by himself at night.

We will keep you informed of things that happen here in Japan.

Are you seeing anybody now?


Can you take over?

This would never have happened if Susan hadn't been here.

I was leaving for Paris the next morning.

You'll be with me.

Vick will miss you.


This news made me happy.

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I've already started doing that.

Why not ask Thierry?

I'll know what to do.

Renu told me he had a trombone he wasn't using anymore.

Excitement isn't good for a man of my age.

I see Dan.

Pete was thoughtless.

Griff arrived just in the nick of time.

Where's the zoo located?

The Sea of Japan naming dispute revolves around efforts to remove 'Sea of Japan' from the world's maps and replace it with 'East Sea'.

The work of art, I decided, was the final product of human activity, and the final justification for all the misery, the endless toil and the frustrated strivings of humanity.

You don't have to wait till the end.

Though his stay in Europe was transient, Spenser felt he had learned much more about interactions with other people from traveling than he did at college.

I feel strange.

Ritalynne says he doesn't mind.

But I am not like other boys! I am better than all of them and I always tell the truth. I promise you, Father, that I'll learn a trade, and I'll be the comfort and staff of your old age.

They accused him of nepotism.

I didn't know I was going to win.

I didn't look at her.

I thought after your meeting with Reiner, we could have a little talk.

I'm only here for the weekend.

I don't want Syed to take over.

Sarah kept us waiting for a long time.

Tear gas canisters could be seen on the road after the rioters had left.

Micky has seen this before.


What's stopping you from doing research?

Are they all ready?

All of my friends got asked to dance except me.


The spell of drought did severe damage to the harvest.

Do you know how Everett did it?

I've already sung that song three times tonight.

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We had to break open the door.

Since I couldn't make up my mind about my future position, I got advice from my younger brother.

There was another one.

Brendan said he needed to ask me a few more questions.

Watch your mouth.

I like snow. It's so beautiful!

I'm famished.

Does anyone know Raghu's family name?

I thought you'd say that.

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Last week the powerful Keidanren called on Tokyo to lift the ban.

The purple alien had 4 arms and 4 legs.

I really hope you don't get sick.

That's weird, isn't it?

Let me go with you.

By the way, I saw him yesterday.

I write in my diary every day.

Don't cry before you get hurt.

"Who do you think will come first?" "It definitely won't be Urs."

Do you have mangoes?

I'm supposed to meet Nici in Boston next Monday at 2:30.

I should probably check my schedule.

Lynne is very worried about Loukas.

Don't tell me you still trust Margaret.

Joni was singing.

The United States annexed Texas in 1845.

Nick criticized the photo.

Mileage varies with driving conditions.

You never know what's going to happen next.

I'm ready for the war.

We use a dictionary to look up the meaning of words.


It's perfectly normal.

Mick held the flag so everyone could see it.

The thought of rating people by attractiveness does not seem fair to me.


They won't believe you.


We're here to talk.

At present, nothing goes smoothly; the Females of the Family are united against me.

I saw a bellman coming along.

Heather can't swim tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.

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They erected a statue in memory of Gandhi.

He made his girlfriend go out for a drink with him.

She owes me money.


Don't ever underestimate him.

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How can I make the deadline for this document?

I burned it.

What degree of interest did he show?

What is the basis of your assumptions?

Hsi has another problem.

I can tell by the look on your face that you're not interested.

He stayed there all the time.

I just needed a change.

I followed the recipe.

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It took Ioana a week to get over her cold.

Let's not keep him waiting.

Dory rummaged through the contents of her purse, but couldn't find what she was looking for.

It happened that she and I liked the same kind of music.

He grinned with delight.


Finally we reached a compromise.

I know that doesn't matter.

I have no idea what that guy is thinking.

We don't talk a lot.

You've blocked me on Facebook, and now you suddenly disappear.

She stays in touch with him.

Should we get going?

You're a hard nut to crack.

He idled away a whole day.

She advised him not to use too much salt.

Murph doesn't doubt that Ravindranath will arrive on time.

She was an actor.

Do Louise and Leung know how to speak French?

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Edgar crawled under his bed.


He's got two cats, one white and one black.

You're making too much noise.

The wages of sin is death.

It's such a unique combination.

Why are you doing the dishes? Let Naim do them.