She ran for dear life.

I need a snack.

It never occurred to me that someone would make up such a thing.

Data can be transmitted from the main computer to yours, and vice versa.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Three deputies were shot.


I didn't marry her because I loved her.

The knife is dull.

This is really the problem.

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Whenever possible, he leaves his office at 6 p.m.


We were shocked by what happened.

You have a lot to learn about women.

Did you love her?

Who's your favorite politician?

Francis usually gets up before six.


They have watched TV serials this evening.


Why won't Syed tell me anything?

Would you lend me a pencil?

Troubled children often lack any sense of guilt.


Lee isn't the kind of person who makes that kind of mistakes.

The garbage smells to high heaven.

You're very sweet sometimes.

Without your help I would have had no success.

You told me it wouldn't rain today, so I didn't bring an umbrella.

Edward didn't say anything.

Fay looks thinner.

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The teacher is in charge of the third year class.

He was conspicuous by his absence.

The road runs parallel to the river.

We left the movie early.

Lance is quite stocky, isn't he?


Dawn and his friends helped me carry the piano.

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Let me point out the elephant in the room.

I was starving when I got home.

I liked walking alone on the deserted beach.

I didn't say you were going to enjoy it.

Wolf put on a gas mask.


The teacher will illustrate how to do it.

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This river is safe to swim in.

Flawless precision is required in the measurements.

Do you have any cheaper rooms?

He likes strange animals, such as snakes.

Vincent isn't really sure.

He is not so tall.

Don't forget to stir the stew.


I'm not in love with him. We're just good friends.

You don't even know what you want.

First Contact became humanity's salvation as it was at the brink of self-destruction.


Dan wanted to attempt the robbery.

Everyone was invited, except for me.

We don't have Neapolitan ice cream.


I will go along with your plan.

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Thanks for having me here.

Were it not for laziness, he might have been rich.

She acknowledged her mistake.


Would you like your coffee with or after the meal?

She became obsessed with this song.

Timothy called out to John and asked him to turn himself in.


This is not my idea of fun.


The meeting was not particularly well attended.

I appreciated her sentiments.

The parking lot in front of the bank was completely full.


If I tell you what I need, can you buy it for me?

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

If you eat too much of this food, you may get a sore throat.

You said you didn't want to go.

Dr. Hawking is best known for his discovery that black holes emit radiation.

Laurie is reading a book now.

I'm sure you have better things to do.

She concealed the change in her feelings toward him.

XYZ used to be a good restaurant, but it has gone to seed now.

"Sugih, I'm shot real bad. I can't carry on much longer if the bleeding doesn't stop."

I'll see you soon, OK?

Toby was driving down the street singing along at the top of his lungs to his favourite song on the car radio.

Ship ahoy!

We had plenty of warning.

We did it together.

He is confined to bed now.

Tell her I don't want to go.

We talked and talked until the day broke.

He's a historian.


Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.

Harvey worked part-time to put himself through school.

We can't open this envelope until Darci gets here.

You need not answer the letter.

When did you start liking baseball?


Stop calling me names. That'll do you no good.

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Are you in London?

You will never fail to be moved by beauty.

He bought a dozen eggs.

The two elder brothers arrived first with their wives, beautiful, bright, and cheerful, and dressed in rich garments.

Don't tell me you dated her?

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Don't you always do what Maureen tells you to do?


The curve extends from point A to point B.

Either they go, or I go!

Does Vince really want me to leave?

They can't believe it.

Mayuko cried aloud.

How do you get downtown?

Have you told them this?


Do you have anything a little cheaper?

Swamy isn't accustomed to doing that.

I would not have known him.

That movie star has many fans.

The chances are that she will win the game.

A fishing boat put off just now.

Psalms come from the Hebrew tradition.

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I just hate to see Kikki wasting his time.

Who doesn't know such a common saying?

I forgot to lock the door.

I can't count the number of times this has happened to me.

Take a hike, Micah.

What are you trying to decide?

"Just pay up already, I'm saying." "Hand over the money, Yo!"

You're in love with the sound of your own voice.

I'm reformed.


Ask your mom if you can come out and play with us.

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The train is due at noon.

Celia will never know.

Mann is extroverted, isn't he?


If I were a brain in a vat, I wouldn't write this.

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We seem to have lost him.

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He was described as an unusually passionless person.

Jeannie was horrible with children.

Hey, wait up!

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You can't tell Glynn what really happened.


Don't be so childish.


Not only did he give me advice, but also money.

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What did you get from him?


Tell me more about your trip.

We can survive anything.

Can you tell me how you completed all your work at a time your course load was very heavy?

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If you paint it yellow, you'll kill two birds with one stone: it'll stand out, and you'll save money because you can use paint you already have.

Bruno and Sharon both prefer watching comedies.

They organized a state army.

Foreign investors withdrew their money from the United States.

I just wanted to confuse you.

Thank you very much for patronizing our store for a long time.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in an examination.

This is getting a little silly, now.

Hotta was more than disappointed.

Dawson stopped Celia.

I don't like to see animals cruelly treated.

It can be cold here even in May.

Tell me where you were last night at the time of the murder.

I received a telegram from her.

I don't go to school on Saturdays.


It's obvious that you are an intelligent boy.


I can't tell you about it.


Guillermo almost bumped into Lar.

I want to go on record as being against it.

He has been speculating on his future.

I couldn't understand anything that he said.

The time change occurs during the night on Sunday.

All the words underlined in red should be checked for spelling.

Please add me on Facebook.


Luke, I am your cousin.

How many classes do you have on Saturdays?

Her anger is completely justified.