Both Alejandro and Clara were very nervous.

My dog has a wonderful life.


Many happy returns of the day!

Knute dislikes noisy cities.

I mean students in general, but not in particular.

If anyone was to ask what the point of the story is, I really don't know.

It works for me.

Bush only wants to civilize the world.

The police accused her of texting while driving.

Time is running short.

Warm beer is minging.

It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.

These stairs are a little slippery, so please be careful.

I saw Mahesh in the hallway.

Eva made up his mind to buy the car.


"What?" Pharamp asked. "Nothing," Sysko lied, "we were talking about the effect of Confucianism on modern Chinese socialism."

The trip was exhausting.

Blake tried to stop Dimitry from calling the police.

Lori adores her baby's cute, round face.

Do you also like doing crossword puzzles?


Are you leaving Boston?


It's clear that he doesn't want to talk to me.

The responsible persons are going to carry on in the same old way.

Things have been going great.


Diane has trouble making friends.


We need to get away from them.

It's probably just food poisoning.

No one understands how I feel.

He is a truly brave person.

Can I go with Carole?

Why is it important to eat healthy food?

She teased me about it.

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.

He was interested in her.

It looks really bad.

We agreed to start early.

That's the best price you'll get around here.

I want to give Pascal something special.

Blake convinced me that Antonella was right.

Would you please inform me of the expected shipping date?

'It must be very scary to be you,' Janina said in a whisper.

My father does not like music.


Girls came in one after another.

I'm sure you're going make a good impression.

How do you account for this fact?

During our relationship we both said and did things we didn't mean.

I've started Android programming.


Can you tell us how that'll work?

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My name is Wang Jiaming.

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Kelantan is one of the states in West Malaysia.


Even though English is his native language, Geoff doesn't know the difference between "lose" and "loose".

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I was caught in a shower just now.

That dictionary is mine.

Words failed me.

The speech deeply affected the audience.

I opened one.


Can you guess how old I am?

I must leave now.

My apartment is messy and cluttered.

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Knut hasn't run for office for years.

I wasn't the one who told Sri that.

Improving corporate performances are behind the stock market recovery.


That costs 13.

These pencils might look alike but they're not the same.

Go to the hardware store and get screws.

Delhi's much hotter than London.

Just leave us alone, please.

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I can't talk to you here.


I'm sorry I'm so late.

I felt excited.

Let's divide the work equally.


The Yankees are running away with the pennant race.


You've convinced me.

I need your answer before the day's over.

I said that to myself.

Hubert and I talked on the phone.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.

We spent our holiday on a beach in Hawaii.

She will be a famous artist in the future.


Did you actually talk to Bill?

Ivan Tsarevitch came to his father: "How can I marry the frog?" complained the son. "Is she my equal? Certainly she is not." "Never mind," replied his father, "you have to marry the frog, for such is evidently your destiny."

Boston is one of the places I visited last summer.


Visitors are welcome.

Everyone's waiting to see what Indra will do.

The children sang songs.


Lord doesn't like this at all.

Is it hard for you to do this?

Did the error occur right from the start or later on? - When?

Dan didn't even seem to realize he had hurt Linda.

Cut the shenanigans!


He is rich enough to buy a foreign-made car.

I'm a creature of habit.

That is less than beautiful.

I will help you all I can.

Where's your brother?

Show Rob how it's done.

I didn't leave until after 2:30.


Gil showed us a photo of his mother.

Was anybody killed?

Mats's plan failed.

Would you ever consider getting a tattoo?

Ramiro knows I'm not the type to settle down.

I'd like some tea, please.

I want to tell them good night.


Wendell and I weren't friends.

From the mouths of babes.

None of them are present.


I wasn't in your apartment.

My house is empty.

Sofia gave Guy an icy look.

Martin lost a fortune in the stock market.

I'm not accustomed to walking long distances.

Papiamento is a creole language.

You want me to tell you it's OK, don't you?

I didn't plan for this.

More than 75% of them fear that technology impoverishes the traditional French language.


Linda doesn't have any time to watch TV.

Gary would've loved to be able to play with children her age.

It'll take Barbra three hours to finish what he's doing.

"If you'll excuse me..." he said. I think it's a shame.

I'll blame it all on him.

I went to the park yesterday.

It didn't work out.


Carole and Charlene must really hate each other.

You don't have to get personal.

I told him it was a bad idea.


We have a mild winter this year.

Kristi doesn't know how to dribble a ball.

That's not where I was last night.

Barbra taught me how to do it.

He was absolved of his sin.


I did OK.

The machine, which is excellent, has a good reputation.

Please close the curtains.

Judging from the present look of the sky, we may have a downpour any moment.

I feel like learning Esperanto.

I booked us an earlier flight.

May I turn on the television?

Do you want anything?

Kay didn't complain once.

Kikki used to be my roommate.

You will be welcome at any time.

I think that would be a big mistake.

How many provinces does Canada have?

Have you been back to Boston since you graduated?

It's going to be fine.

Chuck and Suu both got out of the car.

I had to do everything myself.


What a lovely day it is today!

Sharon was somewhere else.

I cannot card the wool. This is Taninna's job.

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I'm going to hit the sack early.


So be it.

We know about Juha.

Imperialism is an ideology and practice of powerful groups trying to secure or expand their privileges via dominating other groups.


I'm a bit rusty.


To be honest, I may be out of my league here.

How long did Matthias say he'd be gone?

It's awful.

I knew Chip would be heartbroken.

We repress the fact that we eat animals rather than barcoded containers from the supermarket.

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Sabrina was half asleep.

One of those people may be Stanley.

All our demands have been met.