Avery doesn't know where to look for Danny.

Do you want to see me again?

I don't like sewing because I can't thread the needle.


He is sixty, if a day.

You probably want more money, don't you?

He forgot her name.


Naim wouldn't allow me to help him.

The sky is above me.

Don't stop singing even if you get hoarse.

We were the laughingstock of the whole countryside.

Greeks often eat fish, too.

I'm a fairly fast swimmer.

They're nice guys.

Whatever is that noise?

Go away. I'm busy.

Wow, you're really obsessed with Lord.

Men make houses, women make homes.

Amarth tried to make up for his lack of sleep by taking a nap.

I've heard people talking about you.

Isn't it true that you visited her on the night in question?

Do you want to take one?


It's rare to find big yards in Japan.


Dreams tell the truth.

Oskar just got out of jail.

What's your best friend's name?

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This history book is written for high school students.


I'll tell them you dropped by.

As long as we live, we should work.

I can't stand the pain anymore.


Once at the summit enjoy the vista, then on the descent reap the benefits of your hard work.

What does Marika think about Algeria?

Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

What a beautiful morning for fishing!

I sell umbrellas.

I ran into Patrick at a party last week.

The doctor's quick arrival brought about her very speedy recovery.

Tanaka is forgiven.

The dinosaur was not big like I had imagined last night, but it was green, with red and yellow scales and a very friendly face.


The superior man bends his attention to what is radical. That being established, all practical courses naturally grow up.

My new car enables me to go anywhere, anytime.

A bumblebee flew out the window.

You don't even know them.

Didn't I tell you Shahid would be late?

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Sidney goaded Ric to do it.

Tran is hard to get along with, but he's not stupid.

I was trying to distract her.

Diving in the Philippines was incredible, but I'm excited to be heading back to Sydney now!

Our plane landed in Boston just before the storm hit.


He who has the money, also has the power.

I will follow her.

Caroline didn't come on time.

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In an insistent voice, he asked his brother to hand over the letter and he died.

I have to get in touch with Marilyn.

Do you know him, by any chance?


Repent, the end is nigh!

After the high-speed train accident in China, Angela Merkel decided to make Germany move beyond railways and to stop all ICEs immediately. From now on, Germany will be involved in the sustainable forms of transportation of the future, such as air turbine-powered hobby horses.

My mother is busy cooking dinner.

Did you want to contact us again?

I just want to let you know that I can't attend this afternoon's meeting.

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Nothing's happening right now.


He is playing.


Cristi noticed that he and Mosur were finally alone together.

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Harold tried the coat on.

You needn't do it at once.

The nurses were run off their feet every day.

You took risks, didn't you?

Leave me out of this plan. I don't want to get involved.

She received a letter from her, but it only contained a few cold words.

In ten years, all households will have Internet connection.


He complained of having been treated unfairly.

Is there a flight in the afternoon?

There is nothing to be proud of.


I wasn't able to remember the title of that song.

Do any of your friends play guitar?

Teleportation became a stable means of transportation by the 24th century.

She is honest and above telling a lie.

Her horse had a heart attack.


My bike was stolen at the museum.

He kept me waiting for a long time.

Stop the car.

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Walk three more blocks and you will find the museum on your left.


You should be respectful to your parents.


We pay an income tax at varying rates according to the size of income.

I guess my job is pretty undramatic.

This is how he earned so much money.

I hope Russell remembers us.

We want complete sentences.

You drink too much.

Every individual has to understand what is right for himself.

Someone is knocking on the door.

I'd appreciate your support in this matter.


I really like her.

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You don't understand English at all.

I just need a second.

Why does Alvin do that to himself?

The traveler stopped at the soldier's challenge.

But say, "O my Lord! advance me in knowledge."

Shaw is being ridiculous.

It's a lot different now.

His heart is sick.

Nitpicking is just as often a sign of ignorance as it is a sign of understanding.


What is it you hope to find?


I would like to hear your honest opinion.

Geoffrey was sick last week.

The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator.

I live next to her.

This is relaxing.


I often see people turning against each other all the time, and this really scares me.

Here's a rough draft of my speech.

How many legs does a spider have?

Shutoku didn't even bother replying.

If it had not been for your help, I would certainly have failed.


We'll be waiting for you.

His vainglory put the Republic at risk.

Ozan kissed Isaac's cheek.


Stacey wants attention.

She comes up short.

Pam was the one who suggested that we do this.

I'll miss all of you.

They build their house for themselves.

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Jennie accused Ritalynne of being unfaithful to her.

The morning was clear.

Pandora and Sir are both very talented.

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I heard what happened to Sarah.


Alf was convicted of high range drink driving.


Accidents have increased in number.


They're still going at it.

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I've been summoned by a judge.


My strong point is my philosophy - nothing ventured nothing gained.

How many colors do you see in the rainbow?

At once the birds left their nests.

Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

Thanks for letting me stay.

I want you with me now.

It doesn't look right.

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It's possible that we won't be able to get to Boston in time for the wedding.


This is my drug!

Roberto would have wanted you to have this.

I should've told Ian that I wasn't planning to be there.

My uncle is taking English at university.

You really have to go now.

The women washed him, tried to dress him, and also gave him a new name.

This ticket entitles the bearer to one chocolate sundae.

How would that solve anything?

We want you to do that.


Did it rain here yesterday?

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Daren is still lamenting the death of his dog.


Would you stop babbling?

Can you look after my kids this afternoon?

It looks like most people give up before realizing their abilities.

Case is very good with his hands.

She'll return very soon.


When I came into the room, I found Vishal unconscious on the floor.


My niece is attractive and mature for her age.

We study French every day at school.

She is in a mood.