The Coolest, Most Awesome Daycare on the Planet.

Where kids can play in the dirt and discovery new, amazing things!


I believe that kids in daycare would benefit from a much broader range of fun and intriguing experiences, as they trigger great events in their impressionable little minds. One thing that struck me about daycare centers was that none of them have the kids in the dirt. Kids love playing in the dirt! They are totally fascinated to see a corn seed grow into something taller than them! (Yes, your toddler may come home dirty). Another thing is the day care centers’ regimented routines, allowing little spontaneity for toddlers who thrive on variety and surprises.

Rich Experience Produces Rich Brains

Research tell us several things about toddlers. Rich experiences produce rich brains, especially in the highly informative toddler years. Diverse experiences trigger diverse sections of the brain. Just introducing them to new things is good; doing so in a manner that intrigues them, creating a desire for more, is great.

The Caveman

Another thing is that while research shows that the care of a man offers substantial and unique benefits to a child. Day care is so overrun by women that it is rare a child even sees a man. Finally, the caveman was a great hands-on dad and uncle to the babies,toddlers and kids in the tribe. His carried and helped feed the babies and toddlers, played with them, and then taught them the ways of prehistoric life. This is the reason I chose the name Caveman Daycare.

About Anthony Bishop.

My brothers and I grew up taking care of babies, which happens when your parents have 13 kids. To us boys babies were like puppies; while boring at times, they were fun to play with. Changing diapers was like cleaning trout; it just went with the territory. The short ones had fun too, sometimes as amateur pro wrestlers, although they now claim they were raised by wolves. I was apparently good at it; at 20 I met a girl three months pregnant and took on caring for her infant daughter until she was eight (she is now an opera singer). Then I have turned into the go-to uncle for having fun for about 45 nephews, nieces, assorted relations, and all their friends. Since then two events resulted in my opening Caveman Daycare. First I became a single dad with full time responsibility for my step daughter’s baby son, which I treasured. And then, after being laid off from my construction job, I asked myself what do I want to do next with my life?