This is a really difficult situation for us.

It won't necessarily be easy.

She is afraid of dying from cancer.


You shouldn't laugh at his mistakes.


Arne died because he had eaten some contaminated beef.

We misjudged you.

I read that book a long time ago.

He doesn't like fish.

Here's your paycheck.

Let's figure out the cost of the trip.

The idea that he is going to make a speech is laughable.


He is blind to her kindness.

Their relationship isn't equal.

Is Roberta being properly cared for?

I'm not going to hold your hand.

I haven't got enough money to buy it.

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Environmentally damaging projects should be abandoned systematically.


If your friend is one-eyed, look him by his side face.

He ordered us steaks.

Only a few escaped to tell the story.

They lent their house for the summer.

The baby's growth is normal for his age.

I want to just focus on the positive.

Life today is fast-moving and complex.

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Do you have Anne's address?


You're poisoning me.

I cannot sell this car. I still need it.

The Sun contains 99.8% of all of the mass in our solar system.

People say he never dies.

She took great pains to get the job done before the deadline.

How much do I owe?

All Ginny wanted was some peace and quiet.

Fortunately, no lives were lost.

Now and then your sister asks our sisters to teach her something.


That was the worst.

Killing is forbidden; every murderer is punished, unless he has killed accompanied by many men and to the sound of trumpets.

I'm not as agile as I used to be.

This morning the weather is frightful.

Can't you stop her?

The boat uses a motor for the power.

Ravindran had to answer the phone.

All sweaters of this type are out of stock now. We'll order them from the main store in Tokyo.

That's what we do here.

I was reading a book then.

If Peggy finds out I told you this, he'll kill me.

Brandon couldn't be happier.

He's always talking like a big shot, but it won't be long before all his faults are exposed.

Bring your own chess board.

His statement really cut me.


I felt quite relieved after I had said all I wanted to say.

I don't particularly want to see the game.

Devon waited a few seconds.

We, the Japanese, now feed ourselves with rice.

I wish I could play the piano as well as Diane.

George III has been unfairly maligned by historians.

Can you play the drums?

You have to read everything.

I've known Jim since my childhood.

And Jacob put his rough hand reverently upon the open Bible that lay on Nguyen's knees.

You're so much better than me at playing the guitar.


Valerie never gave me the details.

The study of philosophy belongs to the humanities.

I'm anxious that my daughter should succeed.


Dan set the tool shed ablaze.

The road to recovery goes downhill all the way.

It's a strip club for women.

Let me drive you.

Her dream was to be able to speak French fluently.

Kiki is also intrigued.

He's autistic.

I wish I had a couple of bottles of good wine.

Do you think I'm good-looking?

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Make it short.

Bert is Myrick's business partner.

You won't be fired.

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Have you ever played baseball?


You were curious, weren't you?

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My final point is just to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those who were affected and to send our prayers to those who are surviving and are in hospitals right now, and their family members hoping that they get better very soon.


Are you dating him?


Betty killed Jane while she was singing.

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He came to ask us to help him.

Japanese literature, in spite of its beauty and riches, is as yet inadequately known in the West.

That's usually a good sign.

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Alexis went to talk to Matt as soon as the period ended.

He more or less understands his problems.

I love your German accent.

Don't you want to know why Ilya was here?

Dogs are man's best friend.


I told Jane to calm herself.

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I wish I could have been more help.

Evelyn really misses his family.

I brought mine. Did you bring yours?

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I know it's the right thing to do.


I never got an answer from her.

Why didn't we help them?

You'll be stopped.


I'm really proud of that.

I work for much time.

She was looking forward to playing table tennis with him.

I can't read you this book. It's in English and I don't know this language.

You like a language that reminds you of your own?


Are you bored? If so, you can watch TV if you like.


I had to find my own path.

China developed very quickly.

I thank you for coming.

It is advisable to go by train.

Is it shameful to crap or shameful to watch?


Excuse me. Can you direct me to the nearest subway station?

His courage began to shake when he saw the sight.

They arranged a meeting.

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She was never disrespectful to me.

"I was just admiring your roses. They're absolutely gorgeous." "Oh, I'm flattered. Thank you."

I think Miek liked it.

The war was finally brought to a close.

I assume it's not as easy as it sounds.

She stopped sewing and had some tea.

Whose is the book on the desk?

Lee hasn't talked to her mother yet.

Could you tell us what happened?

It's impossible to predict earthquakes.

It's a very serious issue.

I don't want you to harass them.

The man matches the description.

He always says what he thinks.

Join me!

My uncle is a lousy driver.

What a great strike!


Was Holly happy?

It just wasn't what we expected.

Are you going to cry till the cows come home?


We've been looking all over for you.

Thanks to you, I've learned a lot.

I'm sorry I yelled at them.

Are you OK, Dimitry?

In our company, the official language is Japanese.


Olaf is deadly serious.

We made pancakes for breakfast.

I never agree with Griff.


It feels like translating has not become very enjoyable.

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Can you do anything about it?

That sounds reasonable.

The third most frequent letter in Esperanto is "e".


Stay with us.

It's him or me.

She spoke breathlessly when she finally managed to catch up with him.

You have to let us leave.

Does Patricio know where Lance is?

Japan depends on imports for raw materials.

Root looked at Aaron and grinned.

I was really happy for Diane.

The enemy wanted to discuss a truce with us.

You should not wear a fur coat.

I'm constantly telling her to behave herself.

The check engine light is on.

Santa Claus brings gifts to children for Christmas.

Ramadoss was just about to go out when the phone rang.

Shai has found the problem.

My homework is nearly complete.

I can't even read French, much less speak it.

How's that going?

Cats have a tail and four legs.


Elvis told me to ask you.

Would you mind shutting the door?

Kelvin is just being petty, isn't he?