There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed.

He's finished every task he's ever taken up.


I got acquainted with the chief executive.

He declared himself leader publicly.

Hwa is normally really quiet.

As soon as Lana walked out the door, Subra began to cry.

Janos addressed that point.


Winston seemed to be in quite a hurry.

There is no room for reconsideration.

Are you determined to get a tattoo?

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Apropros of nothing, the interviewer suddenly asked, "Would you ever consider voting for a Wiccan president?"

Sugih abandoned his car that had run out of gasoline and started walking.

Modern society is overflowing with all sorts of information.


I want to help Native Americans to save their languages from extinction.

Their ship is still in port.

Mat certainly isn't going to volunteer.

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I lied. Please forgive.

I can't believe we're going to lose.

Bob has finally decided that he has to go to Boston.

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Hubert's grandmother doesn't have any teeth.

He's very kind to me.

I know what it smells like.


I want to buy a really good smoke detector.

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I don't know what to buy him for his birthday.

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It was a bad situation.

I can't stand this heat.

She asked him where he lived.


You freaked me out.

Perhaps we'll have more time to talk later.

It's said that that soldier fears no bullets.

The mother elephant bathes her baby in the river.

Apart from a couple of early setbacks, the project is progressing well.

I can see through your lies.

You should be happy for her.


Yes, I have read the book.

Nichael opened the windows.

You need to help them.

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I'm sure it'll be fine.

He is right who is happy.

This is the cheaper of the two.

By next month he will have been learning how to play the violin for five years.

I'd better get back inside.

We don't know when this world came into being.

And what did they tell me?

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What do you know?

She wears the same watch as mine.

I'd rather not talk about it here.

That accident is a very good example of what happens when you're not careful.

I'd love to get one of those.

It seems obvious.

Have you already done your homework?


Do you really believe that Kyung is reliable?

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

Good news! There are four hundred and forty four sentences in Klingon.

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Wendell kept a rabid dog at his laboratory.

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We can finish later.

I wish I knew what to tell them.

The teacher said: "Let's set off right now."

Let's shuck corn.

While broth boils, friendship blooms.

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This is a very embarrassing position for me. I've had some financially tight moments in my life but my position right now is the worst I've ever had, trust me.


We'll have to pry the door open.

I forgot to do something.

Your hair smells wonderful.


Toby has it now.

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Jiri came into the room carrying three bottles of wine.

Punctuality is thought to be a matter of course in Europe and America.

John casts the blame on others.

I'm not saying I'm better than Sanity.

Alvin is too smart to do something that stupid.


She cried until she ran out of tears.


I'm only suggesting we don't do what Rees asks until we carefully consider the consequences.


Granville thought he saw a pattern.

Boys spend more time playing video games than girls.

He is at school. Are they, too?

You're blocking my view.

Oskar is quite reliable.

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We have no comment at this time.

It's getting stronger.

He told the boss some cockamamie story about being sick and needing days off from work.

He is hounding me to find out where you are.

Who is knocking on the door?

He wasn't able to explain what had happened.

Would you like to help me?

Stop watching TV and start studying.

I entered the contest.

I don't know quite what to make of this.

Cliff never mentioned he had a sister.

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We won't be buying anything.


Hand me those scissors.

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I don't like spiders.


I wonder why everybody left so early.


Where does Marci live?

Who else was at the party?

I will accept your decision, whatever it will be.

How do we know this isn't the real one?

Steven never drinks coffee in the afternoon.

I have something for you to do.

We can't allow Ned to leave.

Holly turned scarlet.

There was a voice crying in the field.

It is impossible to live without water and without oxygen.

You need to see the doctor. Urgently!

I am who I am thanks to my mother.

These products are superior to theirs.

I wish you didn't hang out with Lana.

Good heavens!


Between two stools one falls to the ground.

He still hasn't answered my letter.

Duncan likes to barbecue.

Did you see her go aboard?

Nature is like a book that wants to be read and properly understood.

Denis left Jamie in the kitchen.

We know Monty did it.

We have to find Tai's hiding place.

"Where is my classroom?" "It's on the third floor."


He thought it impossible to pass the exam.

I've thought about it recently.

The rich sometimes despise the poor.

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He's an awful busybody.


You should be in your quarters.

Skef and Ramsey help each other out.

My teacher put in a good word for me.


I am mildly annoyed about just spending a while controlling my mother's computer with VNC, then with ssh.


As F. Scott Fitzgerald famously noted, the rich are different from you and me.


Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.

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Hull was given immediate orders to invade Canada.

Go see a doctor.

I want to know what caused the explosion.

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I've heard you play the viola and you're not very good, are you?

Where do you think we came from?

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

That was very lucky.

Can you imagine a time when the world is free of war?

I came at about six.

I wanted to be just like him.

Marion didn't stay long.

I'm alright if you're alright.

Will turkeys vote for Christmas?

Yeah, I got a new job but it's nothing to write home about.

Do you have any pain?

I found my boyfriend's favorite Beatles song playing from a music box. I'll be so happy to give it to him.

I thought you were done with this.

I'm not a mind reader.

Lenny wants to live in the country after he retires.

Shirley fell asleep while reading a book.

You're just a kid.

Emmett will make an announcement at 2:30.

Francisco began to carve the turkey.

Luis is at the general assembly.

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Rajesh has caused me many problems.


I wonder if Christian likes Chinese food.

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I promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore.


What happened? You look pale.

Vick knows we aren't busy.

My glasses are on my nightstand.

Don't look away.

We don't know who's responsible.